Imeko Or Majawe: Uncertainty Hangs Over Prophet Makorikan’s Final Resting Place

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That prophet Surulere Paul Maforikan is no more is news that has caught up with so many, but the matter at hand now is, where an epitaph will be raised in his name.

According to what has become the norm for great men within the fold of Celestial Church of Christ to be interred at Celestial City Imeko after their demise, where they will remain unforgotten as true apostles and saints of the church, same cannot be said of some equally great men who have passed on, such as Rev Jesse and late Most Superior Evang. M.O. Are and lately Superior Evang. Adenuga who were all buried at their private residence.

For Baba Jesse, this became his lot because he broke away from the main Celestial fold, Most Sup. Evang. Are‘s case had a twist, he at a time deviated from the parent body for a while but retraced his steps back to acknowledge the supremacy and authority of the international headquarters, this he did few years before he took his last breath earlier this year.

To avoid any form of controversy that his resting place might and would definitely bring up, he decided to take the bull by the horns by demanding that he should be buried at his home at Okeriya Agric, Ikorodu area of Lagos. But, had he not rebelled earlier, the BoT would have wrestled against such order and give him a place of pride amongst other great and worthy Celestial leaders and elders who are resting at the Celestial Mausoleum at Imeko.

For  those who might want to argue that of what importance is a final resting place, especially for those who have diligently worked in the vineyard and have gone to the Lord.

Let us look beyond the present and go back into the Bible, Abraham the father of faith, his wife Sarah, son Isaac were all buried in Cave of the Patriarchs, Genesis 25:9-10 “And his sons Isaac and Ishmael buried him in the cave of Machpelah, in the field of Ephron the son of Zohar the Hittite, which is before Mamre; [10] The field which Abraham purchased of the sons of Heth: there was Abraham buried, and Sarah his wife.……..,”.

Jacob sojourned far away from his place of birth, but when he lost Rachel his wife, the Bible recorded it that he buried her in the tomb of his fathers.

Jacob knew the importance of been buried in a special mausoleum  hence he mandated his children to make him sleep where saints were buried. His final resting place request was honoured by Joseph, his beloved son, as his corpse was taken from Egypt to rest amongst his fathers. There is significance to this holy place and such can be said to be the same with the Celestial CPaul Suru Maforikanity Imeko.

Baba Maforikan, as we all know, ran and operated a parallel congregation to the international headquarters, although he has been to Imeko to officiate at one time or the other as an invitee, but, going by the antecedence of established great leaders and elders who chose to become authority to themselves therefore becoming a faction in defiance to superiority of Ketu as the source or mother church, they have therefore lost the prestige and honour to be among those who find Celestial City Imeko as their final resting place after having finished the race of life.

Prophet Paul Suru Makorikan, like Jesse, worked, walked and learnt under the tutelage of the Pastor/Founder Rev SBJ Oshoffa, just like Baba Bada, Baba Agbaosi and Baba Ajanlekoko Ajalenkoko did. These great shepherds and saints are all lying at Imeko, where they can never be forgotten in the annals of the church, except Baba Agbaosi who was buried in the Republic Du Benin.

Can Prophet Maforikan be entombed alongside these faithful Celestial sages? Will he be buried in Imeko or Majawe, his home in Ibadan?

Let’s share your views please…..

52 responses to “Imeko Or Majawe: Uncertainty Hangs Over Prophet Makorikan’s Final Resting Place”

  1. prophet precious ogbonna says:

    pleas let try and unite together cele is one

  2. Superior Evangelist Oluwafemi says:

    this is not wort we should be talking about,we should alwas talk about we all know we are going to be judge by god,leave papa maforikan and god together let him face his judgement

  3. Emmagr8 says:

    This piece is baseless cos aside Papa SBJ Oshoffa can u point any other person that hasn’t rebel against d church. More so, who told u imeko is meant to b a burial ground?God help us.

  4. Asiwaju says:

    Gbogbo wa la lowo mbe bi ijo mimo se da yi gbogbo wa la lowo be,u beta let d sleepin dogs to lie this was how ur forefathers that turn d whole thing upside down started and u as a chief justice of celestial is at it again,u better use ur story telling talent wisely as how heros of tales wole soyinka chinua achibe and so on and stop adding more problems to d ones ur fathers had done.


