Other Issues Relating To The Resolution Of Clapham Parish’s Saga

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Sup. Evang. Adigun

Probably a female member of the church who was displeased with the way things are with the parish, Clapham Parish has shared her opinion on the comment channel. Favour Ileri, the name she displays, talks about the good virtues of Niyi Odumosu and others.

“I sat down in CCC CLAPHAM PARISH service yesterday and I watched how our so called leaders were unable to say the truth because of reasons best known to them.

I don’t know Sup Niyi Odumosu from Adam, the chairman of the church but I have heard a lot about his passion for God’s work from a member who used to be a choir of that same church when Sup Odumosu was the choir master. He is a strict and discipline man to the core and used that act of his to transform the choir and brought discipline to the choir according to what I was told.

He became the chairman of the church afterwards and he practically wanted to bring that discipline into the church but the corrupt and wayward members of the church, along with the shepherd resisted it. Although sometimes the way Sup Odumosu talks sounded like as if the church is a military base, which obviously it is not. And whenever he is angry, it is difficult to calm him down, that is one of his weaknesses.

When Sup Odumosu took over as the church chairman, as at the time the church was in a big mess financially with no money in the church account. The account was drained to red, with lots of outstanding balance on the church rent/ mortgage and other bills ranging from electricity, gas and many more. At least I was privy to this situation.

Within 2 years as I can remember, sup Odumosu and his parochial committee made sure all the debt were cleared and he corrected all the church abnormalities financially and otherwise. I was so glad when he announced to the church that the mortgage full payment has been made. The church was renovated, the entire church roof was removed and replaced with a brand new one, new musical instruments for the choir, new media gadgets, new starlit for the elderly, new double glazing windows for the church and many other things that the church initially lacked. And above all, leaving huge sum of money in church account that was in red when he took over as the chairman. I remember about two weeks ago when he was given sermon and he said even if no one contributes in the church for the next two years, he has left enough money in the church account to keep the church going. Even if no one recognises this man’s effort, God does and I also do. I looked at him in the service yesterday as he looked up to heaven as these Babas were talking down on him. I couldn’t go to him but I could only pray for him. But I love the way the Church matron stood for him and one other woman that I can’t remember her name. And they talked down on all the Babas, and seeing that, all other supporters joined and the church was turned into a mess.

In my opinion I think Sup Odumosu should have left the church after completing these outstanding projects he executed, but he stood behind to also try to correct the moral image of the church, and that was the Genesis of his fracas with Sup Adigun and his die-hard fornicators and supporters.

It was not easy. Every time I come to the church, I look at Sup Odumosu and within me I pray for him. Sup Adigun and the group plotted so many times to dent his image but God was always on his side. In the service yesterday I watched how the secretary to the diocese Sup Otteh (who was one time accused of stealing church money from CCC Elephant and Castle when he was the treasurer) was talking from the back of his mouth, trying to talk down Sup Odumosu. They all know the truth but all decided to intimidate Sup Odumosu and his group because they threatened to take the matter to court.

Sup Odumosu is a man they all are supposed to embrace and recommend him to the pastor for an award for bringing Clapham out of dungeon. Even though sometimes the way he talks sounds ash and dictating, but he is a human being carried away with passion to deliver. He deserves to be celebrated.

As I type this message I am also leaving CCC CLAPHAM for good. I will also advise Sup Odumosu to do the same as I don’t see Sup Adigun as a shepherd that’s ready to change.

Sup Odumosu should just leave the church for them for the sake of his life and family. He should understand that is job is done in CCC Clapham and it’s time to move on into greater and better assignment that God has for him.

I pray to God to uphold him and protect him. I pray to God to continue to be with CCC CLAPHAM, so that the labour of the founder Baba Oke will not go down in vain. I also pray to God to forgive Sup Adigun of all his sins and make him a Godly shepherd worthy of emulation.

Good bye!”

