Ignite The Flame Of Oneness As In The Days Of Papa Oshoffa

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Tosin OnafuyeI wasn’t born in 1947 but my parents both witness the early love in Celestial Church. The way my parents described the premises with people usually coming around daily makes me feel like Wow….

The love they all shared, eating together, sharing of items such as foods, fruits, etc. to an extent of closing from work and returning to church premises first before going home. I enjoyed part of this love as a baby in Celestial Church of Christ but what happens? Zero!!! Jeremiah 6: 16

In year 2004 when I was first given admission to studied logistics, i traveled to Ibadan to have my admission completed (we were trained in our house anytime you are going to another state always travel with your garment in case of sleeping in any Celestial Church) so, I went with my garment also with an ID card as a youth in my Church.

Being my first time at Ibadan, I had no place to sleep or whom to hanged out with overnight but so much confident with the garment in my bag.

I found one Celestial Church behind the road and shown them all my documents for admission, my youth membership ID card with my garment, after so many questions from them, the Shepherd just screamed “WHICH OF THE CELESTIAL PART DO YOU BELONG?” and to be sincere, that was my first time of hearing such, which I didn’t plan for such question so I was shocked and mute.

I only replied by saying “I was born and brought up in this fold, Papa is the founder….. that’s all I know”

Guess what? They kicked me away despite the fact that I was looking so un-harmful with all evidence presented before them, it was getting so late by then around 10:15pm.

To cut the story short, I slept at unknown place inside Apete where I approached an elderly woman who saw me as sojourner.

Moral Lesson

The so called issue of factions has destroyed the true love in this fold, we begin to suspect each other and we are wearing same garment (Shameful), the most annoying is that our leaders will be singing “Ife l’ohun na ke, eje k’a lo fe, ge gee b’iwe mimo ti wi”.

How can you so much hate one another all in the name of factions, yet you are singing God is love?

As a youth of this great fold, we need to come together for the real love to be manifested, for the glory of God in our lives.

Above all, we need to bring back the love from the original source in 1947.

God bless you abundantly.

-Fisayo Joel

4 responses to “Ignite The Flame Of Oneness As In The Days Of Papa Oshoffa”

  1. ELUGBAJU RUTH says:


  2. Ade says:

    Om, you are so right. The problem is we don’t have love . It’s scary. We so much into teaching Respect than love. So much into power struggle than teach than love. So much into the financial aspect than love. So much into being a boss than a good leader. It’s so sad what we turning into?

  3. Evangelist Adegoke says:

    Hmmm, factions in the church of God, I think what is happening is that some of our shepherds in celestial lacks spiritual training.

  4. ade says:

    One love ❤ one celestial

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