Imeko City: Nothing Added, Still The Same As Left By Registered BoT

June 23, 2022 / Alonge Michael / Church Build-up / 2 Comments »

Imeko is the holy City for all bonafide members of Celestial Church of Christ. To them, it’s their Jerusalem where they come, pray to believe that the God of Oshoffa will answer them. Yearly people throng the place from all walks of life for the Imeko Carnival while many have turned the place their second home.

With the look of things in the church at the moment, many Celestians have complained that Imeko City has become a shadow of its old self as nothing is said to have been added in terms of facilities and infrastructure since the registered BoT led by Baba Banjo has exited due to their illegal by Rev Emmanuel Oshoffa.

By now, the entire Basilica ground and environs should have been tiled or done with paving stones. Celestians home and abroad who do complain that whenever they visit the holy city every year, their garments always get dirty would have had another story to talk about.

The church members are imploring the leaders to find something much better such as grading the roads, and proper streetlights for the city to look good and exciting to visitors. Good and drinkable Pipe borne water, suitable toilet and bath to mention a few of what we expected to have been done by now.

Due to the series of court cases hanging on Rev EMF’s neck, (even those who surround him know that it is a lost battle) none of his team has done anything to raise the bar or standard of what the other party did. What this simply means is that they are backward in all ramifications, analogue leadership surrounded by a weak team who only work to enrich their pockets.

The last Imeko Convocation Committee spent more than what the last Committee spent in three years, the reason they are afraid to bring out a forensic report of the event almost 7 months after it was held. What a shame!

The likes of MFM, Redeemers’ Camp, and Winners are tourist attraction centres, they make money to build eye-popping edifices and plant beautiful projects. Under the leadership of Rev EMF in CCC, it is from hand to mouth, and those illegally instituted think-tank members are not covering their faces in shame? O bad gan! Very bad!

At least, since #cno has been hitting so hard on developments etc, those who claim to be ‘giants’ and mean well for the church in the EMF team would have done something to shame us or those before them, but nay, they are in one spot like ‘omi Adagun’. Can a man do more than his strength? No!

As you all have turned the good fortune of the church upside down, so shall your homes and ways be turned upside down too in Jesus’ name! I expect a mightier amen from you all!


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2 responses to “Imeko City: Nothing Added, Still The Same As Left By Registered BoT”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Ordinary toilet una no get for una Imeko… SHAME!!!

  2. Alagba ijo says:

    These ones are parasites…all they know how to do is to destroy what they met on ground. Because of positions and ranks they have turned themselves to ass lickers.

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