Ketu Authority Issues Official Statement Over Legal Battle With Jorotom

April 28, 2017 / Alonge Michael / On The Spot / 19 Comments »

While surfing the web to see what’s happening within Celestial Church circle, I stumbled on the official website for Celestial Church of Christ Worldwide where an article captured my attention. Re: False Report Against CCC Worldwide.  Having read it, I thought the best thing to do was to write about it since the legal battle is said to be a media attack against CCC Worldwide in which we at #CNO are part of.

The official release culled from the CCC worldwide site below:

Re: False Report Against CCC Worldwide

It has come to our notice a misrepresented and unguided report concerning a legal case held on the 26th of April 2017 at Ikoyi Federal High Court, Lagos involving the Pastor and the BoTs of the Church.

We wish to state categorically that the injunction was withdrawn by the church and wasn’t struck out as reported by misguided elements. The church sort an injunction to protect the Pastor, Rev. EMF Oshoffa from harassment from law enforcement agencies, who had been directed to arrest the Pastor and the BoTs by Sup. Evang. Jorotom.

However, when the Pastor and the BoTs were absolved of all allegations by the invited law enforcement agencies after diligent investigations, and the church was assured there wasn’t any reason for the Pastor to be arrested, the injunction was withdrawn.

Please note, the case against the church now was initiated by Sup. Evang. Jorotom. This is the true position of things and we wish to state clearly, the media attack initiated by Sup. Ev. Jorotom and his cohorts would not stand the test of time on one simple fact; The truth would prevail when it is time.

We enjoin all Celestians to kindly ignore unverified information been shared here and there. We religiously wish not to join issues with anybody as a Christian organization knowing fully well that Christ Jesus is in charge.”

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19 responses to “Ketu Authority Issues Official Statement Over Legal Battle With Jorotom”

  1. Johnson G says:

    A building was bought from MC iluyemi at ikorodu and both the old printing equipment and building turned to Bush cost #50million Maura, who got the contract? Baba Banjo supplied equipment and bought the said building from Iluyemi as celestial printing press which number vet exist at Ikorodu. Yet you will see them at convocation in Dec. Wetting body at the back of Programme that ccc printing press? They owe us where the company operates from and the building facts coming out soon

  2. Sup. Evan Gbeyon says:

    A man who is a treasurer of BOT Building parishes and having a central coordinated purse to those parishes to first keep their generated revenue for over 6 months as to yield enough interest in his insurance company. Yet you all know this act and kept quite. He is hell bent of taking CCC monies into insurance company of his to build empire for himself and . Have you find out what he did at Parish one Portharcourt and how he was expelled and disgraced? Now same man had forged JOROTOM signature to open domiciliary account in Bank to further perpetrate this act. 5th of May is at the corner. All things will be unveiled in court of law. All judges had know that the best way to enrich yourself through dubious means in the name of religion is Celestial. Last court case was quoted.

  3. Evan Gregory says:

    The New political chairman in place presently got a 6 million contract well paid to supply Bamboo for Imeko Building during concrete moulding before things fall apart. So also you people have started awarding contracts to your self for 70th anniversary now. We shall soon expose the detail. Same set of people that supplied Bamboo at #6 million Naira and now clamouring to be the head of building committee. Mr. Adisa of England.

  4. Femi says:

    Dapo Samson, have you been following the trend with sense of reasoning and understanding? Of yes, you are one of the beneficiaries of Ketu unexistig projects being issued out to themselves To the tune of millions

  5. Dapo Sampson says:

    Baba Jerotom should even be ashamed of himself, I really wish I can talk to him face to face.
    A man who chairman a project for more than 20 yrs without a positive growth? And when removed he is making silly noise here and there and as if that is not enough some idiot are busy running around him and instigating that people should now stop supporting the project…
    Jerotom should be held responsible for the mess at the project.

    Crazy people making annoying noise in celestials

  6. Johnson Oluwagbenga Adeniyi says:

    Yes the truth will prevail but let me say this, are you all really working towards the growth of this church? I doubt that. I know their are factions in the church and Sup. Evang Jeretom has just given you a platform to continue the splitting up of this church. Remember like I know many here are either born in the church or must have been here in the church for decades, you remember what Oshoffa said, “eni pin ijo mimo, ile won a pin, ise won a pin…” and so on.
    Think right as you continue your solidarity fight in the Celestial Church of Christ.

