Imeko Cathedral: Questions Celestial Church Members Want Answered

March 20, 2017 / Alonge Michael / C-Vibes / 9 Comments »

Letter Soliciting For Support

It is no longer news to the ears of Celestial Church of Christ members that the sole reason why the Celestial Cathedral Imeko has not been completed over three decades after its foundation stone was laid has always been put at the door step of financial drain on the part of the headquarters  aside some other ‘bureaucratic’’ obstacles of power welding.

Some couple of days ago, it became common knowledge to all when the office of the chairman of Cathedral committee, Sup. Evang. Oluranti Ogunremi solicited for funds from all those willing and capable to support the building and completion mission of the project which ought to have been commissioned long before now.

As much as the faithful are ever ready to drop out of their abundance, the question many of them want answered is to what tune is the call for support? How much was budgeted for the Cathedral, how much has been expended, and how much is really needed by the committee to sign-off on the project by way of total completion and handing over the cathedral for use?

What can be deduced from the summation of views is the request and desire for proper accountability, by way of a properly audit statement of account since the inception of the Cathedral building committee and by that it means whoever has been in charge of the project before now should equally come forward and table his handing over statement to the present committee.

This is so because many believe that the time to call ourselves to accountability is NOW. Until the Baba Ogunremi led committee can make public the statement of account as it inherited from the previous head, and let everyone study and scrutinize it. Only then will people be happy to contribute to the building of the Lord’s house. At least the biblical Solomon accounted for everything he was given to build the temple.   It is now over to Baba Jorotom who was the former Chiarman and Baba Ogunremi, the incumbent chairman who deputized Baba Jorotom during his term as Chairman, to satisfy the yearning of all Celestial Church members.

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9 responses to “Imeko Cathedral: Questions Celestial Church Members Want Answered”

  1. Ibunkunoluwa says:

    It is quit embarrassing that Celestial Church of Christ will be celebrating its 70th anniversary and Imeko city as a whole is nothing to write home about. The Redeemed Christian Church of God has grown so much not because God loves them more then he loves we Celestina’s, but because they have been able to organise themselves properly. Look at Redemption Camp, look at MFM prayer city, and look at Winners Chapel. I am a woman of 31 years of age and i have being singing imeko city collection song since i was 7 years of age in the choir. It is heart breaking that after so many years we as celestians have not been able to build Imeko. The road to Imeko is a death trap; the town itself has not had any form of development from CCC. Ironically the Pastors house is looking beautiful. i for one have not been encouraged to donate to that course because it’s obvious it is just to enrich the pockets of a smart few. What i will suggest is that they approach a bank to finance the building and development of the entire town including the road that leads to the city and then people will be encouraged to pay into the so called account, which can then be used to pay off the loan. I don’t think people are ready to pay any maga money.
    I don’t know how true it is, but i learnt some years ago, an influential person had issues and came to imeko, God answered his prayers and he decided he wanted to contribute to the building of the house of God. He donated a lot of bags of cement to the church and that the cements where not used and they all got spoiled and caked up after many years of being abandoned.
    It was also rumored that anybody interested in contributing to the building of Imeko were asked to donate money instead of building materials.
    There are no toilets or bathrooms, no tiled or interlocking stones; the most annoying part is the nosiness that all the so called gospel musicians make, while prayer and service is going. Why can’t there be one stage and different people be allotted time to sing or perform and the time for service or prayers be respected. No form of discipline or orderliness or what so ever.
    We should be able to organise our self-better, haba.

  2. seyi says:

    all dis peoples are armed robber.