      Is just a shameful response we were seeing here, baba maforikan an oda as gone, is we dat remain on earth, should no our stand an were we belong in Christ. Celestial church did nt av faction before God, is we d worshipper Dere, dat aving problem wit ourself. D glory of celestial still remain one an d angel of d church still at work morn an night, so let us leave dos baba to av Dere gud rest, an baba maforikan children to burial Dere father were dey like.

  5. Omotoshoffa says:

    Hmmmmmmmm Ijo Mimo?

  6. Omotoshoffa says:

    Hmmmmmmnnn Ijo mimo?

  7. moses adelakun says:

    Baba wil neva b buried @imeko,is dat his place?afterall those trutees are against baba b4,den why do dey want his burial 2b done there,he wil not b buried there @all

  8. Peter says:

    Is imeko a cementry? If no let us forget about where to buried Papa maforikan god knows his beloved peter

  9. ADEBAYO says:

    I just want you people to know that “aiye loja orun nile” where they want to buried you people’s??????…. please STOP argument. may God Almighty leads us the ways.

  10. gallant says:

    Hmmm hmmm mmm I want everybody to leave all this issues an think about another things we re celestial we re not shame of our self Both who so ever dat is head CCC an who so ever dat is aliv or died!smile### MFM have university???? Cele have Noting??? Redeem Have university celestial don’t have anything??DeeperLife HAve university We cele don’t have anything.
    We have a Big problem but we don’t know Because of money an other thing they Tuned CELE to another business I don’t believe dis church change yet?problem every day Like Nigeria Politics why why why whyyyyyyy?

    • ADEBAYO says:

      I just want you people to know that “aiye loja orun nile” where they want to buried you people’s??????…. please STOP argument. may God Almighty leads us the ways.

  11. Alagba selberacad says:

    Je ki
    oluwa dawon lejo

  12. aniyikaye says:

    Oh what a wicked world…… Feel so sad for the deceased my their soul rest in peace and for the killer u will nt go scot free that’s a promise

  13. Prophet Ayobami says: and lindaboles2017@gamil .com .Helluayah to all celestial members in Di’s group may d God of celestial direct our step in every ways of life.The problem we are facing in celestial church is bcoz no more love again in d church again .can and elderly person answer my question wot d holy spirit ask me to tell d elders of d Altar ……..the question gose like Di’s Among all d gift we have in celestial Church Christ which one can we use to move celestial church of Christ forward and if d founder can show in self in vision that only seven people is with him in heaven so were are those people that died after our great hero Rev pastor prophet Samuel from CCC agbalatura parish Ikorodu Sholebo estate

  14. Main says:

    #CelestialNewsOnline did a great job by letting people spit out different stuffs. But in this article i sensed a lot of biased comment. ‘For Baba Jesse, this became his lot because he broke away from the main Celestial fold, Most Sup. Evang. Are‘s case had a twist, he at a time deviated from the parent body for a while but retraced his steps back to acknowledge the supremacy and
    authority of the international headquarters, this he did few years before he took his last breath earlier this year.’

    …and for folks judging, well done #ChiefJudge.
    God is watching everyone of you in #3D

  15. rachy says:

    Oju de gba mi ti fun gbogbo yin,Ijo mimo kilo nsele gan let’s stop all dis argument and allow peace to reign in dis fold,Emi Ni ti Paul emi ni ti Appolo yi ti to ge ki eyin ma ba ri ibinu Olorun kilo nsele gan,sebi sadura nsamin loro church,so kilo wa le to bayi e de ndoju ti awa youth yin.E lo ranti pe GBO WA NI YOO DURO NIWAJU OLUWA A TEWE ATI AGBA AO SI ROJO. E fi gbogbo idajo sile fun olorun.Shallom

  16. Biola Tejuosho says:

    Hmmmmmmm,may God of Celestial revive His church, emi ni ti Paul, iwo ni ti Apollo, eje ka gbe yen ti,okan ni wa niwaju baba,let’s leave the judgement of each and every one of us to the most high God, it’s so sad that this is happening within the church of God, intervention of God is what we need in Celestial church of christ, not by education, money or wisdom of man.Ijo mimo o ni towo temi baje ooo.Gbogbo wa ni yoo duro,niwaju Oluwa, atewe ati agba,ta o si rojo wa.

