With IMC , Herbalist Shepherds, Fake Prophets Have No More Stand In Celestial Church

February 11, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Code Of Conduct / 6 Comments »

Olawole FamakinwaWhen God is prepared to take us to the promise land, a prophet like Moses that will lead His people through the wilderness will always arise and will do the job without fear or favour.  If you think you are something in Celestial Church and you are above the law of the church or of the land, International Management Committee, IMC headed by a legal luminary and a Superior Evangelist in the church, Olawole Famakinwa, has been saddled with the responsibility of monitoring churches, shepherds, prophets who are defiling the doctrine of the church with impunity.

Here is what he said concerning the new task force, “My brothers and sisters I would like to say a big ‘Thank you’ to all who have expressed their sadness at the rot and rudderless leadership in our church. I admit that I am sad too. However, there are still a number of leaders in our midst who have not bowed down to Baal, as in the days of Ahab and Jezebel. Therefore let us do something about the pervasive rot in our midst because we love our church.

I belong to the International Management Committee (IMC) of the CCC. One of our duties as contained in our Charter is to bring to the attention of the Pastor whatever is wrong with the progress and direction of the church. If you want a copy of this Charter signed by the Pastor Founder himself please send an email to: olawole.famakinwa@me.com. The document speaks for itself. Now is the time to use it. We would have God and the law on our side. Amen.

What I am suggesting here is that if I receive a petition from you which contains your complaint I would personally give it to the IMC and the Pastor. Your petition must contain real dates, times, names of participants, witnesses and the location of the event complained of. Photographic evidence would be helpful, if available. For example that headless photo of the Woli at isokale emi, is not good enough. You must supply YOUR name and number. If you want to be anonymous, let me know so I can keep your name with me.

Brethren, this can be our slow and silent way of bring sanity and a turnaround to our church.

Who would like to join me to face ‘the prophets of baal on Mount Carmel’?

Let me and others who want to volunteer to fight the moral, spiritual, financial and administrative rot and pandemonium in our church step forward and use JESUS and the IMC to register our collective disgust. I am willing to serve. “

Now tell me brethren is the church moving now or not?

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6 responses to “With IMC , Herbalist Shepherds, Fake Prophets Have No More Stand In Celestial Church”

  1. Debo A says:

    I wish it is possible for me to share the same optimism as other people on this forum. Unfortunately, I do not have any hope of the Commission succeeding. I respect S.E Famakinwa a lot and know if he should be allowed to work without any external influence and dictate from the elders/Ketu, then we should be able to shout “Halleluyah”. A simple example is the current crisis and palaver at Clapham parish. My expectation is for the IMC to first deal with it and resolved the issue. If they are not able to do this simple task, it means they do not have the mandate of the church as a whole and it is a toothless bulldog group. I am sure it is just to keep the gentleman “busy” so that he can keep quiet while the rots in the church continue. If the group is functioning, kindly print your yearly report for all to see.

  2. pro Lizzy Yusuf says:

    We have to be in the spirit in respect of report handling so as not to turn this lofty commission into a means for witch hunting. God’ wisdom will continue guide you as you take up His task, Amen. Don’t look back even when questions arises.

  3. Adeleke Adebanjo says:

    The starting point is for IMC to call all Shepherd’s together and get them to love one another, to stop antagonizing themselves and stop casting spell on each other bcos of rank, money, women, or migration of members from one parish to another. Shepherd’s are the real problems of Celestial Church.
    I pray that you succeed.

  4. Evang Samuel ola SOWEMIMO says:

    This is a very good step to redeem back the image of this great church from the hands of evil,but my fear is that hope it will last and effective.

  5. v/m/s/ev.Adebowale g .o ccc olode 2 ife says:

    I am really in full support God shall continue to bless CCC amen

  6. Adejoro says:

    gr8 job at the right time. I which to join dis

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