Is CCC Strictly For Yoruba/Egun Members? ( Check This Out Please)

May 16, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Spotlight / 3 Comments »

Celestial Church of Christ (CCC) was founded by Rev. S.B.J Oshoffa in West Africa, but according to the mission and vision of the establishment, this church is not limited to West Africa but to cleanse the world and be the last Boat of Salvation. Since it was founded, it has been dominated by the Yoruba and Egun culture (Language) and this is a known fact.

Aside the two international languages being English and French, most services are done in Yoruba and Egun languages. Even at the World and International Headquarters, Yoruba is the commonly used language for the service. Now it has become a major hindrance in making the church to penetrate into all corners of the world to achieve its mission and vision.

Like the say, communication is a key factor for Evangelism and in every serious organisation. Ninety five percent of parishes in the Southwest make use of Yoruba solely; about thirty percent mix with it with English as minor while only about four percent use English as a Major.

Some parts of Badagry in Lagos and a few areas in Ogun States use Egun language. Some parishes in Northern Nigeria and few in the middle belt also use Yoruba. Southwest especially Lagos contains virtually all tribes of Nigeria and some foreigners, yet most parishes conduct their service in Yoruba. Why should Yoruba be the major language? Be reminded that English is Nigeria’s official language.

In the western world like the U.S.A, Canada, Germany, Italy etc, some parishes make use of Yoruba! And this has been a major obstacle in penetrating into other foreigners to join the church that is divinely claimed to be the last boat of salvation to cleanse the world. With this ancient practice we cannot achieve the mission and vision of the church.

We suggest that;

*CCC should set up a department to print, record and harmonise the order of service, hymns, necessary songs, Bible lessons and other interpretations in international languages like English, French, Spanish, German, Pidgin, Hausa etc.

*We should encourage the official language of the country as primary language while the locale is secondary. E.g English should be the language in U.S.A, English should be a major or mixed with Yoruba to certain percentage depending on the parish and shepherd’s literacy level.

*There should always be interpretation to sermon and announcements etc.

*Shepherd should be encouraged on this topic and its needs. Pastor T. B joshua was not good grammatically initially but because of his church mission; Synagogue, Church of All Nations. He realises that he needed to penetrate to many nations so he studied more, gets better and now he speaks English fluently! Why can’t CCC shepherds study more and communicate to reach out to people of different tribes and Nations?

*Let our Choirs start to do major in the country’s official language.

*Let us stop having the mentality that Holy spirit can’t stay or penetrate well if not in Yoruba or Egun. Every languages are understood by God. For instance, check the parishes in South southern parts and Edo state of Nigeria, see how the holy spirit is well observed.

*CCC headquarters should start working towards establishing the church in every continents, races, major countries etc.

*In CCC revival and events, there should be interpretation of the country’s official language if the speaker is speaking a local language and vice-visa.

We hope the CCC headquarters, international, Diocese; National Headquarters can work towards achieving this goal.

This is a major issue to be taken serious in CCC. It is causing retrogression. Let us be one and start to making CCC a Global, standard and world-class church in line with its mission and vision.


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3 responses to “Is CCC Strictly For Yoruba/Egun Members? ( Check This Out Please)”

  1. oki daniel says:

    kudos to these beautiful writer, this is one of the major problem ccc worldwide, its also affect our ccc students parishes worldwide, when service is been conducted in English language the church will be so bored, no spiritual demonstration, what cause s the is that it has not practicing in our various home parishes…. These motin should be treethen from Head quarters and action to b taken on these.

  2. Shemilore Bukunmi says:

    You are right barrister Famakinwa, when the head is not even focus on development, how would they see that issue in corrective way but concentrating on how to make profit from every loophole created for them to acquire wealth. It is a pity that CCC is regarded as a cultural organisation in Europe instead of church.

  3. Superior Evangelist (Barrister) Olawole Famakinwa says:

    I have lived in the Uk for about 27 years and would agree that there is a tendency for services to be done in Yoruba. language exclusively. This has led to a mass exodus of children born in the church to other denominations.The Youth feel left out in the proceedings! however, in Rehoboth Parish, Romford Essex the service is done in English. This is due to the dynamism of Superior Evangelist Yemi Adesiyan, popularly called Pastor David.He is an educated church worker and motivational speaker. So if there is a forward looking leader changes can be made.

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