Is Sup. Evang. Ilesanmi Adigun Of Clapham Parish A Prophet? (Photos)

May 9, 2017 / Alonge Michael / On The Spot / 22 Comments »

Barely 24 hours after the issue of his suspension was lifted at Clapham Parish, London; the highly controversial but respected cleric, Sup Evang. Ilesanmi Adigun has been slammed with another accusation. They say he’s not a prophet but he’s always seen wearing full cross prophet’s dress with loin.

Hear what they said about him;

“Is he a prophet? If not, why then does he parade himself as one?

In Celestial Church of Christ, they think being a Shepherd automatically qualifies you to wear any garment you like even that of the PROPHETS? Let those that know the real doctrines of our church please answer! We have also heard of various allegations concerning him “prescribing” spiritual works for people. Where did he get his orientation to do that? As far as we know, Adigun WAS NOT, IS NOT and I’m almost 100% sure WILL NOT be a prophet!”

If the truth has to be told here, no one determines who should or should not be a prophet except God. You never can tell how God is using him even though people may be seeing another side of him but before God, he’s doing His will. Let’s be objective and not subjective in our submissions. The gift of the Holy Spirits is given to those who seek for it. “Enikeni to ba toro yi ri, agbara to ju, gbogbo agbara lo…..”

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22 responses to “Is Sup. Evang. Ilesanmi Adigun Of Clapham Parish A Prophet? (Photos)”

  1. prophet biyi Adebamowo says:

    let sanity prevail and let us call a solemn assembly that will decisively remove these plague and rot in the church in all it’s ramifications. l am using this medium to speak as a prophet in the cabinet of God since by divine calling l occupy a prophetic office in this our great church as Paul said l magnify my office l don’t want to join issues with any of ur comments but l only found obligatory to call u to order “but l say unto you,that every idle word that men speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment.

  2. N says:

    The writer presents to you a story with a question. If you don’t have an answer or a positive feedback you are not forbidden not to make a comment. Read and move along. God bless you all. Some of us concerned Celestians like this website.

  3. Evangelist Joseph Akindele. says:

    Congratulations to Adigun for having another chance to change is unGodly ways and be a good ambassador of Christ. Prophet or no prophet is not an issue here. The regalia is just a material and has nothing to do with the spirit of God that lives in you.

    I have worshipped in CCC CLAPHAM long enough to know Adigun very well. He is not new to all the allegations. Infact I can authoritatively say he can not deny most of them. After all, this is not the first or the second time that is position as the shepherd is under threat due to his malicious ways. If truth be said, most of us in UK on this platform know Adigun to be a chronic womaniser, who can also do anything for money. So it baffled me when I read comments supporting him and writing against the committee. Please search your soul. Are you for real? Adigun, God has given you another opportunity to change your ways and be a shepherd that God will be proud off. Not many people have another opportunity like you have now. Make good use of it. I pray to God to help you all the way . Amen.

    To the committee and elders, especially Odumosu and his committee, God bless you and your labour in CCCC CLAPHAM will never go in vain. I knew how and what Clapham was when I left and I can see what you have transformed it to be. The Lord will perfect everything concerning you. I can only pray for you Odumosu, that God bless you for embracing peace and for standing on the truth. I saw how you transformed the choir when you were the choir master and how you reformed the church as the Chairman. Don’t relent on your efforts and do not because of that leave celestial. I know you are disappointed but God is always on your side. Keep up the the good work.

    To the UK diocese leadership under baba Sebioba, God will pay you all back appropriately. We heard how money was exchanging hands all in the name to bring back Adigun. The elders amongst you sold thier souls to the devil and money. CLAPHAM committee brought the church to you in order for you to bring sanity to the church. Instead, the likes of baba Sebioba, otteh the secretary back stabbed this committee because of money and women power. You turned round and suggested to the pastor to dissolve the parochial committee and camouflaged as if Adigun was been transferred to Nigeria, where as, you held secret meeting with Adigun about your plans to get Odumosu and his committee out of the way for life and later you will bring back Adigun. True to your words, you brought Adigun back and manipulated the Pastor to follow your plot. But why do you have to ridicule Odumosu and his committee when you know they are saying the truth and fighting a jus cause. I pray that non of you will end like Judas iscariot.

    Bi iro ba lo ni ogun odun, ojo kan ni otito ma ba. God is not a man that he should lie. Baba Fatusin should live the position of HOD if baba Sebioba won’t let him work. It is better to be in the company of people the love and respect your authority, than be in the midst of disloyal people. I pray you go and clean up the mess you have created in CLAPHAM. To be honest CCC CLAPHAM is better staying alone than staying under a diocese that is been led by baba Sebioba who is not consistent and if I may borrow the word of Clapham matron “Corrupt “.

