Is It Constitutional To Pray Via Phone To People While On Trance?

May 14, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Flames From The Web / 12 Comments »

This caught my attention and I think the people in this shameful act should desist from making further mockery of the church by posting photos of Malaika on trance on social media platform.  The idea of prophet or prophetess going on a spiritual journey (Ori oke emi) is said to be ‘Uncelestial’, I once saw a video interview of the late founder, Pastor SBJ Oshoffa distancing the church from going on trance for 7 days, 40 days.

Though, the church right now has a lot of things to contend with; these include the alfas, the babalawo, and the C&S prophets that joined the fold and have refused to leave their former ways of doing things and embrace the new doctrine.

One of the members of the church frowned at this act, though he was seriously called out at by the people who thought there’s no big deal in a Malaika receiving calls or praying for people on phone and be uploaded on social media. In this photo which has been massively frowned at by some members of the church, some are of the opinion that, what could a prophetess on trance be doing with her phone beside her. And some unscrupulous elements will tell you, you are using your medium to spoil the name of the church. Well, anyone who sees this particular article in that light is an enemy of progress.

I have been called by a woman before who told me i should come and see her that she is on trance, so, anyone who hasn’t seen such before probably just joined the church yesterday. Gone are those days when prophets or prophetesses genuinely and divinely embark on such journeys. These days, they take injection or swallow some pills that will not make them get appetite for food or drink all in the name of going on a trance.

“Woe to them that see the true and cannot say it. We have been lost by the things of this world, and the understanding of God is now far from us. The Bible says in Hosea 4: 6 that my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge, because thou has rejected knowledge, knowledge has also rejected thee.

This is not a good practice for someone on a spiritual journey in CCC to be reviewed on facebook or make calls or pray for someone via phone device. Only people who want something out of it do this for their own selfish interest. Time is coming that the true belief and fellowship of the Lord God of Celestial Church will be reviewed, then we can all now worship with one understanding. Those are one of the things that God gave to Papa Oshoffa, to implement, but the many pastors, one fold has turned the church to be in this state of comatose and it’s really rubbing off on its image,” Prince Daniel reacted to the post on Facebook.

The question now is, is it constitutionally right to do such?

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12 responses to “Is It Constitutional To Pray Via Phone To People While On Trance?”

  1. Joan Olutola- Adebayo. says:

    @ Balogun Kenny, if we don’t want our filthiness exposed, then let us repent and desist from disobeying God. There is no need deceiving ourselves that all is well in the church. Matthew 3:8 ‘ Bring forth therefore fruits meet for repentance. Chikena!

  2. Joan Olutola- Adebayo. says:

    There are a lot of practices in the Church today that are completely alien to the Celestial culture. We need to return to the old path, an undiluted, unpolluted and uncompromised Church.

  3. Prophet T. Michael says:

    God is not to be mocked! You cannot be in trance and be receiving or making calls. It is absolutely ridiculous and that a fake trans. Even if you are in front of the prophet that is in trans there is no guarantee the maleka will give you message they do not control themselves but the Holy Spirit Does.

    Point 2. If the Spirit of God wants to mininster to you where ever you are in the world the messsge will get to you.

    Point 3. Any shepherd who allows someone in trans to be receiving or making calls is definitely not in spirit and not worthy of being s shepherd, because they are suppose to be spiritually praying and being In Spirit with the Prohetess or prophet.

    My last point is Please don’t misconstrue what the Pastor Founder said about Holy Spirit in a video interview. He himself being a prophet is completely submive to the power, direction and guidance of the Holy Spirit and that is evident in his humbleness. The first mandate given to papa is that the Celestial Church of Christ is a church inspired and directed by the Holy Spirit and that is clearly stated in our constitution, end of story. Again Papa is not the Holy Spirit.

    Just to diregress a little bit in response of not putting our dirty Laundary in public, it is worth noting that the Catholic Church hide their dirty laundary of child abuse for a long time and many life were distroyed and they paid million out but the blemish will remain on the church for ever. This has led to many reforms with the Catholic Church.

    Any evil done in darkness will be expose in the light.

    If the intent behind the Celestial Church dirty Laundary to to expose the bad apples amongst us for tarnishing the image of the church I am all for it.

    May God continue to direct Hos church in Holiness .

    Prophet T. Michael

  4. dare oyasope says:

    it not done anywhere in celestial, when a prophet or a prophetess is on a trance he our she as has ascended and now with heavenly figures,they have no idea of what is happening around them anymore ,so if a woli is receiving phone call that absolutely wrong baba oshoffa didn’t give it to us that way.i remain a celestian forever,halleluya ooooo

  5. Sup. Evan. Akinleye O. A (JP) says:

    God will safe His church.

  6. AYODEJ says:

    Balogun kenny, shut your mouth up. Where were you when all these acts were being done unchecked. I believe you are one of such people that encourages filthiness in this church. Must you allow your linen to be dirty and wear such to church? Ise ile lo ngbeni De it’s, charity begins at home. People will check themselves henceforth including your dirty linen will be wash if you refused to wash it

  7. Eni OLORUN mo says:

    @theybor u r saying trash, CCC Constitution never support trans or what so ever u cal it….. If u want to be a celestial stick to d constitutions and people should stop confusing or miss leading new members.

  8. Balogun Kenny says:

    If the aims and objective of create this webpage is to openly wash out our secret, power and dirtiness outside for the public to see. I sincerely suggest that we should have a rethink. Let us go and see others church webpage, take a survey for a month, if u are going to see anything such like this as we do to ourselves. I will want the admin of this webpage to answer this question. What’s ur gain in propagada the dirtiness of celestial church of christ to the world? What happened to severe crusade program in church, what about naming ceremony in celestial church? What happened to marriage stuff? Did your camera not interested In capture on goodnews of great church? Let me stop bcus am angry already, we wash our dirtiness and stupid act outside for the world and we are expecting them to praise us. I pray God of all grace should forgive you.

  9. Ogunrotimi Opeyemi says:

    Haleluya o is not ideal for a prophet or prophetess to be receiving calls when on trance DAT means is still around us

  10. Superior Evangelist T Bisi Odukoya says:

    I do not see anything bad in a prophet / prophetess in trance praying for someone on the phone. However, that decision is ONLY at the shepherd’s discretion or his representative, if for one reason he is not around. The phone should not be held by the prophet/prophetess but put on hands free and closer enough to him/ her.and immediately taken away from the ‘designed sporitual throne’ after such prayer.
    The issue of leaving TWO PHONES within the ‘Designed Spiritual Throne’ is WRONG

  11. theybor says:

    d caption is trash it possible, she is praying for someone on the phone on request of another party…plz be careful of negative imagination…

  12. AYODEJ says:

    Do CCC had constitution or paper? All is for food on the table, she needs maga, now mumu Dom catch am

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