The Huge Differences Between Celestial And Cele

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celestial-church-memberThat knowledge is light is not a mere statement but a wise saying. To many of the followers of this page, you sure know that there is a difference between being a Celestian and just being called a Cele member.

This is how Fisayo Joel Jackson put it below

Celestial simply means heavenly divine or an inhabitant of heaven. In a situation where you are tagged as Cele believe me, mockery is about to take place. The ministry of our Lord Jesus Christ, an inhabitant of heaven, has never changed to Uncle Jey but rather Jesus Christ of Nazareth. As a Celestial member you portray some good qualities from Christ Lord Jesus.

Are you aware that an inhabitant of heaven is fully registered? Or do you think Celestial is just a mere name? We are not just human but rather we are superhuman, wonderfully made, that is the reason our name is called CELESTIAL and never CELE.

When God changed a person’s name and gave him a new name, it is usually to establish a new identity. God changed Abram’s (high father) name to “Abraham,” (father of a multitude) (Genesis 17:5 ) and his wife’s name from “Sarai,” “my princess,” to “Sarah,” “mother of nations” (Genesis 17:15 ).

Few weeks ago after my motivational discussion with some set of people, a lady asked me ” Sir, what church do you attend?” and I replied “CELESTIAL CHURCH OF CHRIST.

She said “You mean CELE? ”

I said “No!!! Celestial, then I engaged her in proper documentation of the meaning of the name of my Church.

Moral lesson:

Don’t succumb to irrational names given to you by the world but be proud of the one God says you are.

I am proud to be a member of Celestial Church of Christ. Are you?

7 responses to “The Huge Differences Between Celestial And Cele”

  1. Prophet Dare says:

    Thanks for letting people know the difference, more grease to your eldow,

  2. alore tosin says:

    Hebrew 11 vs 20 down talk more about dis church..celestial till I die

  3. Imoleayo ayo says:

    There is God up there watching Us all

  4. dami king says:

    sorry sir , all problem came from our leaders since ever in this so call celestial church that they are been giving there self different tap of anointment that where the problem came from the hymes says eni sise loni orun 613 pls talk to our leader.

  5. opeyemi Ogunrotimi says:

    Yes am a proud celestian but pls sir the mode of dressing these days are embarrasing the so called abroad people ha am confused about there dressing and make up and beads is beads part of our dreessin pls sir let debate on it sir

  6. YeyeOlomoPlenty aka SaliuElenuGboroo says:

    Love this Article deeply.

    Sir, You can not blame that lady for saying CELE!!!, yes, the so called Celestial Children have POLLUTED it in WORD THROUGHS & DEEDS.

    Yearly Harvest Celebration has turned to MASQUERADE Festival, Both Young and Old, Male n Female have turned to wild BEASTS.

    AGBADA gereje that carries no anointing, MC are still NURSING mothers and those that are no more nursing are still on menstural circles.

    Okay you are off menstural circles good for you but what annointing have you to be address as MC??? When was the last time you had a clear dream, fast, pray or lead a Spiritual DELIVERANCE work for women in your Parish??? Mo ba gbogbo yin de mobe……KO SI OLORI TO SEE TOKA SII, what a Shame !!!

    Proudly Celestial till further Notice.

  7. Queen mide queen says:

    I love readin’ his articles so inspirin’…thumbs up sir

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