How The Peace Meeting Between Rev. EMF Oshoffa And Rev. S.P. Maforikan Ended 11 Years Ago (3)

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This is part three of the article presented by Rev. Paul Maforikan on May 14, 2011, at CCC Luli Parish, Maryland, USA. An unedited version.

“That his own pastoral garment is spiritually inclined that you cannot just put it on anyhow. Trustee Banjo and others went to discuss and have a side talk. Pastor Emmanuel then said he would disagree with Pastor Maforikan’s suggestions because the Holy Spirit appointed him. Pastor Maforikan then replied, was it not the Holy Spirit that appointed Saul as king of Israel; the same spirit told King Saul that you are no more my leader. This is what you do not realize, if you do well, you will remain in leadership, but if you do not perform well, the Holy Spirit will come back to replace you.” (Rev. Maforikan lived to a ripe old age of 86).”

That was how the peace meeting ended between Prophet Maforikan and Rev. Emmanuel 11 years ago. Another major flaw by Rev EMF was the avoidance tactics of his refusal to hold regular accountability meetings with the registered Trustees, as required by law, for seven years. There seems to be an established behavioural pattern of avoidance or a dead end with every peace meeting with Rev. EMF. The peace meeting with former President OBJ failed.

The peace meeting scheduled for kilometre 53 failed, three times, the court gave them a chance to make peace, and each of the peace opportunities was blown. God has a different plan. The same thing happened when the court suggested the rewriting of the Constitution. For 22 years, they could not agree on a way forward with the new constitution. Every machinery that would have created an avenue for “peace” was stalled. Rev. EMF’s idea of peace is for everyone to work under him and slavishly follow all his orders, whether good or bad. We believe that as Pharaoh was hardened, so the heart of the present leadership. Time will let us know who is on God’s side or not.

The reason for all these failures, in my opinion, is that our leaders are not walking in obedience to section 111 of the 1980 CCC Constitution. Once the Holy Spirit’s chosen successor is identified and presented, peace and abundance will be restored to CCC Worldwide.

The conclusion is that peace is only possible when the will of God is done. Peace outside the will of God is an impossibility.

We believe that Baba Banjo is on the right side of history. He is maintaining his God-ordained lane, he is not claiming to be who he is not. Therefore, he will live to fulfil his God-given assignment in good health, long life, and prosperity. He is very different from all these power-hungry factional leaders.


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3 responses to “How The Peace Meeting Between Rev. EMF Oshoffa And Rev. S.P. Maforikan Ended 11 Years Ago (3)”

  1. AVSE KING SAMMY says:

    Celestial Church is not man made and cannot be ran with flesh, physical or ordinary five senses.
    So therefore let’s all use the Divine Power of God.
    Let’s seek the power of God to lead us and then we shall see the real peace of God.

  2. CCC-LOVE says:

    Alléluia Before unification happens in Cele the flood of judgement must happen first to clean up the mess that the Elders did since the founder departed. All of them are faulty for not respecting the oath of their baptism and teaching to new generation what the founder never did.

  3. VMSE Oludare temitope Osuntokun(Ph.D)) says:

    Peace is not near,due to the fact that this new uncultured leadership will always want to enslave the next coming generation ,but I bet you,they will resist it in full force.the holy Spirit will fight for us and give is a God fearing leader.Cele church is not man made,God owns his church.dont be surprise when tsunami start ASAP

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