Jorotom Asks Court To Freeze All Celestial Church Accounts…See Reason

April 23, 2017 / Alonge Michael / On The Spot / 25 Comments »


So many people have called him names like traitor, bird of a feather etc but after reading this article, you will be surprised why Sup. Evang. Rotimi J. Omotosho popularly calle Jorotom is at war with the authority at Ketu.

When the government of the land asked all religious/charity organisations to reregister their name with various financial institutions they operate with and get clearance from SPECIAL CONTROL UNIT AGAINST MONEY LAUNDERING under EFCC before operating their accounts, Celestial Church of Christ, registered in Nigeria under charity organization was not exempted from that excise.

Nobody, not even the secretary of the church or Baba Banjo was ready to sign for the church because of implication involved except Baba Jorotom. The reason, you can ask them when you see them.

Having said that, Celestial Church of Christ home and abroad should note that, before this issue cropped up, CCC was never registered anywhere, no single record of Celestial Church of Christ at the CAC until Jorotom went into action and made every document available to be able to reregister the church and gave power to Rev Mobiyina Emmanuel Oshoffa as Chairman BOT, this of course, might have been one of the reasons Rev. Mobiyina Oshoffa was alleged to have declared to the Police who went to question him over an alleged misappropriation of church money at Imeko that Constitution empowers him as sole administrator. Se oro niyen!

Be that as it may, dear Celestial Church members, are you all saying someone who signed on behalf of the church over any financial misappropriation has no right to query you how you go about spending the money? This is why EFCC recognizes no one at their base except Jorotom and it’s what he has pointed out that the agencies will look into.

Without much ado, Jorotom has asked the court to freeze all account of the church pending the time the issues are resolved and the appropriate people are in place with a proper structure that will enhance the smooth running of the church.

Hear Jorotom’s submission, “There must be proper accountability and handing over to any incoming committees. No letters to account rendering and no sack letter forwarded to me, if they have such letter, they should bring it forward and see when and who received it. By the grace of God today, I am still having Federation Honour, OON… Officer of the Order of the Niger. Things must be done properly. They claimed that it was people under me that embezzled money, but in their summon letter to court, they claimed I embezzle #172 million while the account generated till date is #180 million.

The problem I have with these people is that I refused to allow that office be used for fraudulent acts and embezzlement. I am the only person that stood for all Celestial Church when other members of trustees refused to sign for Special Control Unit against Money Laundering. Certificate is released and the form I signed using my passport photograph (see Bromide). Do you now expect my name to be rubbished? See the anti-money laundering forms I signed below and certificate obtained. I came out openly to diffuse and refute their fast-playing game of deceit after their purported illegal sack claim and allegation to protect my integrity and reveal many hidden facts.

I was in Ketu office with one of the trustees named prof. Akinterinwa with some security operatives due to report of Burglary into Account office that Millions were stolen from there. Video and pictures are available if you want to see them. Why are these monies not taken to the bank before closing of work? This is one of the questions you should ask them please!. Aftermath of that report of theft, I swung into action, unannounced and stopped them from receiving cash without using van to take them to Bank.

No money had been going into CCC account through these means. The accountant’s claim was that Order from above asked them not to be taking money to the Bank because they might need cash anytime. To my greatest surprise, having laid and paying them off, the office was locked and they later reinstated them for continuous usual business of siphoning CCC monies forgetting that my name, as signed under money laundering act is at stake.

Pastor EMF Oshoffa was issued appointment letter by these four people, Late Adefeso, Late Ogunlesi, Baba Banjo and Baba Osin under Emi So Wipe… If there could be letter of such, then they must also write me officially asking me to render account of stewardship and then handover officially, not playing cover up games because I kicked against their acts of continuous siphoning of CCC money.

Since they took me to court claiming I or sub committees embezzled money I also have sued them asking for injunction to FREEZE CCC Ketu account and other orders until there is proper accountability and transparency with many supposed structures in every decent organisation  put in place. I am not struggling for pastor or any position. Watch my full video speech and let not any Celestians be deceived henceforth.”

25 responses to “Jorotom Asks Court To Freeze All Celestial Church Accounts…See Reason”

  1. Alabi says:

    May the God who shamed Jorotom shame the Jorotoms of your life IJN. Amen.

