Inspiring Story Of Oluseyi Asurf Who Got A BMW z3 Car After Buying ‘Altar’ For Church

January 2, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Spotlight / 4 Comments »

seyi-asurf-car-damagaedseyi-asurf-1 seyi-asurf-car-damagaed seyi-asurfOluseyi Asurf Amuwa’s story is a mixture of inspiration and motivation. He has undeniably become a notable personality in the entertainment industry in Nigeria and beyond with many international awards to his credit. His rise to stardom was by sheer luck and, of course, dint of hard-work and believe in God. Seyi Asurf  as he’s fondly called, from selling recharged card opposite CCC Omotola Parish in Ipaja area of Lagos to recording of his shot film, Africa Connected Success Story for Google, has today become an enigma in the video concert/ documentary shootings, recordings and editing.

The very respectful and easy-does-it dude, Oluseyi Amuwa, who moved from a small apartment in Ipaja to a whole duplex in Lekki, where he runs things for top artistes and entertainment impresarios within and outside the shores of Nigeria, his story will, no doubt, inspire the emerging generation of our church.

He shared this about himself a few hours ago on his timeline, this is a couple of days after meeting with him where he was having the Luli Concert, 2017 meeting at Ikeja and we at #CNO told him of our intention to have something exclusive about him.

This story as told by him is a dope; I hope we have something to learn from it. Read and share.

“So I had this terrible accident on October 15 2012, just a month to the birth of @culbertamuwa while filming a documentary for Google , my life flashed before my eyes, and gracefully, I walked out unhurt, just like my pady’s story @musicmagnate, a month later, I did something cool for thanksgiving, I bought an altar candle stand and danced with it during Thanksgiving in my church (Celestians in the house will understand), I got home after service and I received a call from the boss, comedian I Go Dye. By the way he was not aware of my situation, he only called and asked if I loved sport car, and I said ah ah, ofcourse Yessss, and he asked if I planned to get one any time soon, and I screamed “Nooo!!!, although I’ll love To get a new car soon because I just had an accident recently but not anything close to a spot car because I can’t afford one for now”. Amazingly, he said, “since you love it then come to Benin and carry my BMW Z3 (With spinners) from now on, it’s yours.” I couldn’t believe my eyes mehhhhnnn, I just want to use this opportunity to say a big thank you to the boss, “I Go Dye” God bless you for me, Oshey… #moments

This is what you should also know, I cruised the car for two good years, you know what I mean, then I extend the goodwill by sowing it into my good friend’s life as well when I got a new car… #sharehappiness”

Wow!!! This is really touching. I hope we all can emulate him. Congrats Seyi Asurf for the unprecedented success!!

By the time you finish reading this; Seyi Asurf might be getting his traveling papers ready to embark on his 2017 Tour to Australia, India, Israel Saud Arabia. Hard-work, they say, pays! Don’t you think so?

4 responses to “Inspiring Story Of Oluseyi Asurf Who Got A BMW z3 Car After Buying ‘Altar’ For Church”

  1. Enikanosaye I.M.O says:

    When one understands how to interact with God of Celestial, HIS responses are always too eccentric and beyond human comprehension. As he answered the prayers of Elijah, HE’s always ready to answer our prayers… Just our relationship with HIM.

  2. Fadare Samuel Olaoluwa says:

    Am happy for Seyi Asurf, he is a brother in my church CCC omotola parish, Ipaja and I can tell you that the guy is doing great work for the Kingdom, he is an enigma, a role model worth emulating in CCC. God bless you bro.

  3. Marcus Raphael Omars says:

    congrats bros, since I saw you doing great work for Seyi sholagbade and LULI at stadium I know you are going places

  4. Evangelist Anthony Oyagha. says:

    It pays to serve God wholeheartedly. Whatever you give to God in service is sure to be repaid back in many folds. Every sacrifice to God brings out the best of God already deposited in you. Congratulations. Wishing you many more unprecedented breakthroughs in Jesus name.

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