Juvenile Harvest: Despite The Warnings, This Still Happened… (Photos)

June 8, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Code Of Conduct / 8 Comments »

Shocked to the bone marrow that some people still went ahead to robe their children with elders’ regalia despite stern warnings from every quarter that it’s a curse to do that for the sake of the children.

I can now understand why we have remained so backward in the comity of churches. I can really understand why the church has lost its glory…We derive pleasure in doing things that are against the doctrine of the church and we expect God to dwell in a place like that. God Himself loves those who keep the commandment of Him and of course of the church. 1 Corinthians 7:17-19. God will continue to strengthen you people whose acts have contributed to the stains in the church. When His wrath comes upon you, don’t start labeling the Church, you have brought that upon yourself.

All thanks to Alagba Elijah R’Lekun A. Balogun who wrote the message below to the global audience of Celestial Church of Christ.


Celestial Church of Christ as of today cannot be compared with CCC as of old, reason being that, those that ought to be the keepers and doers of the rightful ordinances and doctrines of the Church has let out their heart for covetousness (comparing and contrasting CCC with other denominations) and lasciviousness..

Despite the fact we have eyes and ears to see and hear all what has been happening in CCC this year 2017 which ought to have govern our hearts to a holy assembly of both the old, young, elders and youths so as to do accordingly the founder Rev. Pastor Samuel Bilewu Joseph Oshoffa has given to us..

If the Truth has to be told, the just concluded Juvenile Harvest still has some mistakes that demand unbiased corrections.. We shall only discuss on only two of the mistakes…

1: We were told not to dress for the kids like an adult in any form for the harvest. Any use of girdle should be out of the plan for the day but what we saw this year is something we need to ponder on if truly we still have Shepherds and Parents that want the progress of the Church and their Children…Even the use of palm frond shouldn’t be welcomed not to talk of loins (Amure)

2: Up on till now, 80% of CCC parishes still sell their bazaar inside the tabernacle of God…We were told this act of selling bazaar in the church has bad effect (spiritually and physically) in the life of the children of that parish.. Even those buying (The Celestials to be precise) should take their stand and desist from being a partaker in the bazaar inside the Church..

If Celestials can deal with the attitude of covetousness in this trying time and remain where God has put them in full contended spirit, then we know how God will show us mercy in all endeavors…”

– Alagba Elijah R’Lekun A. Balogun

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8 responses to “Juvenile Harvest: Despite The Warnings, This Still Happened… (Photos)”

  1. Christie says:

    @adias, we are disobedient Christians who lacks the fear of God hence He keeps His secret far away from us. That is why over 90% of our so call prophets/ prophetess are sarcadelic and fake!!!!!!!. Just answering your question my darling. I rest my case!

  2. Adlas says:

    Very unfortunate….. What kind of Christians are we in celestial, why do we ignore spiritual warnings knowing fully well the repercussion…… I think the good elders within CCC should rise to instil discipline n punish n derobe those who disobey. Meanwhile, I join that the Parishes involved in the shameful act during the last juvenile harvest should be mentionedas deterrent to others……

  3. Abiodun says:

    I support Bola Areh,let us know the parish.

  4. Omo pupa ijo mimo. says:

    Some shepherds lack the knowledge of a worthy celestian, which alwz makes them not to knw what is right and what to be laid down for the youth 2 follow. May God 4give us all. #Ijo_mimo_ko_ni_baje.

  5. Adekunbi Adeyeye says:

    This is very disgustng…. haba! kilode IJO Mimo?

  6. Bola Areh,Omo Baba Jerimoyamah. says:

    Mention the parish,so they can be dealt with accordingly.

  7. Jaiyeola T.G. says:

    Where is the holy ghost koboko of CCC? I guess this generation needs a repeat of the flogging Jesus did in the temple in his days…

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