If Our Leaders Were Mindful Of This, CCC Would Have Been Better!

June 11, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Code Of Conduct / 3 Comments »

If Celestial Church of Christ leaders had devised a mean of generating fund through other avenues and not relying on levies-Ipin and anointment fee which they often embezzle, the church would move forward from its state of stagnancy that it’s today.

One of the most pathetic things is that Celestial Church of Christ, as a church, does not have a standard spiritual material manufacturing company (say a candle production company etc). I’m not too sure of any church that uses the candle as CCC in the whole world. I wonder why CCC can’t have her own textile making industry, incense factory, printing press, candle factory, oil factory etc.

Instead of relying on transparent garment materials by other manufacturing companies, the leadership of the church can mandate it that any member of the church must adhere strictly to the instruction on standards. No member of the church should wear anything transparent or indecent.

But how would they have initiated such a novel idea when their wives are the ones selling those stuff and also using them. These are men whose wives control like robot at home. A lot of their women are the ones telling them what to tell the church. What a pity!

If right things are put in right places and right people are placed to manage them, the church will have a new lease of life. These are all means of Godly fund generation and sources of employment to some church members. There are still many Godly means of fund generation instead of generating money through anointment which is erroneous.

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3 responses to “If Our Leaders Were Mindful Of This, CCC Would Have Been Better!”

  1. Baba Ayo. Ogo Oluwa Parish says:

    Hmmm. It’s a serious one o. Is it now too late to start something? Just being curious of what we can do o. If the church is doing anything regarding this, we can support them with equipent to mould candle and to seal oil with bottle, though depends on the numbers they want. At least, myself and family can give 5 machine each for this cause once they are ready.

  2. Olori Aborishade says:

    U ve raised vital points bt the issue is nt resting on d elders alone. Youth too should come and support dis elders. We are all going to reach their age one day and feel what they feel now. Helping them is important.

  3. Awofadeju says:

    Thank you my brother for this wonderful article. What leaders are you really referring too? There is none in Celestial church today. Is it Baba Banjo that has been keeping malice with Owodunni or Mobiyina that has become an enemy even to his family members or Baba Oshin that sees the truth and has kept it inside himself or Nunayon that has no spirit of forgiveness or who? Are these people I I mentioned not the leaders in the church? Are these people you think Holy Spirit will come upon? Kamari. Oluwa ki se eniyan. These are worthless leaders who do not even fit to rule a class room talk less a big church like CCC.

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