Ibukun Bakare Points Out Errors In CCC Hymns Rendition…Every Choir Must Read This

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Celestial Church chiorThis is really coursing confusion in the church of God, creating distractions; the Celestial Church of Christ is not just a Christian gathering. (it’s a church for mature mind) spiritually, our hymns are so unique and also melodious, it take a spiritual mind to understand them all.

Firstly let look into CCC grouping of Hymns:

1 Processional /Recessional hymns,

2 Lightening of the candle Hymns

3 Call to worship Hymns

4 Forgiveness etc

According to CCC constitution. 1. Processional / Recessional Hymn:

Jerih Moh Yamah

Jerih Moh Yamah (2ce.

The Host Of Angels full Of Joy In Heaven

The Host Of Angels (2ce.

They Are Praising God With Joyful Songs In Heaven

  1. Hymn For Lighting The Candles On The Altar:

Yah rah Sa Rah, Yah rah Samatah

Yah rah Sa Rah, Yah rah Samatah

Kindle the light, Divine from Heaven above

Kindle the light, Divine from Heaven above

  1. Call to worship hymns

Yah raman, he Yah raman

Yah Ramah Yah Rah Yah Ramah

O come unto the Lord

O come unto the Lord

This hymns carries no single amen,

But according to CCC Hymns books of different versions, almost all CCC hymns carry amen, now the question is how this error came to be?

Well to my Little understanding this errors came in true our adamant character and bossy attitude, nobody is ready to listen to corrections or simple instructions, i never noticed this too until Baba Adetiran, the Celestial Church of Christ Music Director worldwide corrected us on different occasions, at CCC National Convention, Abule Oke, Ifo, Ogun State, and also at Imeko more than five times, but many shepherds, choir masters, choristers were adamant to this corrections all on the name of ‘emi lon dari ni Ijo Mimo, but they forget that the so called Spirit can use you and me to correct and give instructions when needed.

It was Mawunyon, as recorded in the constitution of the church, who gave the injunction that we should worship with seven candles and also took a piece of wood and drew out the shape of the candle holder. In this connection, he also gave us a powerful song which we seem to have also forgotten lately.

Awon agba tan fitila meje

Wa gbadura wa, etc.

Let go into constitution a little bit; do you now see how Holy Spirit work? Why was it not baba SBJ Oshoffa himself?

“Mawunyon it was who indicated how in heaven a pot of incense was being swung accompanied by the following song:

‘Yah Rah Sah Rah) 2ce

Yah Rah sah, Mattah) and translated into Yoruba

E tan fitila mimo latorun wa’ 2ce

He also that same night gave us that this song should be

followed by:

‘Yah Rah Mah

FE Yah Rah Mah

Yah Rah Mah

Yah Man Yah Rah Mah!.

translated into Yoruba:

‘Wa ka lo Sodo Oluwa

Wa ka Sodo Oluwa’…

Can you tell me where the amen is? God instructed baba Adetiran to correct this error since the time of Baba Bada but we are all adamant, all in the name of ‘a o fi ran Oshoffa be e’ forgetting that the hymns were not even given to us through Baba Oshoffa himself, in conclusion take your CCC constitution read and get correction, and also listen to the voice of your Music Director worldwide who God has sent to instruct and correct the errors in CCC hymns.

Hebrew 13:17Obey them that have the rule over you, and submit yourselves: for they watch for your souls, as they that must give account, that they may do it with joy, and not with grief: for that is unprofitable for you.

Hymns for forgiveness, this is hymns are to be sung in a soberly mood, it opens our mind and reminds us of our past and present sins so as to ask for forgiveness and amend our ways,

It shocks me to my bone marrow when some parish choirs will sing Hymns 05 and will be busy playing Talking Drum and all kind of percussive instruments to it, it’s so canal not spiritual at all.

Well as instructed by Baba Adetiran, we are also advised not to play any percussive instruments to our Hymns; i think some parishes have adhered to this rule while some are still not correcting all these errors.

I will like to conclude by telling CCC choir masters to get there self-orientated with CCC hymns ,so as to make necessary correction. CCC hymns are more spiritual than any dance music etc

-Bro Ibukun Bakare

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4 responses to “Ibukun Bakare Points Out Errors In CCC Hymns Rendition…Every Choir Must Read This”

  1. Akogbe Rachel says:

    I dnt believe this am sorry tho …this is because when you pray to God, you end it with Amen our hymns are prayers in form of song quit alright to be sobber while singing because psalms 115 says a contrite and a broken spirit God despise not. Do you know the meaning of Amen at all pls search..and if you were being led by the spirit to share this I believe you wouldn’t have used that word the so called spirit …the bible says test every spirit and also the bible says 2nd John whosoever transgress and abideth not in the doctrine of Christ hath not God….who doctrine are we following in celestial?.. I think our main problem in celestial is that we lack the spirit of wisdom and the bible says in the book of proverbs that lean not on your own understanding but acknowledged God in all thy ways that he may lead you path. Hmm so let’s reason together

  2. temi says:

    Why would u call the spirit. The “so called spirit”? Like did u seriously just said that? Becareful of your speech o. I do however concur to your point tho

  3. Ayo says:

    meaning… Amen should not be said at the end of hymns?that of the percussion is quiet understood…

  4. Ibukun Bakare says:

    thanks for the amendments

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