International Management Committee (IMC): Authority And Limitations By Odukoya

February 17, 2017 / Alonge Michael / On The Spot / 2 Comments »

Sup. Evang. T ‘Bisi Odukoya, one of the  useful tools God is using to propagate His work in the United Kingdom has made a submission on the International Management Committee, IMC empowerment. In one of his opinions, he said the organisation should enable to work with all factions and if possible bring all under a roof for posterity sake.

Here him, Omo Oba Odukoya“Good day brethren in the Lord and concerned members of Celestial Church of Christ. Reading about a comment on one of the earlier postings and stories, I was happy at the statement of Sup Evangelist (Barrister) Olawole Famakinwa on IMC. I must admit that, not until that time, I am ignorant of the existence of such a ‘powerful’ body. This now energised me to dig deep into the activities and expected roles. From documents within our disposal, IMC was constituted and inaugurated by the Pastor Founder SBJ Oschoffa, himself about two years before his home-calling. It is said to be autonomous and free to plan and execute activities for the progress of the church. It is to fully inform Pastor Founder of its activities and deliberations time to time, Hmmm.

With all these now, it could be deduced that

  1. IMC is only liable to report to Pastor Founder and his calling in order to uphold the sanctity of the church towards progress.
  2. This body is for Celestial Church of Christ Worldwide and not factional.
  3. It is autonomous and no particular faction has authority over it.
  4. Papa inaugurated it in anticipation of the likely moral decadence that may plague the church after his demise.

To this effect, Iam of the opinion that although the body had being non-functioning since but it is never too late to make amendments.

With the like of Baba Owodunni, Lagun Adesanya, Mama Sodeinde, Mama Edith Oschoffa being members of the committee and still much alive today, efforts should be made to carry the banner and fly it high.

For effective discharge of their expected duties, the body must be liberal and work with ALL PRESENT FACTIONS but not in support of their division but unity under the name of CCC worldwide. This can only be achieved by incorporating non-selfish spiritually sound ex-service men and women in the ‘task force section’ of the body. Obtain a legal backing from the government by obtaining authority from the Inspector General of Police to back their activities.

With all this in place, there should be a national broadcast on TV, Radio stations and Newspapers that the IMC has no affiliation with any faction but authorised by Pastor Founder and the laws of the land. Expect them in your church anytime. Any parish found wanton and not in accordance with the stipulated procedures as in the ‘Blue Book’, shall be closed immediately and the shepherd be sued for infringement on trademark / copyright licence of Celestial Church of Christ Worldwide.

Once you use that name, expect IMC anytime. Definitely, the issue of Funds may be limiting factor, however the main stream MUST provide the funds as it is seat of government during Papa’s era, but it has NO AUTHOURITY on activities of IMC. I wish the body good tenure of office and pray that God shall endow them the ability and agility to face the ‘battle’ in Jesus’ name. Amen”

2 responses to “International Management Committee (IMC): Authority And Limitations By Odukoya”

  1. Most Sup. Evang. Adetunji joe says:

    Well delievered and God Bless you sir, let them retract the white cheap lies and deceit of delievering cathedral by September.If a Son cannot build on His Father foundation during his 10Year tenure but has a big edifice beside same project, what do they expect outsiders to do under 6 months. Source of the fund should be made transparent. Alagba Odukoya,God Bless you

  2. Sylvanus Aihonsu says:

    To God be the glory. Amen

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