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I decry and detest the lackadaisical manner in which some men and even women tie their loins in our Parishes. The culprits tend to be individuals who have acquired it for no reason. They therefore treat it as a psychedelic accessory. It has no power. The wearer also has no power.

1. The loin is a symbol of power and authority. In 2 Kings 4:29 Elisha said to Gehasi his servant ‘to gird his loins’ as he sent him with his staff to heal a sick boy. Our loins are power and a sign of readiness to serve God.

2. Earlier Elisha had tested the power and authority he received from Elijah by striking the River Jordan with the mantle of just departed Prophet Elijah. The River Jordan parted for Elisha to walk across-2 Kings 2:13. I can only assume that those who wear their loins incorrectly already know that it is powerless and that they are empty. Why wear it?

3. If you are ready to worship the Lord in CCC you demonstrate this by wearing the glorious soutana. If you want to serve the Lord and the congregation of God, you are anointed by the Pastor and permitted to wear a loin. In my days that loin would have been in the alter for a minimum of 7 days. You dare not treat such a loin with levity. We are enjoined to ‘gird your loins like a man’- Job 38:3. Failure to tie your loin would result in spiritual reprisals. I say no more.

The moment you tie your loin firmly round your waist you should feel empowered like a soldier with ammunition in his gun. Do not let you loin be on your stomach or your bum. That is hideous and disrespectful to the authorities who thought you were a serious candidate to serve in His Church. The Spirit of the Lord came down mightily on Prophet Elijah with his loin. He performed exploits during the reign of King Ahab-1 Kings 18:46.

I recall that as a young Sidesman at CCC Festac Parish I had my loin confiscated by an Elder who saw it dangled round my neck in public. He handed it to Wolida Mogaji, of blessed memory. He released it to me with a stern warning to me that wearing the loin identifies me as a soldier of Christ. That it will protect me. This Adena loin o!

A loin in CCC depicts a modicum of respect and authority bequeathed to you by the Church. You are therefore expected to be upright in spirit and appearance. Not sagging your loin and walking in a slouching fashion. Haba respect yourself. Fear God. If you no longer want it, leave it at home.

I can only imagine that anyone who wears their loin incorrectly would be treating the loin with disrespect at home. It is dropped anywhere, touched by every Tom, Dick and Harry. Then they come to Church without sanctifying that loin. God help us all.

Such a person and their loin in powerless and hopeless. They have become empty barrels. Noise makers.

In His Service
Olawole Famakinwa
Dated 11th day of November 2022.


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