Is Deborah Oshoffa On Point with This?

November 25, 2016 / Alonge Michael / Youth Arena / 1 Comment »

Culled from Arewa Gbolasere Deborah Oshoffa’s page. I guess she is right. what do you think?

“All I am saying, Our Çelestial must be devoid of all partisan politics, no segregation because of wealth, no individual glorification but a collective team work to the glory of God and no man should play God(It is dangerous!!!) less concentration on ranks and positions.(it takes us no where) and the mission of CCC remains our priority. We must not forget d labours of our heroes past ……My passion is not borne out of self interest but because I have no other church I love this much.
Jesu funmi ni Agbara, kin le sin Ninu Ijo mimo dopin!”deborah-gbolasere

One response to “Is Deborah Oshoffa On Point with This?”

  1. yomi Newton says:

    amen , so be it , wise words for the chosen and elected.

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