  17. daughter pf holyghost says:

    Which saint, na you be Jesus to dash them saints. You better stop deceiving yourselves. Is it Jesse that died in herbalist house, or baba are that Burnt to Ashes. We know many of them that are Cultists oooo. Men wit them saints. Am sorry they are already in hell. Don’t forget that the remains is just ordinary sand oooo. The spirit has gone back to receive Judgment. Pls stop deceiving people. People that died without confessing and repenting thier sins. People that doesn’t live in holiness and righteousness… you said they are in heaven ahhhhhhrrrrre why are you lying. Have you forgotten hrb12:14 that without holiness no man shall see God. Is thier name written in book of life. No undefiled thing shall enter heav thing shall enter heaven

  18. Titi Asemota says:

    When you see a false prophetess, by their way you shall know them. This Ann is not a prophetess but one of the silly acts we have in Cele

  19. Banks Ogunremi says:

    It’s obvious this prophetess Ann is one of the herbalist wolimas we have in celestial. Imagine her manners and the ways she talks. It shows how she behaves at home. Does she even have one? This is one of the people causing havoc in the church. A nonentity and a nefarious element of ko gender. You better repent from your way.

  20. Arise and shine says:

    Anyway every things worketh for good with those that are in Christ Jesus. I believe God will settle his church. Baba Moforikan did not really tried to work for the unity of the church if he did, at the point of his death, he would have announced to his followers to return to the source and work for the unity of the church. And sealed it with curse if anybody should ignore his word. I think that would have made him an hero and warrior which the whole celestians will honour and been in evergreen memory but instead he appointed somebody maybe in spirit or flesh I can tell, to pilot his faction. Nevertheless, my advice as a baby is that the new pastor was chosen to crown the oneness of the church. Let him go to imeko and reconcile with pastor Mobiyina and the Bot for the unity of celestial church before the final rite of paa Maforikan.But my question is this…. Would his subordinates allow him to do it? The ways of God are mysterious to accomplish his work …The leadership of pastor Omoge was designed by God purposely to bring his followers back to grassroots. I think he has no excuse to tell the world. He was not the prophet that carried pastor Mobiyina in his dedication. Ka sowopo Ka sowopo pelu ife mimo.

  21. Niyi says:

    Hymn: Moro Mo ewu nla ti Jesu, emi koni fewu na sile .note : not factions in celestial. Is a pity that many might not enter the kingdom of God due to this factions tins. Hymn onidajo aye fere de. And also this hymn .Kasise fun iwenumo emi wa . God will help us all to focus on Him IJN Amen.

  22. anjorin adebukola says:

    Majawe or imeko has nothing to do with the kingdom od God. Malachi 3 vs 18 tells us that very soon we shall no the diffrtence btw those who worship God and those who do not. Either we like it or not there will be seperation. So why not let us all eork for the salvation of our soul snd leave every judgement for the right judge .

  23. Omotayo Okeowo says:

    Most every prophet of CCC should be burried at imeko, i think only supreme and spiritual head should be burried there that place is not a cementry

  24. Prophetess Ann says:

    @Celesrial news online. Why would you ask such question. Are you trying to mock the dead or what?

  25. Ayo Onoyungbo InT HQ says:

    Is Maforikan pastor in International head Quarter or supreme HQ? He should b buried where he belong to at AJA .Jesse buried outside WHO is Maforikan to b buried at Imeko A man which Oshofa did not promote to snr/everg A man which pastor Bada did not give Most A man who Doe’s not paid his returned to papa or Bada A man who call himself first prophet in celestial. If honour is going to b given is Oroboni when he died.

