I have Never Said I Am The Pastor- Paul Tiwo Reacts

June 15, 2017 / Alonge Michael / On The Spot / 29 Comments »

The article we wrote about Akintope Paul Tiwo concerning his appearance as the pastor is taking a new twist, the man, Sylvanus Akintope Paul Tiwo has reacted via our comment box dissociating himself from the ‘Pastor’ title. He stated that he never told anyone he’s a pastor.

After reading his comment, #CNO was able to contact him via his Facebook page and having talked at length, he said he was shocked to have read that he declared himself as the Pastor, and neither did he say that much to any soul.

When asked why he adorned himself with robes meant for the pastor, he said,

“One thing is sure, which I know too well to be a lie; I have never ever told people that I am the pastor. And I never declared myself to be the pastor.

Things are evolving gradually by the dictates of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Ghost leads and I follow. You would come to know so many hard facts soon”

The contributor who filed in the report was actually misled by the regalia he wears and the staff and of course the manner in which he got himself decorated, in CCC, that’s how our pastor dresses, so, seeing someone robed like that automatically has placed him on that cadre. It’s an error committed by #CNO and we apologise for the erroneous use of the prefix ‘Pastor’.

Be that as it may, to what office or title do we ascribe this robe In Celestial Church of Christ?

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29 responses to “I have Never Said I Am The Pastor- Paul Tiwo Reacts”

  1. Titilola George says:

    Celestial pikin as the name implies go to the geto and sit down.u have no sence ,the bible says get wisdom,and I see that u lack wisdom pray and Jesus shall give to you.

  2. Olaolu says:

    When those that are spiritual speaks, it would take the spiritual to understand them. Some of the commenters here are very spiritually bankrupt that they will never understand simple spiritual communication. From the outset, Christ Knew that he was the Messiah but never introduced himself as the Messiah, though every mark as the Messiah was written all over him. Christ asked, “whom do men say I the Son of man am?” The confirmation came from the people under the influence of the Holy Spirit. Peter said, ‘thou art the Christ, the Son of the living God.



  3. Damilola says:

    @Celestial pikin, that song is just for you, hypocrite!, adulterers and adulteresses, fornicators, they take alcohol, wear black and red apparel, visit herbalists and still go to church, which is against the will of God for CCC, yet they’re pointing evil fingers at a man of God. They become holy only when they are in the church. Hypocrites!


    Iwo ha je’ leke tabe, letan?
    Ro daju, ijo mimo Hymn 772 Stanza 2

    • Olaolu says:

      You are spiritually blind and dead. How can you know the difference between truth and falsehood? you come face to face with glaring truth, yet your ways of adultery, drunkenness, fetishness has blinded your spiritual eyes. “LOST GENERATION”

  5. Redeemed says:

    You are free to go and seek the face of the Holy Spirit about it and read the article properly, with an open mind before commenting. smh…….

  6. DR JIM LAMIDI says:

    in the first place, this regalia is only meant for Pastors in CCC fold. if you are not a pastor, tell us why you are wearing it, kindly.

  7. Redeemed says:

    Celestial pikin, or whatever you call yourself, you better keep that your mouth shut. Who are you? Are you GOD? Who are you to tell the man to remove his robes? It’s you people that are giving this fold a bad name, you are telling him to go against the Holy Spirit? You better don’t incur the anger of God your head. You could as well say that the fold CCC worldwide and all its ordinances are false as you are painting it to the world, children of perdition that will see the truth and turn it to lies….

  8. ..... says:

    Why should he put off the regalias???, by the way, have you ever seen most of those regalias and crowns anywhere else in this world?. Don’t ever ever say we’re hiding under ‘Oluwa wi’, are you God???, are you in his mind?, do you know what God can do?, are you trying to limit God?, I pity you, you better watch whatever you say. Well, I don’t blame you, most of them call themselves celestial born, celestial pikin or Whatever, Evangelist, yet they are deaf and blind spiritually, you can’t see anything, I call this IGNORANCE!. You’re the ones to keep quiet!, yes!, shut up before you face the wrath of the Holy Spirit. That was how people ganged up against Christ Jesus by propagating him about that he was the messaih and that he was telling lies and they knew and it was so obvious that he was the TRUTH and the way. And Pilates asked ‘Are thou the king of the Jews?’, and Christ Jesus Answered ‘As thou sayest’, that’s what Michael Alonge and his people just did, this man was just somewhere minding his own business, he didn’t go to Makoko to proclaim himself Pastor, yet you call him Pastor, Yes! As you all sayest, he is The Pastor. That was how the reply to Michael Alonge was, awesome reply!, yet he edited it and brought what people will like to read(I reserve my comments for you on that one). As for those of you ranting nonsense here, I have just one song for you ‘without spirit, in vain is man, ask Christ Jesus, he shall give to thee'(Hymn 234). Empty barrels make the loudest noise!


