Is This For Real? Do You Belong To This Set Of Celestial Church Members?

November 30, 2016 / Alonge Michael / Saints & Sinners / 4 Comments »

This was culled from a timeline of one of my Celestial brothers on Facebook. It’s really something all of us must take cognisance of.

“Welcome to C. C. C. A church called the last Ark of Salvation but presently the Ark of Destruction.

Surprised? Yes, you should be. The question in your mind is that is this another Pentecostal individual trying to criticize Celestians? No. I am a true born Celestian.

Aim of a church is to win souls take it or leave it. Only a church worthy of Celebration of it anniversary and harvest is a church that can boldly say through their activities and behavior for a year, they have won souls. But it is written that “by their seeds you shall know them”. If you have a church’s anniversary pamphlet, go and check it out, is there any program like evangelism or soul winning event? Out of 100% this year’s anniversary, maybe 5% would state an evangelism program. That’s how you know a true Ark of Salvation. We are now shadowed by the things of the world. Why am I writing this? Celestial Church needs revival. I’m not talking about few hours’ prayer revival but the Holy Spirit interventional revival.

I saw something today 22nd of Nov 2016 and I shook my head, what did I see? It was a church anniversary and their harvest week program and one of the guest artistes invited is Taye Currency (a well-known fuji artiste) and other secular music artistes, just call your church a club house and it will be noted. What is he coming to sing? Please tell me. It is not Celestial Church but now Terestial Church.

I couldn’t defend my church, why? Because, I was listening to radio station with some Pentecostal members and a well-known Shepherd was on air (a well-known radio station in Ibadan city) weeks ago; and it was obviously difficult for him to preach; I can recall a statement he made, “I can’t heal a mad man, but I can do spiritual (blessings) works for him”. Please what is the primary aim of a Christian? To win souls. But what is the man preaching? Spiritual works that is what he is preaching. What does a mad man needs spiritual work for?

I went to a Celestial church and my companion asked me why I didn’t take my Bible and jotter. I answered and said you will know soon. I only took my small notepad and a pen. We got to the church and I penned down the lessons. During the sermon time, it was just story time for us all. We left the church and I asked my companion has her question being answered and she said yes. The teaching, preaching, training is no more done on the pulpit but to listen to stories. The truth is gone.

Still in Celestial church have I seen that an elder was to take the sermon only to say this statement that “I didn’t know I am to preach, I would carried my Bible” meaning what? Ark of Salvation is long gone.

It is in Celestial Church that a Most Superior Evangelist cannot differentiate between Holy Spirit and Gifts of Holy Spirit. A superior Evangelist or elder that cannot preach the word let alone teach the word.

The trait of marrying wives is now a common thing. Evangelical ministries are now a sheer show of gifts of the Spirit.

I can recall vividly, an Evangelism outreach CCCS Plautech went for this year in a village in Oyo town, it was after a day of our presence, the people started putting on their Garments (Sutanna). I can remember the statements most of the people uttered “so Celestians can preach, we think all they know is spiritual work”. Lives are in bondages, they want to be free but is it this same so called Ark of Salvation that has gone astray that want to save people? The blind cannot lead the blind.

The truth is bitter but it will set you free. The 4 reasons for Celestial division: Covetousness for money… Covetousness for Post… Fornication/Adultery… And the real source Lack of Holy Spirit.

Celestial Church of Christ needs *Revival!!!*

I am a *true Celestian.* Celestial Church’s change from Destruction to Salvation is in our hands.”celestial-white-women

4 responses to “Is This For Real? Do You Belong To This Set Of Celestial Church Members?”

  1. David Olufowora - Berlin Germany. says:

    Celestial Church of Christ is still a boat of Salvation. It is some of the members that got or get derailed. Song: F’eni to ba gbagbo to si gboran, Yio ri iye ni’jo mimo. The Indiscipline the Leaders encouraged lead many members astray.

  2. Eyelade Elizabeth says:

    Good write up the lord will minister to all our leaders.

  3. Akintunde Oluyomi says:

    True Words…
    This are my concerns too. So when’s to blame when the youths reach out to other churches just to LEARN the word of God, or how do we defend these unholy trends in the church?.
    … Matthew 5:16, Let your light shine…
    It begins with you and I.

  4. Mother in Celestial says:

    On point may God off Celestial open the eyes of our leaders, wake them from their slumber nd fill them with Holy Spirit .The youth are coming up now ,with evangelism, soul winning ,may God of Pastor founder Bilewu Oshoffa see them thru .Celestial is d last boat of Salvation nd would remain. Only d bad once would not be raptured on the last day. I pray that God should change the heart of our prosperity nd miracle leaders from leading folks astray, their call is to preach the words of salvation nd to win souls.All Celestial leaders please do it right.

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