    • Josh says:

      @Ayo Onayungbo – am reserving my comment about this whole burial issue.
      My reason for reverie to your comment is to Advice that it’s important we get facts before we make comments in public.
      I know for a fact that baba Maforikan was annointed as Snr Evg by Papa SBJ and I have the document to prove it. There’s also Someone right there in Int HQ who can show that document.
      So, pls let’s concentrate on praying to God to make CCC one rather than ppl like you expanding the division.
      Our Lord God owns CCC and He will bring us together at His own time. We need to pray to Him.
      God bless CCC.


    Haleluyah my people hmmm, the true followers of jesus christ and the bible scholars in the fold. I want to believe what we all carry about in our parishes as shepherds, prophets, teachers, is the ministry of Jesus Christ and if truely we are in the dispensation of grace,please let’s forgive and forget the past of the great prophet of the most high and allow him to buried at the holy land imeko city. Do not forgive the ministry of Jesus Christ giveth peace to the world let the great church enjoy the peace in Jesus Christ we are not called to fight one another, those that came to the church to act as thugs disguising as entourage of one pastor or the other that’s their area of calling they have not discover their calling . Jesus Christ says in his ministry “peace I give unto you ” brethern let peace be still in this great church shallom….

  27. M/S/E Festus Olomofe says:

    In fact am highly disappointed in all your unfruitful arguments, why don’t everyone leave this for God instead of judging, pls, I beg of everyone let’s peace reign, God bless CCC.

  28. olaniyan opeyemi says:

    My name is olaniyaan opeyemi pls let peace should reign Wat we need now is let baba mobina talk and wat he said his the final say papa may soul rest in perfect peace tank u

  29. Olu says:

    Let’s encourage all Celestial members to be truth to God and do His will always. This is the only way to earn a place in heaven. A cremated man or one without a Burial site might make heaven those buried in Jerusalem, Vatican, redemption camp or imeko will be in he’ll. The problem with CCC across all factions is lack of truth.

  30. Evang. Awujale says:

    The situation now is so serious! Does Paul have a file in Ketu? If he does, then he has become the responsibility of Ketu to take care of him dead or alive. What am I even saying, not many shepherd have file now. They are all just acting the way they like. This is why someone like Dele Ogundipe Genesis is acting the way he does. He’s nothing but a herbalist in Cele garment. So fake and he thinks he’s smart enough to escape the wrath of God!

    • Prophetess Ann says:

      No he does not have file in Ketu, but he has in heaven. You know where your file is Awujale ? Hell fire. Let’s see how you end your life, because you have condemned the dead you shall be condemned by the Angels of the Lord before the end of this year. Trustee are heartless soul and they are the one messing up Celestial.

    • sunday adeniyi says:

      Ccc member are not face the real true and we don’t honour our leaders and icon Baba maforikan have done a lost for this church, first his he Papa oshoffa Woli,2.the only woli papa belief his message rain or Sun when he was alive confirmed Baba Jacob Nunayan,the brain behind pastor Mobiyinna and strong back bone for him 3.This man train Baba Nunayan and many many great man of God in this church,his that want we should pay him back for the great job that he does he our church,he never betray Papa one day or leave celestial church one day and print us black he works for the development,can someone tell me one oluso pastor mobiyinan train or the development that he brought. to this church we all know the sorty or history of both man,because pastor mobiyina his the son papa oshoffa or his alive today, pls let us not forget history and let us be a student of history,if you lay this man of God in imoke or majawe the mean nothing to me all want I want for Papa suru he to be Lord Jesus Christ in heaven, Owe Yoruba wipe awaye iku kan kosi gbogbo wa lalo atipe iku topa ojugba eni owe la lopafuni,let keep on,Remember Papa suru maforikan born good kids and omo todara ati oluso agba,he train all children when in the way God

  31. VMSE Akinola Ireke says:

    @ Agosa, ko si nkankan to tu ku. Gbogbo e naa ti tan niyen. He should be buried where he had worked. What did he do in imeko that his dead body is coming for? The case is already settled, he said he should be buried at Majawe! Case closed.

  32. agosa junior says:

    Eje ko to eyin agba agba, ejo ko to Ojo nlo eyin toku ninu ote nibo le loro wipe onlo.

