How White Garment Saved Man From Being Attacked By Robbers

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He’s one of the Celestial Church members proclaiming the second coming of Christ in all denomination. he does it so passionately that whenever he’s called to minister in any Pentecostal church, Fisayo Joel Jackson does it with his white garment on. This is what he shared about White Garment that most of us use to do evil.

You need to know this……

I was invited as a revivalist at a Pentecostal church on April 24th, 2016, (I always have a garment inside my bag anytime I go for ministration at Pentecostalwhite-garment churches) on my way home after the program around 10:16pm, the spirit of God asked me to put on my garment just few miles away to my house, without hesitation I complied instantly at the front of an empty shop (John 2:5).

About 15 minutes later trying to take a cab to my street, I saw 2people at the front in a dark area, I kept going with the garment on me and suddenly one of them just said “STOP THERE” (A girl and a guy with guns). The lady asked me what do I have in the bag? I replied my Bible and gadgets, instantly the other guy said:

“leave the Cele man make em dey go, I noe want their wahala, our own clients go still pass”

The lady responded arrogantly saying: “Oga pastor God dey your back o…. just waka comot no spoil market for us” I remembered (Psalm 105:15)

Immediately I flashback before my car got stolen, I always hanged a pair of my Sutana at the back seat but the day I removed it, the car got stolen and never got recovered till now.

Here is my moral lesson:

The garment is a symbol of protection.

The garment is a symbol of favour.

The garment you are wearing is a sign of heavenly body.

The garment is a symbol of peace (Remember the colour of the dove that descended on Christ).

In conclusion, don’t ever tarnish the image of the white garment churches.

The summary of this write up is simply John 2:5 (What so ever He ask you to do just do it). Faith is a self believe.

God bless you abundantly in Jesus Name (Amen).

Fisayo Joel.

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  1. Bunmi Oladeji CCC, Adekunle Adeniyi Jones Parish says:

    Amen, good lesson for us

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