  3. Dr. Malik O R says:

    These comments make my heart to palpitate
    May the good Lord have mercy upon the Church and her leaders.
    For people to comment like the ones I have read above means that their hearts have been wounded and they have zero trust on the leaders

  4. Josiah says:

    Hmmmmm, Spiritual armed robbery methodologies is what they term imelo cathedral New account headed by jobless people and political elements. Whom do you people take Celestians for these days? What happened to other opened and operational accounts? All cards sent out by Rev EmF as announced by Baba Banjo with realised? Has the money disappeared? The spirit of Saint Bilewu Oshoffa will strike all liars and thieves using cathedral fund dead and their generations. I am not suprise when Baba EMF Build a mansion besides His Father meaningful project under few months as seen but collaborated with saboteurs to steal and buying houses, David was to build house but rejected while Solomon made it happened..Where is our true solomn?

  5. Olumide says:

    God bless all the three conments earlier. I was in imeko last year Dec, the reason why I only observe the jingling of the bell and go on my own to pray to God is because I don’t trust any liar to be my head. How will you be a thief and liar and you still want me to worship under you.many that we school together in oau during my bsc, all those vibrant minister of this church already in other denominations that are ready to move forward. I told myself am not moving out we are building this broken wall together, morning and night I will be reporting then to God till they either listen and change or die.
    See if I know of any parish that want to pay money I can hire thief to meet them on the road and collect the money without wounding anybody. Is better for already known thief to steel the money than thief in the white garment.where are the money you guys have been raising every DEC since i know CCC.
    You guys will leave the cathedral un attended to, then during DEC you will now put halogen light …scam of highest level infact the angel that kill Sennacherib king of Assyria soldies as I read in the book of first king today shall kill all you unrepented thief, so DEC scam no do you again naa 70 years anniversary scam una won do now, woe unto you all thieves of our money.
    Anybody or parish wey pay naa mumu to the core.

    • Dear brothers and sisters, saying people shouldnt pay into that account will not move us forward. The story posted didnt say people shouldnt pay but all we said people requested for was proper accountability. Please, let’s not digress from the purpose. Of course, Celestial needs to know how things have been so far, that doesnt say we should curse or tell people off concerning dropping their widow’s mite into the account. The glory is for us all.

  6. Goddey Humphrey says:

    The Spirit of Oshoffa will kill of of una wey dey ask of help, opening of new account. Holy ghost gp fire una family in Jesus name. Haba, una no dey shame? Wetin hapin to our past money and past account. Brother Ogunremi the new chairman and past vice chairman, wetin una dey do with Cele money for heaven sake? Una think say we be mumu abi mugu? Chai. Yansh don open now, we know the tricks. God go punosh anyone wey put money for the new account without explaining to we members the past account

  7. Evang.Ade Oladapọ Oyenẹyẹ says:

    Have just a Word 4this. It is “SCAM”.

  8. Deacon Alfred Agboola End Time Min.Loa Angeles says:

    Waoh! What a nice write up from this man called Michael Alonge, sir where are you residing?Abroad or Nigeria? I hope to meet you one on one as to divulge some vital informations to you. I left Celestial Church of Christ due to unseriousness of leaderahip having waited for so long to see expected changes. Sir, it is only a foolish person and most foolish of highest order will donate to a gulping, unacounted 30-40 years project of this nature. My opinion is not different from others globally cutted across celestial church of Christ. What happened to the previous account no of imeko cathedral project whose Ogunremi was a vice chairman to same Jorotom led committees before recycling same person?Ogunremi wife, madam Ojaronke was also a secretary then before One Mrs Sade Ogundipe was used to replaced her. Is there any update so far or handing over note? Do we have credibilty of people trusted in the previous and newly set up committee? Is the present leadership has a tangible work at hand to first donate in millions and see how far he has gone before opening account? Recently about 150 million was boasted to be in waiting to be used for this same project. Where has the money gone to? Until there is accountability of all set up committees previously for same project. I as a person will persuade those remaining people in that fold especially here in Usa and other European continents never to pay a dime into such credibility lack account. No one has been helping most parishes here to pay for Hall rentage and same goes to europe too. It will amount to defrauding unsuspecting members again. All Heads of Provinces or District must be seen as shameless person promoting frauds against what leaders preaches on pulpit. Say No to Imeko defrauding another Bank account.

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