  33. agosa junior says:

    So, you this elder’s will not allow peace to reign abi. God will judge all of you one by one.

  34. My name is GBENGA aikulola says:

    If we want unity in celestial church, we should allow Baba Paul maforikan to buried at imeko, bcos this is d time for us to make peace in Celestial church as a whole, so let’s take sentiment apart, even wen the man is not work in imeko, but is he not work in celestial church too?. So let’s think about dat,

  35. Prophet David Awasuno says:

    Even if the so called Trustee accept burying REV MAFORIKAN in Imeko, we the shepherd under Nigeria Diocese will never accept that,Imeko is a factional place,the only prestige Imeko has,is the remains of the Prophet Founder that was interred there, remove that imeko is one of the Burial committee members,Rev Jesse was denied to be buried in Imeko,while would his successor be Rev Maforikan be buried there,he has told us where to be buried. So let’s wait and see.

  36. Celestial Born Samson says:

    Resting or no resting is irrelevant what matters most is that our name should be written in the book of life when the trumpet sound we should all be at the right hand of Jesus Christ.
    The Crown of glory will not elude us in Jesus name.
    PA Maforikan is a prophet of God he has long predicted is dead and where he will finally rest when he was state evangelist in oyo state even before he rose to the position of ccc w/w pastor( Majawe where God answered his prayers). Imeko is our
    terrestrial Jerusalem our celestial Jerusalem is in heaven we should all work for a new Jerusalem and stop criticizing each other let’s join hands together and make this great celestial proud . Judge not that ye be not judged… Matt 7 :1-4.
    Rt Rev Paul Suru Maforikan is truly a God given and God sent to ccc w/w we should all appreciate him and give him a befitting burial our last respect.
    One generation comes and one goes.
    The first prophet of celestial church of Christ, the last of the partriach, celestial hero, Legend an icon is gone he as finally laid down the sword. Pastor
    Maforikan sun re o lokan aya Abraham Baba.
    A fe o sugbon jesu fe o ju sun re sun re sun re.
    A o pade lese Jesus.

    • Paul says:

      Who told you he was the first prophet? Go and read the constitution very well thanks

      • Prophetess Ann says:

        @paul, please post the constitution here. Your generation in bible is that of Faraho. What has your father done in Celestial?? Onidajo ayie fere dee, Jesu Oluwa nbo waaa oo boo dee nii Osan tabi nii oganjo Nibo NI eyin yio koo for ese yin gba.

  37. prophet Okiki says:

    You people are not a good celestial member… For is coming out from your mouth

  38. Tolulope ogunsina says:

    I think baba should be laid to rest at imoke,it a a sign of reconciliation,Baba wanted reconciliation but death took him before that.

    • Oluwafemi says:

      @Tolulope, why would he be buried there ? Reconciliation with who ? The best he could have done is to renounce himsef as the Pastor and accept the leadership of Rev. E.M.F Oshoffa, failure to do that,,he should rest peacefully at Majawe, did they buried Baba Zannu in Imeko ?

      • Prophetess Ann says:

        @Olufemi, the dead knew Judasi like you will rise against the dead that was why he insist he should be buried in Majawe after his death. Imeko is not heaven, heaven is the most important place which is not sure for you hypocrite.

  39. Olabamji says:

    Why would he be buried there? Did he work there? It’s not a place for him to rest

  40. Baba Ade says:

    He will never be buried in Imeko. We won’t accept that!

    • Prophetess Ann says:

      Hummmm! Trustee never wanted Baba Paul, they saw him as threat from day one. So someone they rejected when he was alive, how would these sinners accept him when he is dead. Baba Paul story is an example of Jesus Christ in Bible, but only few accepted him. Baba Paul already told his children where he wished to rest which is Majawe, no need for negative comments. Trustee has done enough damage to his name so please let the soul just rest in peace. The Angel that worked with Baba Maforikan for 68 years will surly punish anyone who speak evil against Baba Paul.

    • Prophetess Ann says:

      Yes he had said that before he died that his children should burry him at Majawe. You know what let’s see how you trustee end your life. Baba Paul has done his part, Imeko is just a place on earth heaven is the most important which is not sure for you.

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