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2 responses to “Other Issues Relating To The Resolution Of Clapham Parish’s Saga”

  1. Favour Ileri says:

    In response to your comment Agbara, in as much as I don’t want to go into the past again about CCC CLAPHAM, I think it is necessary to clarify something from the statement you made regarding the building insurance money. When Sup Odumosu assumed office in 2011, part of what he collected from sup Adigun were blank cheque books already signed down by two of the previous church signatories, including Sup Adigun himself to make 3 signatories . So Sup Adigun already had blank and signed cheque book for him to withdraw the insurance money from the church account. Don’t forget Sup Adigun was fully controlling the church account before Odumosu took over as the chairman. Let us fear God and say the truth regardless of your affiliations. At least Sup Odumosu brought the cheque book for everyone to see in the first meeting in which baba Sebioba and all other other elders saw and publicly condemned Sup Adigun for the act. That was how the Sup Adigun was able to embezzle the church money before Sup Odumosu came unboard. Cheque books and statements of account can’t lie, Sup Odumosu showed us all these.

    The building insurance was just dictected sometimes 2015, when it was time for the committee to renew church building insurance. The insurance company gave the church an unbelievable and ridiculous quote ( mind you the church has been using this insurance company for over 20years according to the information given to the church ). It was then they realised the quote went up because of the claims previously made on the building.

    All this atrocities were committed before 2011 and these attrocities amongs others drain the church account. Not even a penny was left in the church account when Sup Odumosu took over as the chairman. At least I am a church and Sup Odumosu showed us the church account balance when he took over. The church was in red with bounced cheques .The previous committee chairman, the treasurer and the financial secretary trusted the shepherd and allowed him to have a free ride and ran the church like a family property to the extent of handing over to him a full and fully signed blank cheque book( we all saw it when Sup Odumosu showed us ).

    Look at the church now, look at what Odumosu and his committee have transform it to. The church can now boost of thousands of pounds in the account and all debt inhereted by Odumosu cleared before Odumosu left office.

    Like I said earlier, I am not saying Sup Adigun is not a good man on his own but in fairness to God the allegations levelled against Sup Adigun regarding embezzlement of church fund were facts. CNO should ask Odumosu to also show them these signed blank cheque book he collected from the shepherd and the report of the auditors which he initially planned to submit to the court before the dispute was resolved.

    To call a spade I can bet my life on the sincerity of Sup Eretusin and Sup Verissimo who both were the church treasurer and financial secretary that both worked with odumosu. Everyone in UK can testify to fact that they are both trust worthy when it comes to the matter of the church and funds. One of them is the bible class teacher and with a well paid job with the London transport and the other is the church founder inlaw also with a well paid job with London royal mail. These are God fearing and trust worthy people that manahe’d the affairs of the church alongside Sup Odumosu to achieve the transformation the church is experiencing now. These are the people that detected the atrocities committed in the past.

    Like I said earlier, all that is in the past now but I just don’t want people telling lies against people who we know have done nothing but to bring transformation back to the church.

    I don’t intend to continue on this issue but as long as people loyal to Sup Adigun keep coming up with lies about this noble men, then I won’t stop revealing more facts. I have been in that church long enough to be able to say facts about Sup Adigun and Sup Odumosu leaderships.


  2. Agbara says:

    Your blog is biased well are you after the shepherd bad image and everything negative against him you re-post please I just been reading all your post I decide not to comment because I don’t want to promote anything negative, firstly I’m a member in the church not and outsider, my first son christening was in clampham about 12 years ago this shepherd been talk about is s very humble man I remember when we was struggling no money to eat and to even made it to church, the shepherd was there to help with money and advise even to the point help us to look for a job so in time of need I can tell you that Olosho adigun helps us and I can tell he help a lot of people can testify to it that. I’m not here to blame anybody But I most say that a group of four members and a lady named mama Ali this people are in a group and they runs things, when they say the shepherd embezzled money please let us use our God giving brain how that happen when the name under the insurance company is called Clapham parish not adigun so the claim doesn’t valid and I believe niyi the so-called doing God works need to be investigated and to you the blogger please don’t just post people information ask for evidence because I could come here with a false stories to slander the person I know people like Gossip but if you your doing this under God name or to glorify celestial church of Christ please ask for evidence of the stories and if your in a country like Uk where they takes things like this seriously you will be sue long time ago TBH please Ask evidence but I will tell you NIYI, VERESIMO, ERETOSIN AND BETRAYAL ROTIMI PLEASE WE NEED PEACE IN CLAMPHAM SO WE THANKS GOD SO I’M NOT SUPPORTING ADIGUN CAUSE HES A HUMAN BEING HE

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