Is Selling Water, Fruits, Perfumes During Harvests Still Effective?

June 6, 2022 / Oladunjoye Olakunle Olaiya / Give & Take / 1 Comment »

It has become a habitual practice to sell items like bottled water, fruits, and perfumes during any kind of harvest, be it juvenile or adult. I have watched many shepherds bragging to their members for the gullible members to believe the efficacy of the items they are buying.

To me, for the burgeoning shepherd, if you have efficacy in the items you are selling to members, then you won’t wait till you give it out to your members and let them benefit from it. It should not be the day of harvest when you would reveal how mighty God is using you.

Many of us are just wasting our resources by getting all these items because some of the so-called shepherds can never give what they don’t have. You can’t show people the way to Christ when you are blind yourself. What I see is just an annual avenue to siphon cash from its gullible members and followers.

There is nothing special in the water and the fruits you buy what is special is the inspiration of God inside the water. Many shepherds are no more in line with God. The only inspiration infused inside the water is just Satanic inspiration. Nothing more!


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One response to “Is Selling Water, Fruits, Perfumes During Harvests Still Effective?”

  1. Superior Evangelist Steve Kunle Adeyeri J.P says:

    Mr Oladunjoye, if you are asking whether the water fruits and perfume being sold during Harvest Celebrations in Celestial Church of Christ are still now effective, it means you believe that they were at a time effective.The question now is what makes it now ineffective? Is God Almighty that descends the Spiritual power that makes them effective no more in existence? I Pray to God to forgive you for your ignorance. Stop poisoning the minds of worshippers.

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