Juvenile Harvest: Important Message For All Parents, Shepherds

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CCC: Home Training Reflects In The Church By Irawo Ogo

It was in the evening of one certain Friday. At the collection time, a little boy was called to carry the pouch. As we all know, he would start with the elders. As everyone was sitting on the floor, the boy couldn’t kneel to collect the offering, not even the shepherd who was aged.

This is a bad habit. But surprisingly, no one could call the boy to order. When he got to my place, I corrected him. Children must have respect for elders. He mightn’t be faulty; it was obvious that he portrayed the training he receives at home. He mightn’t be greeting his parents in the morning or anytime.

Today, parents are much concerned about money forgetting to give their children sound training everybody which is their primary assignment. Everyone is practising a nonchalant attitude while the children are rotten day by day.

In times past, it doesn’t happen like that. An adult whose rank is low will kneel to communicate with a high ranked member, especially a shepherd not to talk of receiving offering from them, there was respect.

I went to teach a particular choir song for the forthcoming Juvenile harvest, that was the first Saturday of April precisely. There was a girl who surprised me with one thing – greetings. Among others, she was different. She didn’t just greet but she did it exceptionally. When she came, she greeted all the elders one after the other by kneeling on her two knees in front of each of them including me. She didn’t think of it that I was a stranger. She made me remember how the village women greet me. It’s somehow funny. However, her habit touched me and I wondered if there could still be a girl like this in this jet age.

Parents train your children right. Children aren’t respectful anymore which is supposed to be their saltiness. Teach them respect because you’ll earn it through them. Find time to do the needful. If you don’t have money and you’re respected, you’re almost there. Everything is not all about money. Simple moral goes a long way not only at home but also in the church and the society as a whole.

Elders and teachers, don’t overlook this aspect. Your little quota goes a long way. Let’s rise and help these children because whatever training they get from us now will be part of them.

Proverbs 22:6 Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.


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