The Jorotom I Know Is A Man Of Integrity, A Man Of Honour- Benjamin O. Ogbebulu

May 20, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Youth Arena / 2 Comments »

The Jorotom I know is a man of integrity, a man of honour, philanthropist and a progressive Celestian. I have been a Celestian for more than 30 years but saddened with the corruption than has become endemic within the church.

Today, in celestial church of Christ, title has become the salvation of people rather than preaching Christ, fornication and adultery have become the order of the day, no modern structure, the fear of God has become non-existence and this and many more ungodly activities have driven people away from the church to other Pentecostal churches.

Enough is enough, Celestial Church of Christ must be well structured to take cognisance of the fact that orderliness must be restored, the gospel of Christ (salvation) be preached, the love of God, not money, must be the cornerstone of the church. I will suggest that the church should scrap unnecessary titles and make members to wear just ordinary brother and sister’s garment. Titles will not take any one to heaven.

To remind us that song: To ju ise re ijo mimo, Lori oke, oun petele, oju mi wo ise yin loke orun. Jorotom may not be perfect, but he means well for celestial church of Christ. He has done well for celestial church of Christ and should not be made a scape goat for all the atrocities within the church. May the good Lord sanitise celestial church of Christ for his glory.

-Benjamin Olufemi Ogbebulu- UK

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2 responses to “The Jorotom I Know Is A Man Of Integrity, A Man Of Honour- Benjamin O. Ogbebulu”

  1. M/C Okunbor says:

    Yes he is. I just pray n hope dat all will be well. A church as widely known as this, no nursery school not to talk 9f a university. It is disheartening. May d good Lord Jehovah teach us to know what is right. IJMN AMEN.

  2. Ellen says:

    They are all birds of the same feather. Celestial should follow God not any of these people

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