    Baba Sebioba even went to the extent of giving the report meant for the pastor entrusted in his care to a woman in CCC CLAPHAM Parish before even given to the pastor and before any member of the Diocese could read it. What can we call that? The entire diocese should begin to ask for God’s forgiveness before his vengeance would come upon them.

    Once again congratulations Clapham members and also to Adigun for having the second chance. So also Odumosu and his committee should learn never to trust any authority in Celestial. The likes of baba Sebioba, otter, baba Fatusin and iya Awosika should be a good lesson to them as the work thier race in celestial church of Christ

  4. Dosu 1 says:


  5. Dosu 1 says:

    we are have so many fake prophets in celestial church na .
    This is not a new thing in the church and apart Frm dat how many the prophets even see visions well again , they are just deceiving us with four corners left and right.
    Many of us dat don’t put on four corner garments even see things better than them .
    May God of Joseph Oshoffa help his church.

  6. Adesewa says:

    Baba Adigun keep doing you. When someone is loved , humble and has helped many. People will envy your work. I am sure that Before the informat was even born you had regallian. Who are people to say not a prophet! Was you there at the annoiment?
    Are you Oshoffa himself?
    Please with the love of lord Jesus stop this crazy nonsense

  7. Tosin says:

    It seems to me that you are obsessed or your informant with obsessed is Sup Evang Adigun . Get a life , your post are getting boring

  8. Omo cele ni mi says:

    Ki Olorun fun yin ni emi atunse, ijo Olorun ko le baje, eyin eni ibi marimaso ibe lo ma maa baje.

  9. The SON OF JEHOVAH in PH says:

    Hmmmmm….Brethren, please let us rest this matter ,and if at all we want to know the truth I think ketu is opened for anyone that wants to know if sup. Adigun is a prophet or not…please , we don’t have to fight and insult ourselves on this please…thank you and God bless…

  10. Blessing Marcus says:

    These article articles are ridiculous I’m happy to hear ther is peace in that church. But like many people have stated the articles on this story are very one sided and blatantly biased. Even if it this odumosu guy is not behind this, it does look like his people are behind this. The contents of the story and the comments seem like this is all part of a plot to tarnish this Adigun man. I was him I would sue these people for defamation of character. Anyways I hope there is peace now.

  11. Prophet ABenjamin says:

    In as much as I don’t enjoy this stories going on about celestial in general, Clapham parish, the shepherd Adigun. I must confirm to you that Sup Odumosu is a Prophet of God who got his announcement along side myself and 12/ 13 others from CCC Odogbolu parish 2 in the year 1990. CCC odogbolu Parish is a popular church you can confirm that. He became more of an Evangelist late 90s and around 2004.

    This is just to clarify the air. Mist of his seniors then is immediate seniors and also colleagues like prophet Aseribigbe, woli Rufus are now shepherd respectively. But I don’t think Sup is interested. He is more in the style of Pentecostal Evangelism which I don’t will work in celestial at the moment. A prophet will continue to be a prophet regardless if he brings out or not regularly. If the prophet is steadfast, God will continue to show him vision and he will continue to make declaration.

    People should please commenting on this page regarding Sup Adigun , Sup Odumosu and the church, else you will continue to expose so many about personality and church.

    I am going to send messages to Sup Adigun and Odumosu to make a joint statement on this platform in order to clear the air about this issue going about. So that people will know that there is peace in the church.

  12. Favour Ileri says:

    May God forgive all of you for mentioning Sup Odumosu’ s name in this posting and Saga. Don’t you know that this online platform is just using you to sell themselves. Sup Odumosu embraced peace last week Sunday and from all indications he has moved on with his life.

    For Christ sake why do you keep dragging him to all publications about Sup Adigun. Don’t you realise Sup Adigun has enemies all around who could be using this platform to show their anger.

    Sup Odumosu was still in the Church on Sunday when the news and picture of the peace talk that was ongoing was posted on this same site. Was Sup Odumosu that was still there in the church praying with the aggrieved parties the one that posted it? You need to be careful of what you say. The more you comments on the post, the more this site makes money and the more unimaginable things come out.

    We all know Sup Odumosu to be a true prophet and well endowed Evangelist of the word of God. He does not need to pick you out and give you message before you can believe he is one. A true prophet is a man that speaks and that thing comes to past.

    I beg you to leave Sup Adigun alone to perform his work in peace without distraction. So also the publisher of this online publications should stop publishing news about this church, Sup Adigun , Sup Odumosu and thier clicks before things get out of hands.

    Both parties are working together now and I think we should give them our support and the chance to make it work.

    I beg you in God’s name enough of this publications for peace to reign.