    what eva pple mit b sayin if u are nt d pastor pls Tiwo kindly off d clothe cos u pple are given d fold name dat dosent belong 2d fold under d name of ‘OLUWA WI’……….Celestial pls b wise.


    Pls dont let us lie against Holy spirit name…..for years dat Tiwo as been in celestial who ave eva wear dat regaliar as an ordinary member.So if Tiwo does nt wanna disgrace him self again he shuld pls put off dat clothe nd d crown on his head.

  11. Sister Stella says:

    Just like Christ, a lost generation expecting the Messiah and when he appears, with their spiritual blindness, sin and wickedness, they antagonised their saviour. I pray God opens ur spiritual eyes and minds. I don’t blame you all, most CCC no longer work with the Holy Spirit, instead, they work with demonic spirit. JEHOVAH a s’anu yin o.

  12. Sis. Stella says:

    Hmmm… People no longer have the fear of God, even the so called “evangelist” is promoting hooliganism in ccc. This was y I got tired of ccc at first and vowed never to attend any bcos d fold is full of rubbish like prophets using dark powers, seeing fornication as nothing, preaching for money not salvation, adultery, devil incarnate Shepherds, taking of innocent people’s glory, members using foul languages amongst themselves, and so on. Thanks to Papa S.A.P. Tiwo, who showed us the beautiful side of worshipping in CCC.

  13. Olamilekan says:

    People should avail themselves the opportunity of checking up Papa S.A.P. Tiwo on Facebook and search for his laid bare write up on his life journey, titled, “The Shining Light”. There also, you would find many interesting spiritual activities like videos of healing sessions and teachings.  This would illuminate the minds of many. His Facebook id is: Sylvanus Akintope Paul Tiwo.

  14. mikky says:

    Hello…. Holy Spirit can never tell you to dress in such regalia. if you don’t CA yourself pastor why putting on such regalia?

    • Tolani says:

      Do you know the way of the Holy Ghost ??? “Ona t’lorun gba soro lati se ise re” be careful with your comment not to grief the Holy Ghost .

  15. Temitope says:

    *Here is the full text of the response of Papa S.A.P. Tiwo to the first story done by CNO.
    Let the spiritually intelligent discern his position.

     Alonge Michael
    According to findings, you are the brain behind Celestial News Online and the inspiration behind that awkwardly engineered, unprofessional piece about me.
    For your information, I do have over ten years of media experience. Amongst other places, I worked with the Daily Times of Nigeria. I practiced in the mainstream of the  media and not at the periphery. What I have seen you do is nothing short of junk or motor park media work.
    Without approaching me to inquire about my thrust, resolve, focus and direction, you reached conclusions on my behalf and went public. Is there anyplace wherein I declared myself pastor? No. Did I receive directions/instructions from Jehovah to fight for the position for pastor, No, which I never did. If I wanted to, with my years of experience as a mediaman and colleagues scattered across media houses all over the country, I would have pursued such a path from over fifteen years ago. Mind you, I would not have to expend a dime. Am I focused upon my personal ambition? No, all that I do is strictly according to the dictates of the Holy Spirit. All that I do are as instructed by Jehovah. My present location, the regalia, the crowns, the staffs, the throne and many more are from the throne of Jehovah.
    May be, we should make you a guinea pig in the spiritual laboratory? That is to say that, I should give to you, a regalia, a crown, a staff and then you sit upon the throne, thereafter, we wait to see if these paraphenalia of office are; (1) Designed by the Lord or by the human mental ability or not? (2)  Can be worn, sat upon (the throne) by anyone? and (3) They  carry the Grace, Power and the presence of God or not? This is the commandment of Jehovah to me for those who doubt the calling and anointing of the Lord upon me.
    How on earth should you come to conclusions on my behalf? Yes, the Lord calls me a king and instructed  that I should be robed in fashion that people see, but, He says to me that it is the Holy Spirit as he told Rev S.B.J. Oshoffa that will introduce me across the globe  which has been the situation for about twenty years now.
    I do have great sympathy for you to have  come into a grave error, this I believe came to being as a result of lack of knowledge and information about me. In journalism, there is what is called, “Investigative Journalism”, this is not your forte.
     This again is nothing short of bamboozling reportage.
    Know this, Jehovah speaks, I listen and I follow His instructions as much as possible to the letter. I know who God has made me, I have clear instructions and focus on what lies ahead of me, the will of God is forever supreme over the universe (the CCC inclusive) and that ultimately, His plan for the Church cannot be resisted.
    Finally, if truly you are a Celestial as the CCC is the Church of the Holy Ghost, aside thorough investigation, for matters of this colouration, ask the Holy Ghost and draw your conclusion upon your investigative findings but more upon the dictates of the Holy Spirit. God speaks to everybody, you only need to be comformed enough with the Lord to hear truly from him.
    I forgive you for this misrepresentation and I do pray that God forgive you.


