Jerimo Yamah: Song Of Angels

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angelJERIH MOH YAMAH (CCC hymn1)is a processional hymn for Sunday services. It is a song that must be sang with respect and with due reverence , most often we clap the two hands forward then move in gently after the service Conductor.

The particular song is always accompanied with a Keyboard sound or the Piano, but it’s so funny how some parishes sing the song as if they are playing Juju music by playing Talking Drums and other musical instruments to accompany it and you see people wriggling and banging their heads with it..

I hope this is corrected by the Shepherds in our various parishes but the most concerned person is the Choir coordinator/master who leads the songs.

The Choirmaster should note this too that the processional hymn or hymnal song is not a high life song but a song that needs to be sang with orderliness and calmness….

Our worship should be in Holiness just as our Garment is White.

-Liz Ebony Angel

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