I Saw The Garments Of The Children Turned Black During Harvest- Ajayi Funso

May 20, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Saints & Sinners / 6 Comments »

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Many of us will be shocked if we reveal the divine instruction that brought about #CNO. Maybe one day, we will have the opportunity to explain it to our dear readers how and why we floated it. Though, we might have failed in some areas due to the fact that we are not angels but humans. If you see us as being bias or trying to go offline, it’s the human nature in us that is in display. No man can claim to rise above fallibility.

Well, one of our brothers, that we don’t even know, sent this as comment to one of the articles we wrote a few days ago and I think God of Celestial has told him something. Read the message below.

“I opened this post to read yesterday evening and later got carried away with other tasks, then eventually slept off before I could read it… I had completely forgotten about it but I had a dream overnight…. I saw harvest taking place in my church (I guess it’s juvenile harvest as I saw little children in the choir stand)… I saw some of these kids in Sutana that changes colour…As the person shakes or moves…. It changes to black, grey, red and white… This was however noticeable by the kids who wore it as they adore the colour changing by deliberately moving and looking at the clothes… Then j woke up around 3am…Just about an hour ago…. I opened my phone to check some mails…. And what I saw on my browser is this post….…I believe it’s not just a coincidence…. God is passing a message here.

… Whoever reads this post and comments… Please, make changes… I’m sure God isn’t happy with the situation… And has revealed it for us to make amendments.

God will continue to bless the admin(s) of this blog… It’s really informative.”

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6 responses to “I Saw The Garments Of The Children Turned Black During Harvest- Ajayi Funso”

  1. Fakorede Jide says:

    The only way dt we can be free frm all ds tribulations is to run awsy frm sin finally. Lets our elders flee away frm dia selfish interest, lets ccc nite again at it was frm d beginning for d bettermost of all.
    Let all d prophets nd prophests be very careful nd cortioned, some of dem re d caus y some members,expecially the new members re living ccc cos of dia attitude…….a member having a little problem bt de will turn it around for d person to b a big problem, at d end of d day instead of solving d problem for d person wit little or no amout, de will charge huge amout of money dt may even lead d person to commit suicide. Some of ds fake wolis ve scartered peoples home, lots of rubbish frm them.
    The shephered nd elders of d chuch shld b honest nd render selfless service for d progress of d chuch,de shldnt go after money, post or recognition. God is watching. Things of d world will go by d world.
    Lastly, If we can follow d rules nd tendent nd constitutions of ccc accordingly, I blif we will grow higher.
    All ds contributes to ow ccc is today nd we cant b in since nd b expecting speeding grace or miracle frm God.
    Oju oluwa onwo wa pelu ise owo wa.
    Ojo nanbo ni oluwa wiiiiii.
    Jowo fese sile
    Safese fun igbeleke ogo CCC.
    CCC elder sin is telling on d CCC children.let us all flee away frm allanner of sin nd let us put hand together to re-build CCC as it was in d begiining.
    Thank u.May God help us.

  2. Holphumke says:

    Emi ni Olorun, bi emi koti leri ni, o mo ohun gbogbo, osi le she ohun gbogbo. Contamination is about to take place especially during the juvenile harvest. Please let all the church be aware of who and whom brings gift to church before, during and after harvest.Even in the children church. Thank you, God bless you all.

  3. Edun oluseye m says:

    Can some one tell us d meaning of dis revelation and d precaution on wht to or not to do pls…

  4. Omo cele ni mi says:

    This is very serious and it should be taken as such. They bible says once He has spoken twice I have heard psalm 62 vs 11. When God speaks he always confirm His word, a friend of mine told me of recent that she saw a revelation in which a woman in a particular parish brought in very colorful local cloth ‘ oja’ that women use in tying children to the back, she said that the woman was trying to sell the ‘oja’ to the young Innocent children of that parish. I am sharing this so that we should all pray for CCC children world so that they do not get contaminated spiritually. Satan has sent the spirit of catch them young out, ’emi ti Olorun ko da no awon ESO wa, aiye, esu ese, ko ni daapo no irin ajo aiye won, Amin.

  5. Youngpasthor says:

    God help us all

  6. Ellen says:

    This revelation should be respected. May God give us the grace to abide by His word

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