  16. Titilola George says:

    Michael Alonge is an agent of darkness sent from the pit of hell to set confusion amongst fools like himself .its a shame that an evangelist is saying that youths at lmeko will beat him up promoting hooliganism in the fold,with that u can see how canal he is, for your information papa SAP TIWO did not deny he is not the pastor of CCC like what one reasonable person wrote Michael Alonge should post the full reply of papa for all to see.ln all I say let God have it’s way.my advise to the ignorant that are writing rubbish ,be careful,do not be quick to judge it shows that most of you are myopic.

  17. Ay says:

    Judging from the flesh*

  18. Ay says:

    This is the church of the Holy Spirit. I believe what he is trying to express is that CCC is the Church of the Holy Spirit, and that you people should seek the counsel of the Holy Spirit to tell you who the man of God is rather than judging from the fledh

  19. Ay says:

    I believe CCC is a spiritual Church, why don’t u so called evangelists go into the spirit abt this, am sure Jehovah will shine his light on it. Stop the insults. You people are spiritually blind, moreover, he has not declared himself as d pastor, he is just following the dictates of the Holy Spirit.

  20. Snr/Ldr Ade says:

    He should just stop fooling himself .

  21. Akinsola damilare says:

    He only wants to use that to test waters.why was he ambigious when prodded on why he wore the regalia.what is evolving?if all and sundry have hailed him while he the pix went viral.He would have gone one step further.lets not be carried away by his neither here nor there answer.That is where he is driving at.we are not shocked anymore,they should continue.God will soon visit his church with his winnowing fan to sweep away scoundrels like him

  22. .... says:

    Why didn’t you bring all what he said forward???… You this blogger is turning this into something else?, you only pick out some points and post them here, why don’t you make everything clear to people?. The other time you posted the photos why didn’t you post the testimonies with the photos?. What do we call this?. And for those people commenting and raining insults here without even knowing the truth, it’s better you make findings before you conclude. Don’t be fooled by what you read online, not everything you read online is true, you should know that. I don’t know what I should even call the so called poster. He edited the reply and brought it forward. Quark

  23. Evang. Peter says:

    This man should have just shut up his mouth. If there was a strong authourity, he should be cooling off in cell by now. But since the whole thing is scatter scatter who will now belt the cat? You wear dress like this and you said you didn’t say you are the pastor, who are you then? Pope? Iranu. Let me tell to the truth, if there are messages you have heard that has led you to this stupidity, remember the spirit of deceit that came out of the throne of God to destroy a certain King, I think Ahab in the Bible. So, you want to believe all those emi wi abi, those witches and alafose that gave you false message you are banking on. Come to Imeko and wear cloth like this, I am sure by the youth finish beating you, you will forget your name. As your brother and colleague, Godwin Shonekan about his encounter years ago. Imeko is a place for all but not a place to display lunacy.

  24. Olufunmi says:

    Please who is fooling who here? Is that a new mode of dressing in Celestial or what? Don’t lie on Holy Spirit alagba

  25. Celestial Born says:

    First question is this: “Does he class himself as a celestian?”

    If no: case closed

    If yes: then how do Celestians address him, when seen wearing such apparel?

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