  2. Benjamin oluwafemi ogbebulu says:

    The jorotom I know is a man of integrity, a man of honour , philantropist and a progressive celestian . I have been a celestian for more than 30 years but saddened with the corruption than has become endemic within the church . Today, in celestial church of Christ, oye has become the salvation of people rather than preaching christ, fornication and adultery have become the order of the day ,no modern structure , the fear of God is has become non existence and this and many more ungodly activities have driven people away from the church to other Pentecostal churches . Enough is enough , celestial church of Christ must be structured to take cognisance of the fact orderliness must be restored, the gospel of Christ ( salvation )be preached, the love of God, not money, must be the cornerstone of the church . I will suggest that the church should scrap oye and make members to wear just ordinary brothers and sisters sutana. Oye will not take any one to heaven . To remind us that song: To ju ise re ijo mimo, Lori oke ipetele, oju mi wo ise yin loke orun . Jorotom may not be perfect, but he means well for celestial church of christ. He has done well for celestial church of Christ and should not be made a scape goat for all the atrocities within the church . May the good Lord sanitise celestial church of Christ for his glory. Benjamin oluwafemi Ogbebulu ( United Kingdom

  3. Ayodele Oyewole Adabale says:

    Jorotom,God may use you to reorganize and sanitize CCC but you need to rest all your faith in God. But it seems you want to look back by reconciling with those that are the real problem of this church as regards growth and advancement. In a way of withdrawing the case from court.But what ever you do now will surely determine your heaven.God is behind you, and the progressive minded celestians are behind you too.i will need to have one on one conversation with you sir.I’m representing SBJ Oshoffa at Ayooluwa Parish Atlanta USA. This is my phone number me and drop me a message with your phone number I will surely call you back sir.Our file is in ketu, and we always pay our pastoral due directly to ketu. You could verify this statement sir. We are your supporters too.Thanks

  4. Jacob Popoola. says:

    Accountability! Accountability!! Accountability!!!

    If I understand what the current feud is about, this issue is accountability and not building.

    Why are we serving God in endless confusion and unrest? I believe we can setup a neutral body to reorganize the administration internationally. The church problems are not limited to fiscal records only but other areas of interest too.

    The pastor needs space to focus on the heavy weight of the cross all over the world. Thanks.

  5. Jacob says:

    Defend should be ashamed of him or herself covering up evil acts. What stops Ketu from releasing a facts and documents to disclaim all Jorotom said in the video? Get yourself something else to do and leave this forum for responsible people to comment. They have found you non guilty of any crime. Where did that judgement of absolving Ketu took place? At Milverton police, Alagbon, or court of Law? You are all a disgrace to ccc By twisting information known to ccc

  6. sup snr Evang lamidi. says:

    it will be wise for me and few others to speak to Jorotom to calm down. arrangement is ongoing to talk to Jorotom and then we make other needful arrangements.

    Jorotomi is very close to me and others

  7. Woli-Kay says:

    All what I wanted to tell u Sir Is Dat U Are Fighting For God Of Celestial Rigth Not Any Body Rigth So Don’t Relent On What God Send U.But All What I Kno Is Dat One Day Everybody Will Account For Everytin He/She Did On Dis Hearth.Bless U Sir. Celestial Son Masiselo Masewa Isimin Mafurugbin Olukorenbo Oju Oluwa Miowo Isere Awon Angeli Mimo Nkowon Ibasere Tabi Ibi Ere Ise Re Niwo Yio Gba

  8. dlegend says:

    “Nobody, not even the secretary of the church or Baba Banjo was ready to sign for the church because of implication involved except Baba Jorotom. The reason, you can ask them when you see them.”

    I wish to ask the writer, as a journalist, did you bother to find out the circumstance which made others indisposed to sign? You are supposed to have done your investigation, why then ask us to ‘ask them’ when it was you that brought the issue to the world? Are we the journalists?

    Your write ups are just personal opinion and not objective representation which is a slap to Nigerian journalists. Ever wondered why credible news outlets aren’t referencing your articles despite the fact they do share articles and stories? They can read in-between the lines.

    I conclude, you have a thing against ketu reason you nail them without giving a fair hearing.

