I Was A Womaniser Until My Divine Encounter At Imeko Mercyland- Omogbola

April 4, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Saints & Sinners / 9 Comments »

Prophets within Celestial Church of Christ with spirit of womanising  have been a source of concern to all and sundry. Omogbola Adewale has just informed us of how he had a divine encounter that changed his life totally at the Meryland, Celestial City, Imeko last year December.

“We Prophets in Celestial Church of Christ need to drop the spirit of womanizing, because a lot of people are complaining about our nonchalant attitudes in this fold about our ways with women. Remember most of the people that complain are the ones who come to tempt us the prophets.

I was once a “womanizer” but a lot of things revealed to me when I was sleeping in mercy land at Imeko last year December have changed my life indeed. The spirit of GOD told me a lot of things that can make the prophets of GOD to be stagnant if he refuses to amend his way.

Most times, the women are carried away by the look and the handsomeness but it goes beyond that, most Celestian prophets who parade themselves as prophets are into voodoo, they consult other means to give information to people.

Devil will continue to tempt us through the women in as much we are truly called by GOD and carried the great glory and the cross of almighty Jehovah but falling into women’s trap, the ability to accomplish our mission on earth will be weakened and we will be left with nothing. I believe as a prophet of GOD, things should be working fine for us but many of us have gone astray. In fact, I also want to tell you that many of us are not divinely called; we only called ourselves and have invited other means to operate, feigning Holy Spirit.

Even if the church is not in one accord how are we going to know as prophets? Jehovah is really angry seeing us with all sorts of ungodly behaviours. Womanizing, sending evil arrows to ourselves, testing the spirit level, turning church to making money ventures, lies at times, place money above God’s service, show more concern and affection to rich members than common people, behaving as if the church belongs to us not knowing it’s GOD. The end is what I am crying out for because a lot of us will weep and we won’t see tears. This is a warning bell.”

We need to charge totally so to avoid the wrath of GOD on us. Ire oooo.

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9 responses to “I Was A Womaniser Until My Divine Encounter At Imeko Mercyland- Omogbola”

  1. Ayoola odunayo oluwanifemi says:

    This is a nice post and that is what God want from us. To repent from our sins. I pray the power and spirit of God that you will not go back into sin again God will give it onto you. May God continue to strengthen you. More anointing ijn. Amen

  2. adesola ccc odosida ondo says:

    I thank God for ur life and the devil will flee from u permanently amen wa sise debi ere in Jesus name more anointing

  3. Oluwaseun Elizabeth says:

    By power of Jesus Christ, u won’t go back again
    The garment of sin no more
    Almighty God will grant it unto u
    U shall be celebrated
    Almighty God will abide with u today and forever more (Amen).

  4. Franca Ogbomida Omeh says:

    Those he loves he call, those he calls he chooses, those he chooses he glorify in this our dark world. Sir Adewale Omogbola, i must say ‘its grace of the Lord that has found u again’
    I pray God Almighty’s Grace continue to abide with you and renew your spirit.

  5. Olumide says:

    I love this write up and devil and his loyalist hate it because you speak the truth and you are out of his bondage, generals of Gods army of our time.
    Wait for the next devil updated temptation very soon and the lord that help u to conquer this will also help to to conquer the coming higher temptation in Jesus name.

  6. MK Kenny says:

    lol… womanizer bah…. lol

  7. Oluwatoyin OBATULA DARLINGTON says:

    Whaooooo! Whaooooo!! Whaooooo!!!, All Glory, Adoration & Praises to Jehovah Almighty for this Testimony.

    Omogbola, am so so PROUD of you for this Testimony. May you never go back to that old life again in Jesus mighty name. May peer pressure never dominate your reasoning and may his New Encounter in your life bring many out of darkness through this Testimony of yours in Jesus name.

    Congratulations Son, so PROUD of your BOLDNESS…..Alafia

    YeyeOlomoPlenty JesusBabe1luv Brussels-BELGIUM Celebrates you Son.

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