Is This Woman Really Sleeping By The Altar? (Photo)

February 6, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Saints & Sinners / 6 Comments »

Cele Woman PepeThere is a trending picture of a Celestial Church woman who is said to have dared the spirit of God and the tenet of CCC by sleeping by the altar.

Closely looking at the photo, you will agree with me that this is not an altar, it looks like a Sunday School or a place where Sunday school stuffs are being kept.

There is absolutely no offence committed here, it’s obvious Celestial Church altar will not have junks like this. No error committed at all, those who think she has defiled the order of the church should keep their mouths shut!

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6 responses to “Is This Woman Really Sleeping By The Altar? (Photo)”

  1. Enikanosaye I.M.O says:

    This is glaring that it is not inside a church. Consider the corner at which the altar is raised and not evenly placed as an erected Altar for any service of sort… Irrespective of irregularities, CCC will not dare enter the Altar arena, I trust them for that.

  2. gbemisola says:

    But why are people always attacking celestials why! why!! why!!! this is not an altar now shey they even born the woman well to step inside the altar barricade not to even talk of sleeping, we celestial youths need to find a solution to this “bad mouthing” of people o. #omoijomimo4life, bi mo ba tu aiye wa ijo mimo ni.

  3. Kunleee onward says:

    This is not Celestial Alter pls

  4. oki daniel says:

    she is not inside the church. she is inside her house

  5. John Bada. says:

    Does she knees down to pray that candle and and cross before her to the God of celestial as a celestian if the answer is in affirmative then she is in front of a alter. An alter is a sacred object designed and dedicated for and to God for prayers or worship.I believe that woman is in sutana and covering her self with the power cloth -Aso Agbara. She does know what she is doing but a very wrong and dangerous thing. The only thing absent there is the alter cloth- Aso pepe which I suspect is what she is sleeping on. We should be aware that a lot of untoward things are going on in the church and we need to be more critical about what goes on around us in the church so as to preserve the legacies and sanctity of the church.My observation is that we become carefree about so many important things about the church and criminals in our midst are taking advantage of them this is one out of many of them. May be with his church in Jesus name.

  6. Olusheyi Coker says:

    This is not celestial alter pls stop saying rubbish

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