    God bless you

  13. Josephine Balley says:

    This is a challenge to you CNO, we awaits your confidence in posting Odumosu pics on this platform as to signify that you are neutral in your write up. We don’t expect more post on this man called Adigun, we are expecting Other people’s pictures who aren’t prophet, Tess in Clapham, I can see a woman with Adigun, is she not a prophetess too? Even Enahoro by name. Otherwise, kindly stand the pics down and use Adigun pics alone, otherwise, I will count that prophetess as Birds of same feather.

  14. Michael Obafemi says:

    I don’t know anyone in these stories you are posting but I have been reading and to be fair you stories are very biased towards this Adigun man.

    I have noticed a pattern of negative stories on him and I have also assessed that you have never posted a picture of his rivals???? Hmmmm very strange

    I am a qualified journalist at the university of Arts London me I can tell you that as a professional you articles are extremely one sided. I will no longer be following your posts as you are clearly an armature writer with no clear angles to your story lines. I agree with the earlier comments that you may possibly be a friend of this mans Rival. There your stories cannot be relied upon and should be dismissed.

    You could never be a qualified journalist in the UK, in fact you could be sued. Stay writing in Africa that’s where you belong. And anyone believing your stories are clealry fools.

    I will be showing my colleagues your article, it will be a great lough during our lunc breaks ???

    • Oluseyi says:

      God bless you, i thought i was the only one that took note of that, i’m a graduate of Mass comm (15 yrs) and i told a friend of mine that most of this stories do not qualify to be brought out. they are mostly baseless and one sided, May God help us in this great church.

    • N says:

      I see you don’t like to hear the truth. For a professional that you claim to be, you can’t even spell correctly.

    • N says:

      So in the UK , you can sue a church member for writing about what happens in his or her church? WOW ! How about let your colleagues critic your spellings and grammar. Leave church matters alone if you can’t be truthful. This website is for letting CCC members know what goes on in the churches worldwide and that’s all it does, brings us the news.

  15. John Adewole says:

    Ummmmm excuse me!

    I have also attended Clapham and there are people such as odumosu who also wears a prophet garment and has never given a message in the 8 years he has been in Clapham…he has never prophesied, many people can bare witness to that. Why don’t you find a picture of odumosu and post him on your website. Why Is it just this man you are posting.
    If you are not biased post a Picture of odumosu and his fake woli garment that he wears, who anointed him please.

  16. Tobi balogun says:

    Why do you keep posting negative stories about this man. Are you sure that you too are no among those that hate this man. Nobody knows anyone’s calling. you should take down this post because it is wrong on so many levels.

    I am confident that Odumosu and his gangs are behind every negative post on this website about this kind innocent Man! You should be careful about what you pay yourself Celestialnewsonline because you are committing a sin yourself. What are your morals, ethics and cod of conduct. Stop posting any nonsense that you receive about people because anyone can send you any false information. All the negative stories and comments on this page are from odumosu and his gang and you are falling for it.

    I am crying as I am writing this because this gentle man is so kind and has been victimised by a group who want to talk Total control of Adiguns hard work at Clapham

    For once post a positive story because you are coming across as a supporter of Adiguns enemy

  17. Celestial Born says:

    It’s really a shame the office and garments of Prophets/tesses has been greatly damaged over the years. Seeing that Prophecy is a great pilar of our church and the high level of spirituality of our church is second to none, more should be done to amend and keep the pedigree of Gods Devine gift to our church at the highest levels.

    Every church has its own tenants, doctrines and practices so Either you are children of the pastor founder or your a shepherd, our church has protocols regarding the office of the Prophets/tesses which if one is a shepherd MUST strive to uphold as sworn custodians not join the MULTITUDE to destroy.

    It is true that “The Lord His messengers he will choose, Within this holy fold”
    (“Oluwa yio yan ojise Re, Sinu ‘jo Mimo yi”) CCC Hymn 331 but the point is that one cannot just declare themselves, as that is not the usual practice in our church but nowadays it is.

    I don’t know Evang Adigun Personally but if he is not a Prophet he should abstain from wearing such a garment because if one of his parishioners just starts to wear such a garment how can he correct him/her. It’s a must that he LEADS BY EXAMPLE. The same goes for all the children of our Pastor Founder SBJ who are doing the opposite of what their father laid down as ethics of our church.

    All in all If we are not careful this wonderful grace (Luli) As Apostle Paul said in Romans 6:1 may fade away and become extinct!

    “Baba se mi lalatunse
    ma ma nje ba Ijo re je o
    Baba se mi lalatunse
    ma ma nje ba Orun mi je
    Baba se mi lalatunse

  18. Passing By says:

    I concur with you Titi

  19. Titi says:

    I have seen our leaders and even the founders daughters all wears prophtes full robe and they are not prophetess , you people you dont see them I guess you are scared to talk to them in celestial if you have money or you are in the good book of your Shepard’s he gives your rank of prophet or prophetess not even ketu can question it because ketu has eaten a lots of dodo they can’t speak ododo.

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