Interpretation Of Evang Steve Brown’s Dream About Papa SBJ

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A while ago, Evang Steve Brown, a UK based member of this great church, in a vision, saw our late Pastor founder, Prophet SBJ Oshoffa. According to the visioner, Steve, “I was going somewhere (I don’t know where I was going) and all of a sudden, I saw lots of people in what looks like a field. In every quarter as I looked, there were people playing football, basketball, having conversation and all engrossed with fun and games.

Lo and behold, I spotted a familiar resemblance. It was Papa SBJO adorned in his full regalia and crown to match right in the very centre of the place. From a distance, I exclaimed; ah ah, this is Papa. I walked towards him. I could see people in white around him but as he was my main focus, my attention was on him only but aware that he is not alone.

As I came closer to him he turned to me and I prostrated and I greeted him in an excited way, rejoicing and happy to see him. He looked at me on the ground as I peeked up at him. His face glowing with joy and so much happiness, he called me like he has always known me.

Papa SBJO said: Brown; or is this not Brown I’m looking at?

I said to him: it’s me sir!!

Papa SBJO said: Oya dide (make haste and stand up). Very happy to see me, his face beamed with smiles.

Papa SBJO reached down to give me a hang also putting his left hand under my arm for support.

I looked and I observed that Papa SBJO had awkwardly in his hands an AK47 and looked like he would gladly rather have a candle in his hands. However, my spirit said they were there for a revival and took the weapon from someone who they had just ministered to.

Following the pleasantries and speaking with me like he knew me personally, Papa SBJO pointing yonder said, look over there, go. As I walked away to go on my errand I saw suddenly that I was adorned in my white sutana.

I woke up with such excitement that I could never forget this dream.”

Interpretation By Dr. Jaiyeola Temitope Gbolahan (senior lecturer) Department Of Mathematics,

Obafemi Awolowo University,  Ile-Ife.  

An interpretation (as was inspired to) is given below…

Interesting Dream Evang! It’s loaded! It’s a message describing the present general state of the church and a personal message to you. You saw people in a field (the general CCC congregation).

Looking into the quarters (the 4 corners of the earth-a portray of balance), you saw people in 4 main categories:

(i) Playing football,

(ii) Playing basketball

(iii) Having conversation and

(iv) All engrossed with fun and games.

These four main categorical activities describe what many are occupied with.

(i) Football: this involves kicking a round leather object with the feet from one person to the other and scoring goals. The ball is spherical, it represents the world. The feet of Jesus are one of the parts he was nailed in together. The feet is a place of grace, the grace to overcome the world (5 toes, 5 depicts grace). Meaning: These are people wrongly use the grace of God in them for overcoming the world to play worldly games among themselves in the church for fun and personal satisfaction and achievements. This goes on in the laity (lower part of the church).

(ii) Basketball: this involves throwing and bouncing a round-leather object with the hands from one person to the other and dunging. The ball is spherical, it represents the world. The hands of Jesus are one of the parts he was nailed in separately. The hand is a place of grace, the grace to overcome the world (5 toes, 5 depicts grace). Meaning: These are people wrongly use the grace of God in them for overcoming the world to play worldly games among themselves in the church for fun and personal satisfaction and achievements. This goes on in the clergy (upper part of the church).

(iii) Conversation: Some other people are simply concerned about discussions about the on-going in the church which profits nothing.

(iv) Fun: these people are simply having fun in the church.

Your own Message: The SBJO you saw is a representation of the core mission of CCC. That was why you saw him at the very center of the field.

  1. You saw the key purpose, the nucleus of CCC. With regalia and crown, it means the mission of the church still has its honor and glory.
  2. You walked to him yourself: this means you have discovered the mission. You saw some other people with SBJ in white: aside the main mission, there are some other visions which you must collaborate with.
  3. Your prostration means you humbled yourself before the mission of CCC and you are excited about it, with joy and happiness which it has brought into your life.
  4. SBJ called you by name: meaning the mission of CCC recognizes you.
  5. Like SBJ supported you to rise, this mission has raised you high in your calling.
  6. The AK47….A is the 1st alphabet…K is the 11th alphabet…4 = four corners of the earth…7=perfection and completion. The lord has a hidden instrument (GUN) to get rid from all 4 corners of CCC [(i) to (iv) above] all hindrances from the beginning to the 11th hour in order to perfect and complete the mission. You only observed this instrument; it was not for everyone to see. It’s hidden!
  7. Finally, SBJ said ‘look over there, go’….meaning, there are still much more ground for you to cover, hence continue working for the lord and make sure you work in righteousness (white garment), unlike those putting on jerseys, doing sports.

Note: the center of the rectangular coordinate system (a replica of what was used in the dream) is (0,0) i.e. origin. Only when people are dead (=zero) at the laity (i.e. x axis) and clergy (i.e. y axis), such will simply be fun seekers in the fold. Jesus is Lord!

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3 responses to “Interpretation Of Evang Steve Brown’s Dream About Papa SBJ”

  1. Evangelist Steven Brown says:

    Wow!!! Simply awesome. My attention was drawn to this post this afternoon.

    I pray that the spirit of God that stirred the river of bethsida will continue to stir in our hearts and heal our church in Jesus mighty name.

    To all who are working tirelessly in their various quarters, may the Almighty Jehovah crown your calling. In due time, your callings will manifest and you will not die before your time in Jesus mighty name.

    To the editors and moderators of CNO, luli is your in abundance. As you are working for the glory of God in Celestial, you will be heavily blessed with testimonies in Jesus mighty name.

  2. Omo cele ni mi says:

    This is very deep indeed. It is a message of hope for those that believed that the ship of CCC is wrecked. Not at all sir. Celestial is matching on, the gata of hell cannot prevail, Celestial is matching on. God is working, raising champions and true leaders to fulfill His mission for the church, the mission stands gidigba. ?

  3. celestial born says:

    Wow, this dream and its interpretation is very deep.
    Trust God to raise up ppl to revive his church
    God bless this fold

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