If Our Shepherds/Prophets Can Pound On This, CCC Will Reach Perfection

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For every church service, choristers play about 70–80% sacred, spiritual, and “spirit-entertainment” roles. In some churches, choristers start to play during the procession to call people to worship, to praise and worship, to sing hymns, to collect tithes and offerings, to celebrate Thanksgiving, etc. The two specific aspects where the choir doesn’t play are during announcements and sermons. Some sermoners will even insist on the keyboardist playing background strings and percussion during the sermon. So a keyboardist, some of them play for almost the entire service except during announcements.

I wonder if any other departments work more than the choirs in any church. Choristers are busy people; if they are not playing during church service, they are rehearsing personally at home or during choir rehearsals. They don’t just listen to music like other people; they listen analytically to learn all the intricacies of the song. Outside of the normal choir rehearsal, musicians take their time to create intros, licks, patterns, riffs and runs, danceable loops, etc.

Is there any service or program in the church from which musicians are excluded? No, not one. Musicians minister in 52 weekly services, ranging from New Year’s to monthly Thanksgiving, from revival to crusades, evangelism to community service, wedding ceremonies to naming ceremonies, conferences, and conventions.

With the premium work they do during church services and their high level of commitment to the calling, which could hinder them from doing another job, the question is:

Are choristers not entitled to be respected and paid by the church?

Most successful ministries don’t just succeed in the teaching and miracle aspects; they are also successful in the music department. Check out RCCG, MFM, Christ Embassy, House on the Rock, COZA, or Daystar Christian Center; they all have a concrete music department full of good musicians.

How are these churches able to record such a high number of breakthroughs in the music industry? No, it is not “juju,” it is because they pay critical attention to their music department and also make their musicians employees.

I have lived in three significant cities in this country, and I’m yet to see a musician who will say, “The more I’m hungry, lack good clothes, and have no money, the more I am happy to serve as a church musician. Every musician wants to eat good food, wear good clothes, and live a good life. Most of the time, the church leader will blame a musician who left their church because he got a job where he was paid a better salary. Is it my opinion that musicians should prioritize money? No, and yes. My response is to understand where God wants you to stay and not overlook the business side of music.

What’s the way forward?

(C)Moses Taiwo
Belmoolt Institute of Music.


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One response to “If Our Shepherds/Prophets Can Pound On This, CCC Will Reach Perfection”

  1. JOHN BADA. says:

    The truth is many don’t know really what worshipping of God is in this church, they think is dancing in the church, no is not, infact we can even worship and go home without dancing and God will accept our worship and service to him. Our worship is bowing down our heads to God in absolute submission, truth and complete reverence to him saying holy, holy, holy to the Lord God of host. That is worship any other thing is an addition, once that has truly come from your heart with a clean hand and mind you have worshipped God. The next is prayer the main essence of prayer during worship is for sanctification which brings purification and then thanks and supplication. Songs of hymns and singing of it comes under praise, holiness and evangelism. It was only when all this were arrange for us that it becomes the order of service, which is an arrangement with spiritual and heavenly touch. Our present day choir members should be careful, for God can do without them, God can do without anyone and anything except his son our Lord Jesus Christ and his holy spirit who are one with him. When this church started, being a choir member or an instrumentalist was a work of God, it was a service to God, is just like a prophet or Prophetess in the church with the gift of prophecy prophecying for the church and it’s members or an Onibode doing his or her work for God, he or she will not be expecting payment from anyone but reward from God who is using him or her for his glory, which comes as blessings of good health, peace of mind and long life and other blessings God considers right for him or her. Working for God is working for ones heaven but he must called you for it by himself. Those days to be a choir member required spiritual message from God and not just interest or having a beautiful voice to sing or play any instrument but because God wants to use you in his church for his glory and to grace you with his heaven when you die, but you must be faithful, submissive and deligent to him in all ways in your ways and service to him. The problem we are having now in our church is due to bad and poor leadership which has made the world has entered into the church, rather the church entering into the world and Satan has entered into so many people which is why they are giving condition to God before they can serve him, lunacy has indeed entered into our church. When God choses you he cares for you, they should check their hands if it’s clean for God to provide for them and be God in their lives. There is nothing wrong in a parish assisting it’s members in whatever way it could to make things easy for them and to serve God well but to give condition to the church before doing something for God in it then you are not a member of this church and Satan is the one ruling your heart and is not God you are serving. Celestial Church of Christ is not a Pentecostal church or anyother church but a spiritual church and the church of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ where we do things there in spirit,in truth and in great believe as good children of God who are being prepared for the heavenly Celestial above. May God uphold us more to be part of it in Jesus name.

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