Ilori Mathew Odunjo: A Ketu Faithful Who Believes In Gospel Of The Truth

April 13, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Spotlight / 5 Comments »

In his reaction to the article written by Rev. Shonekan, this man, Sup. Evang. Ilori Mathew Odunjo is a Ketu faithful but his comment to the said article has shown that some people are for the truth and no matter what, the truth will always prevail.

Hear him, “Whatever that is in that video, am not ready to watch it because your write-ups has said it all. One thing we should not forget is that God has truly called Papa Oshoffa to establish Celestial church of Christ. But there are many other things that are attached to the establishment of this divine Church. God did not reveal the name of the church to Oshoffa, but to someone else. The arrangement of how we sat, and the situation of the choir stand were not done by Papa.

All these are in our constitution as narrated by Papa. That means in kthe set up of CCC, we have many witnesses. Hitherto, God can have a special relationship with anyone in this fold and commissioned him to carry out a certain task. If Elijah claimed he was the only prophet that remains, the Lord will tell him he has thousand prophets that have not been revealed to Celestians. It is possible you are among this group of people. But God has an appointed time.

Apostle came at the due time to preach the gospel, and worked more than the other apostles who were with Jesus. Right now, you are the voice crying in the wilderness, the Lord will visit you when you less expected. This is a church where many laid altars for the Lord but without vision. They don’t even think of heaven. We are not even ready to contribute any positive things Christendom. We make noise of cleansing the world, but we are adding to the darkness of CCC, motion without movement. And when you talk about the truth you will be regarded as an enemy.

We have many pastors today, but the difference is that, Imeko is the appointed place chosen by Papa where we should meet the lord, and Ketu is the seat of power where the seat of papa resides. But there is no sentiment with our God; it is neither the hill of our Jacob nor Jerusalem that the Lord should be worshipped. But those that worship the Lord in truth and in spirit that are called the sons of God. Dear Sir, if you behold the odious thing in CCC, you will use disparaging words that people may misconstrue.

Moses used words that failed to glorify God when he was angered by the people. No one can stop you from saying the truth no matter whose horse is gored. I belong to the root, which is Ketu, but concerning the truth and vision of CCC, I belong to all pastors and Christ. But every pastor knows the reasons why he has chosen to become a pastor. It is only God that can discern the heart of man. May the Lord continue to uphold you sir. Whatever programme God has in store for you shall be consummated in your life time.

And may God also continue to give strength to our pastor, Mobiyina Oshoffa. The reason for this prayer is because it is not good for the children to take sides when our spiritual fathers are not in good terms with each other. There is no parish that Celestians cannot worship, either here or there. Many don’t even know the names of their pastors; they just worship and go back to their houses. May the Lord bless us all. Amen”

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5 responses to “Ilori Mathew Odunjo: A Ketu Faithful Who Believes In Gospel Of The Truth”

  1. Abiodun says:

    Ketu must be careful with this man, how can you belong to all Pastors, EMF Oshoffa is our one and only PASTOR we have,and we know.

  2. Johnson Oluwagbenga Adeniyi says:

    You cannot be for any Pastor. Meaning you do not even know what you are saying. Bible say you are either cold or hot, you can never be warn and be in between.
    Let us know what we post and be conscious that many are reading.

  3. Olufunmi says:

    Hummmmmmmmm. Let the wheel of the Lord be done.

  4. Shola says:

    Where are the pastors ooooooooo and who are they? Common cold and catarrh they can’t heal is it not obvious that they are fighting for their pockets except Mobiyina who was appointed for the sake of orderliness and peace to reign in the Church. You should know your stand and where you belong else you will fall for anything

  5. Idowu says:

    You belong to all pastors and Christ, hummmmm it shouldn’t be at all. When our spiritual fathers…………. My foot. Nonsense

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