If This Is The Situation Then Our Church Is Indeed In Trouble

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Reacting to a story we posted on #CNO, Barrister Olawole Famakinwa said Ketu doesn’t know about church planting, they only know how to collect Ipin from people that strive to plant the Parish. Was this the plan of Papa SBJ Oshoffa? Are church’s headquarters only meant to collect money and not to look into the welfare of their people? If this is the way it’s then, as a matter of urgency, the youths need to start fighting for the future of this church.

Little wonder a lot of shepherds, prophets etc are doing anyhow, and no authority has said a word. Letters from students from Celestial campus fellowships are ignored while quick response was given to letter of invitation from SFU when being alleged of fraudulent practices. Maybe you are not getting it, there is no future plan for this church by these leaders, so, what are they all doing? Sit down and say we are the authority, what authority?

This is a comment from the barrister, he belongs to Ketu caucus but he sees things in different light because he’s lettered.

“I would like to commend the Students of OSUSTECH on their ability to acquire a plot of land, from their lean resources. God is not unmindful of the sacrifice they are making for future students who will come to worship in the Worship Centre.

I read the excellent letter requesting financial assistance. This letter should have included the bank account details which I found in another part of the article. Put the account details in the letter. I intend to contribute my own token towards this building. I enjoin all lovers of the progress of Gods Kingdom work to donate to this worthy project. The Lord will build a mansion in heaven for participants in this project. Amen.

Writing to Ketu was very appropriate. Expecting an acknowledgement of your letter or financial support from Ketu was an optimistic dream too far. Our Church does not support church planting. However when the building is ready and membership thriving, Ketu will ask for the Pastor share (ipin) on a regular basis. The least Ketu should have done, if they are pleading poverty was to reply the letter requesting financial assistance and to pray for the Students Parish.

Ketu should have sent a copy of the letter to the District Evangelist in close proximity to the Students Parish instructing the District Evangelist to give both moral and financial support. The District Evangelist may devote a share of his Ipin to be a seed planted in the Students Parish. He can lend other valuable leadership and mentoring assistance. I believe the letter from the Students Parish will not see the light of day or any action. It is either gathering dust in a cupboard or been thrown in the dust bin. This is a shame on the Admin Staff of the Pastor’s Office. It is very demoralizing for the Youth of tomorrow!

I intend to speak with a very dynamic CCC Youth leader named Bro. Demola Bolaji of the Greater Tomorrow group for his thoughts and assistance. He should actively involve in this Students Parish and all other Students Parishes. This should be Bro Ademola’s constituency.

I am aware that there is a CCC Youth and Training Team led by Professor Uwart. What is their role? I would suggest the Students Parish finds this man and his team for support. The Youth is the future of CCC if they are going to drift to RCCG, Winners Chapel, Mountain of Fire. These other church’s actively support church planting and Youth Development. The CCC does not. I stand to be corrected.

Finally, I suggest that the Students Parish divide the project into handful stages and proceed accordingly. Find out how many blocks, sand, iron rods and bags of cement will do the foundation. Ask local Parishes to support you with this so you do not lose the plot of land. Little drops of water will become your large ocean in Jesus name. Amen.”

11 responses to “If This Is The Situation Then Our Church Is Indeed In Trouble”

  1. Babatunde Timilehin says:

    This is absolutely true. We have also been having same problem in CCCSP Fuoye. The last time we met shepherds in our area for assistance, all they told us is are we paying dues to ketu (Ipin). This has even hampered the cordial relationship between the student parish and the churches in our vicinity. As at present, we are still even striving to get a plot of land to commence our parish. We plead to all concerned members of Celestial church to come to our aid. As I speak, the temporary place we use for our church structure is about to be removed by the ownership of the land who are demanding high money from us. Please, we plead to all Celestials. For CCCSP Fuoye, Oye-Ekiti.

