How True Is This About Our Thanksgivings?

April 24, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Code Of Conduct / 5 Comments »

When we have the mind of appreciating God for what He has done for us, our gifts rarely matter, it’s the attitude with which you offer your offering that matters. It’s always good to thank God for given us the grace to be alive. When we give thanks for a little, we will gain a lot. So, no matter how bad the situation is or might be when you look inward, there is always a reason to be thankful.

In our church, we have a way of presenting our thanksgivings to God but many of us do it wrongly and most times the purpose of doing it is defeated. A member of this church who was taught about how thanksgiving should be presented has this to say, though, we at #CNO do not know how true or otherwise this submission is.

“Many people who offer thanksgiving in their churches usually don’t know that mostly their thanksgiving has no records and the reasons given are, whenever one buys something for thanksgiving, he must present himself to God which can be done in the mercy land. Whatever you want to present as a gift offering, it’s advisable to first of all take it to the mercyland for special prayers to ward off any unforeseen spirits that might have come with the gift.  Therefore always present your offering to God first for cleansing of that offering so that lots are not exchanged.

Also, thanksgiving should be bought before the worship service commences for that day.  If you leave the presence of God during the service to buy items for offering, lots can be exchanged while buying because you left the presence of God without instruction to leave and buy items.

Thanksgiving can be done in the mercy land as I was told before being taken into the church for the actual thanksgiving.

Another point raised was that we should learn not to go up and down while the service is going on as this can also result in exchange of lots (this warning was given severally). This also extends to Sunday schools as I was told this should be taught to the children so they learn to present their offering. “

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5 responses to “How True Is This About Our Thanksgivings?”

  1. Oluwaseyi. says:

    Sir. With due respect who is the shepherd you train with. Are you giving a suggestion or saying what you don’t know.
    Who told you offering need to first go to the mercyland.
    The pastor founder said this ” i know after my death many will introduce their own practice into the church but i………………” Not for me to complete his words.

  2. Olufunmi ibk says:

    Yes she is wright but is mostly collected when they noticed the offering is too heavy for an elderly person or children

  3. Esther says:

    …….please should I copy her because she said for Onibode to collect the offering while we are still dancing is wrong

  4. Esther says:

    please my fellow Celestial Church of Christ Members…. in my Parish there’s a particular woman that does not release her offering tray to the Onibodes until the song is over and we are kneeling down…..please should I copy her because she said for one bodebto collect then offering while we are still dancing is very wrong

    • Kunle Akinrinade says:

      I am not sold to this line of thought about offerings or thanksgiving.If items for this purpose ‘ll be contaminated because they are not taken to mercy land for ‘special prayer, then what’s the essence of purification/sanctification with water at the entrance.I am of a strong opinion that once you present yourself for thanksgiving with the items and performed purification at the church’s entrance you are as clean as your items.I have never taken my items to mercy land and I’ve seen the graceful result of my thanksgivings.On the issue of sidesmen(Onibode) collecting the tray from parishioners during thanksgiving, there is nothing wrong with that.Many people cannot stand the stress of carrying heavy items like basinful of assorted fruits and food items during thanksgiving.Once you file in with your items during the thanksgiving you already have a divine recognition and not rejection as the author of this piece would want us to believe.

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