  9. dlegend says:

    Going through this, some questions came to mind:
    1. I have mostly seen Jerotom said this, Jerotom said that but I haven’t seen where an official or one of the accused has been reached to hear his own side of the story, hence how can this article prove its non-biased reporting?

    2. Since when is it christian-like to judge others based on one sided report?
    In as much as I would like to believe this article, the simple fact that a focal act in journalism has been trampled upon makes this article unbalanced and an undependable one.

    3. What if Jerotom is misrepresenting facts? Eg. The Ketu closure was a 2015 thing with Jerotom and other BoT in agreement, reason Prof. Akinterinwa was with him while Pius was indisposed that day. Now the question is, why bring up a 2015 thing to buttress an allegation against the BoT knowing fully well that they aren’t part of the ketu office finance actively during that period as been promoted now. I conclude, these allegations are to generate sympathy from Celestians but I know only gullible ones wouldn’t ask questions.

    4. As the writer has been presenting himself to fight a good course, I would ask, as a celestian, do you feel it is appropriate or a good course to make money out of the church’s chaos, if you are not after money, then in what way have you added to the positive image of the church when you lack total disregard for the image of the church. You know quite well that negative information travels faster, hence you feed on it without recourse to share the information with appropriate authorities for correction rather you share online so you can gain more visitors. What is the position of the accused in your articles, do you know what is called investigative journalism and objective reporting?

  10. Tripleprince for Jesus says:

    Yes, may be it s time for CCC to be reformed. Baba Jesse tried, he was eliminated, the Unification and Reform Group tried, they were labelled and haunted. Those who are building a Cathedral for 30 years plus knows what they are gaining? If you have a structure you will disorganize them, if you build schools you will be promoting the church and not their family names, if you build hospitals you are against their fetish powers, if you make them accountable you will be kicking against a blind man living in a glass house which he dosen t know the colour. Well they want to celebrate 70 years of Cele, what a mokery. Let the accountability begin today. tell them they can have impress for their day to day spendings. Let all Shepperds pay all return to Church account and give tellers to the authorities, let s set up meaningful committees for reformation and turnaround. God help us.


    Hmmmmm it pains me wholeheartedly the way and manner with which our elders behalf when it comes to momentary issues. Well the only prayer is that may the God of SBJ rescue the church from the hands of the callous,dubious, fraudulent and heartless souls.

  12. Abiola Johnson says:

    Thank God for taking control, gbogbo wa ni yo duro niwaju Oluwa atewe ati agba la o jiyin ise wa……..

  13. sup evang ajayi says:

    why now that mr jerotme has been sack that is crying?
    is he not people should allow the spirit of god to reign in celestial.a lot is happening in other denomination they don’t go to court or posting rubbish on social media even the youth post on social media rubbish about celestial.gbogbo was no yio duro niwaju oluwa atewe ati agba s o si Roja is going on on Imeko cathedral now he want to freeze the account just to stop the work. CCC worldwide will celebrate 70th anniversary inside the cathedral as planned jerotome and his sponsorer must not stop the work.

  14. sup evang ajayi says:

    is jerotome not involved
    why now that he has been sacked? work is going on on Imeko cathedral the work must stop.god is worshing gbogbo was no yio duro niwaju oluwa.

  15. Adeodun .o.s says:

    Baba jorotom we the youth of ccc have full surport for you go on we surport you sir thanks go on carry on baba ma ba se e lo send them away baba go on