  2. Eric Adeniyi says:

    I picked the concerned aspect of this article. (Little wonders the shepherds are doing anyhow). Shepherds!!! Act like a leader, crave for knowledge and stop hiding under spirituality or calling. Know your calling and act on it. Don’t forget you cannot give what you don’t have, increase your quest for knowledge. I agree with the author, Most shepherds act anyhow. They run after money at the detriment of their calling, bleaching of skin is becoming a norm, threatening members of church with their calling and some engage in physical fight with whoever that stand for truth. What is the constitution of the church saying about all these? As far as spirituality is key in the church, the administrative aspects should also exercised. It is time stringent purnishment be given to shepherd that falls into this catogories

  3. Clinton says:

    There has been 1001 campus fellowships, OAU, UI, LAUTECH, ESU,/OOU and all that built their church auditoriums without help from Ketu. This is not new. Whatbif its just not the way we do things here. Not justifying it, but there are precedences right to the beginning so this singular case is not enough to raise alarm. I think leadership at the center needs to wake up but I don’t believe anybody should be blackmailed over student church building. May God help those students as they do His work. Amen

  4. Adewale Emmanuel says:

    Future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. I’m praying fervently that those who govern CCC should imbibe the spirit of honesty and services. The rate at which Church planting is handled in CCC is nothing to write home .Churches under PFN take the issue of church planting with seriousness and dexterity , Afterr Easter and Christmas let’s go a fishing a parish is founded. Church planting in CCC is left in the hands of private individuals who see it as their property, that their children must inherit after. Aladura Church of the Lord is on the verge of acquiring licence to own a private university. They almost meet all the conditionalty set by NUC. The dream of yesterday is the reality of today and the reality of today is the manifestation of tomorrow. CCC must be dynamic and move with changes, because nature won’t allow the mission to be stagnant.

  5. Oluwatoyin DARLINGTON says:

    CCC ELDERS IN KETU aka Apaapin.com Lobade Uncle Famakinwa.Nobody cares about any YOUTHS’ future.

    All CCC YOUTHS will soon convert to RCCG o ku Iseju kan. Shiooooor

  6. Olumide says:

    Church planting NO, choping from already planted church YES.

  7. Joseph says:

    I am appealing to all meaningful youth and rightful elders. Knowledged ones to visit Jerusalem parish on Monday galilee day to witness Angelic voices of Liberation From these dissidents and fraudsters

  8. Titi says:

    Please if I may ask who are the Administrators?people who can not spell there own names, or even pronounce them if they see it written on the walls. This church I pray as God interven let the learned youth too stand up and take what rightfully belong to them so they can move the miraculous church forward ijn Amen

  9. Oladipo says:

    Rightly said sir.
    This is the same everywhere in majorly all CCC campus fellowships and/or student parishes.

    I remember our hard striving days in my finals at CCCSF, Iree, Osun State; before and after we acquired land, letters on financial supports were written to so many (even the authorities), but the unwillingness to support left students no choice than to spend money meant for feeding, clothing, even handouts atimes. And to the glory of God there has been progress so far.

    Truly speaking, many of our leaders know the right thing(s) to do, but just won’t.
    I so much believe there is reward for every contribution to the house of God. Much joy, when you make quota, comforting worshippers in the house of God.
    But as they say “ise Oluwa, kin se a fi ti’pa se, beeni ki’se aigbodo mase”
    Let me digress to a line from our National Anthem

    I know God will keep blessing those with good heart to comfort others (amen), and put it in the heart of our leaders to do that which is right.(amen)

  10. Omo Baba Jerimoyamah says:

    Well said,I want to contribute towards this project.If money is not enough for building with blocks at this present time,put a structure in place with aluminum or asbestos to secure the land.God will help us all to build this church.

  11. Adedipo BADEMOSI says:

    Hmmmmm….CCC and church planting and planning ???for get it my brother..the truth has been said already let the youth stand up with one voice for the glory of this church that is ours tomorrow not to be in vein…Christ will help us all IJMN..

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