If You Don’t Want To Invoke The Angelic Anger Of God, Stay Away From This..

July 8, 2022 / Olaiya / Give & Take / Add Comment »

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CCC parishes worldwide would definitely state the rules and doctrines guiding the Church every Sunday, in terms of what you are expected to know, do or eat. Some things should be included in the church announcement. All these activities we are ignorant of could invoke the angelic anger of God.

It is now becoming common among Celestians to chew gum in the course of service, and this is most common among women, both young and old. All of this is absurd, and some people will even carry the chewed bubble and gum under the chair where they sit. Another person would occupy the seat and the gum would gum and spoil their soutana. This is a terrible habit. Your shepherd is preaching and you are chewing gum. Can you be in the presence of the president and chew gum? Most of us now have no regard for God. We can do it anyhow in the church of God.

Some would even litter the church premises with sweet wrappers, pure water nylon, etc. And you are among the people that would want to sit on a chair in the church and you will have to use your finger to touch it if the chair is thoroughly cleaned before sitting on it.

And this is the same you that have never joined the sanctuary unit to make the church clean. But you are very outstanding when it comes to the cleaning of the church premises.

Let’s try to do what is right in the house of God, and we should make sure the church of God is clean always. Cleanliness is next to Godliness.


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