  16. Adeodun .o.s says:


  17. Adeodun .o.s says:

    Sup jorotom baba i say weldone ,God of celestial will strentghning you in the mighty name of jesus they are thiefs cultist they no what they are doing if god want pastor mobiyina to control ccc thus that mean that they should be sighfund the money owo oniru owo alata owo oniyo, you people sit down there and be embezle the money that is why they can not make any meaning report look at how many years they have spend on imeko catedra, look at kilometa 35 at lagos ibadan exp way what have they be doing to that look at the up keeping of sherpherd no salary nothing nothing if you have a land no just common assistant to build a small church,what are they use they money that the celestial church is make for i mean the hole ccc world wide hauu they are thiefs freeze the account jare baba jorotom look at them with big big cars build mansion look at tosho house at magodo which work is he doing they have turne ccc to there private company plc god will judge you all , no common token for a sherpherd that will work tireless for the smoothrunning of a church that is why we heard all sort of atrucity in oluso agutan of celestial today because they done have organisation they done even no how many sherpherd ccc is having today go to redeem church they no how many church they have in lagos ibadan in all nigeria in abroad they no how many church they have ,they surpport there new planting church in any where you want to plant a church they will give them money to establish a parish they pay there full time pastor salary why is ccc can not copy from them how many orditorium have redeem build after celestial can not build a just common all for galilee for the ccc member what a shame is a big slap on all the member of ccc that is why we always lost our ccc members to the redeem because we are lack of focus our elders are been selfish they are thiefs the time have come now we can endeaour it again let them go and stay at home now let another person do the work now baba jorotom god has bless you i no you are fighting for we masses is not because of you or ur children you are ok god bless you more sa this is what lead some elders in ccc to winners and you did not do like that i thank you god bless you sir god bless ccc world wide ijo mimo ko ni baje oo amin oju oluwa nwo wa ooo do good you will have your reward thanks sir

  18. Comrade Olu David says:

    Sup Jorotom,weldone sir for the exposure
    Carry on sir. You have all the right to fight because your integrity is at stake here.
    We will represent you and the church, i will be in the court, if i have your number Sup Jorotom
    We will fight against this fraudsters and GOD of S.B.J OSHOFFA will strengthen you sir
    We need to talk.

  19. comr.(bro) Allen says:

    hmmmn,may God help our church CCC,
    this is total rubbish, Sup Jorotom,weldone sir for the exposure.
    we don’t have leaders in CCC ,as a matter of fact,I’m not sorry to say,our present leaders are fool ,arrant illiterate,some of them are educated illiterate.
    it been long that I’ve been thinking of all matters concerning this church because ,I have passion n zeal for the church.
    I was at Ketu on Mon Dec 12 2016,when some elders brought welder to ketu office to forcibly open the doors of the offices which trustee had closed without the committee releasing key because it was not officially and properly done,all the people were saying was that,it was the directive of the pastor,all this are rubbish.
    shame unto our leaders and the rich men of CCC,you all are not ashamed,all you could raise interm of finance for 13 years on cathedral is #180,000 and now clamoring of jorotom embezzling #172,Million.Eyin agbaya,aila loju to.
    I’m in support of baba jorotom,let court freeze the whole Account of CCC.
    I implore reasonable youth to stand and let fight against all this trash.
    enough is enough,imagine the new logo they designed and launch on 31st of march,there is no common sense for the committee in charge.

    God will surely punish all of you that want the downfall of this church,even the call and anointing of papa Oshoffa will curse you and your hundred generations.

  20. Sup Evang Yomi Alliyu says:

    I ‘ve been a Celestial Church of Christ Onipepeye ,Ibada, member since 1980 and a practising lawyer since 1985. I weep at all this. Judges and senior lawyers ask me what i am doing in an unorganised church.

  21. Seun Bravo says:

    May God help His fold…

  22. ijo Mimo says:

    SMH where are all of you for the past 35 years that imeko has been abandoned? So everybody wanna talk now right? .Onidajo aye fere de.

  23. Engr. Oni Obed says:

    Oro Radarada ni o. I don’t know why I am still in this church bowing for these ITT leaders. So, all thsee are going on since Jorotom and you think this is the best time to speak out? You must be joking because you are supposed to have made this known since, these guys are not leaders men, they are thieves. Pls go to court and let them be punish for putting us in this chain for too long. We will represent you and the church, we will occupy the court, if i have your number Alagba joro, we need to talk.

  24. Ben says:

    The evil these people are committing has shown that they have no interest of moving this church forward. Celestial let’s all come together and put a structure that will be a point of reference. Look at what RCCG people are doing, they are able to be here today because they have a structure. It’s very wrong for a constitution to say constitution allows you to carry out a task on how charity money is spent. That fraud has no mask

  25. Okesanjo says:

    Carry on sir. You have all the right to fight because your integrity is at stake here. We will mobilize people from uk, Nigeria and Canada to fight against this fraudsters.

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