    • Superior Evangelist Alphonsus Aihonsu says:

      Point of correction my honourable brother in the Lord. This is not a case of further splitting the church but mendinding and renovating the derelict institution. In fairness, it will be unacceptably unwise for anyone to claim he/she is renovating a 70yr old building with just ‘cosmetic make-up* The building has to be stripped down to its carcass before remodelling and restructuring. For the deliverance of Israelites, God ‘planted’ Moses in the Pharaoh’s palace. Probably, it is similar reason that Baba Jorotom was made an MBoT?
      This issue is not about treason or felony but ACCOUNTABILITY. Did we for once asķ these questions
      1 Why did Ketu sue Jorotom? What for? Harassment?

      2 What was Jorotom harassing Ketu for?

      Probably Ketu should inform members why none of them was ready to stand in by signature for effective accountability of CCC Funds as mandated by EFCC except Jorotom ONLY

      Probably Ketu should advice the public why Jorotom should be the EFCC Official Custodian of CCC Funds and someone else claims outright discretion to spend CCC funds without any query

      Probably Ketu should explain to the public why the Inspector General of Police should call them for questioning at Abuja and they begged claiming physical challenge and age of the chief respondent
      Probably Ketu will deem it fit to give Celestial members of what happened at Imeko when the IG of Police eventually granted the plea and ordered the questioning be done at Imeko

      Not until the head start to give a true representations of events at the right time, members shall detail it accordingly especially when it is held in public gallery – the court of law

  7. Dapo Sampson says:

    I really wish to ask all of you here, if you all are truly celestials , are you are truly oshoffa’s children ? Bcos I can’t imagine celestials attacking themselves like this… It’s a big shame on all of you. You are all enemies of this Church.
    What glory would your action give to God and this Church ?
    Eyin Omo ijo mimo eronu piwada

  8. Emem Ojo says:

    With the help of my Most Loved Papa Prophet Samuel Bilewu Oshoffa, I decided to cancel all my appointments for the day and headed to Federal High Court, Ikoyi to follow the case involving the top hierarchies of my beloved Celestial Church of Christ. I met some Celestial Church Men in Sutana, they confirmed they came to support Baba Jorotom in solidarity…I moved round the groups at various parts of the frontal area of the court all of them in white Sutana some who said they have never seen Baba Jorotom but were there in court to support him because the situation of the church is becoming unpalatable. Some were cautious seeing my Barrister look/dressing, lol.
    I managed to enter the court room shortly before the door was closed at 9am on the dot and the cases from 1-34 were read out…..I sat beside the Lawyer representing Ketu faction……while Jorotom’s Lawyer was at the other end….Everyone laughed including Muslim Lawyers (chai e pain me) when the Lawyer said the church had decided to withdraw the case against The Inspector General of Police and Sup. Evang. Jorotom on Fundamental Rights Application…I felt bad seeing them laugh at my church…..The Lawyer said since the threats of arresting Ketu officials had been dropped hence the need for withdrawing the case.
    Baba Jorotom’s Lawyer refused but his learned colleague asked him to see reasons and Baba Jorotom’s Lawyer demanded for cost of the day (legal terms) which they agreed and the Judge said Ketu faction through the Lawyer must pay.
    But the Judge Hon.Justice Faaji asked the Lawyers “Are they not from the same Celestial church? if their ways were right it shouldnt get to court …The PASTOR should UNITE the CHURCH members and stop all this mess.” now they are withdrawing the case…well since they don’t want the case continued i Hon. Justice Faaji hereby strike out the case they are not sure what they want…..

    I met with both Lawyers for clarification and they repeated it that the Judge “STRUCK” (Thats the English word i heard from the Judge)….OUT THE CASE. I approached one of the HAJIA Barristers that laughed inside the court that was it funny and she thought I was her fellow Hajia and she said those CELE church no dey Audit account that’s the Best place to make fast money we know their matter….. I felt like slapping her but I thank Emi that reminded me of Black maria truck ,just then Lawyer to Baba Jorotom called me…..I for hear weeeeen…OLU ijomimo ESE o..
    pls all celestial members should show concern about the church, we too need development…we need hostels at Imeko camp; Agange instead of sleeping in the cold…we need meal tickets to eat from a central pot cooked by selected Celestial members instead of buying food from people we don’t know …may God help us…don’t just criticize, argue with a sense of reasoning pls @ anyone who may come up to kick against probe or Auditing Ketu accounts. HALLELUYAH

    • Johnson Oluwagbenga Adeniyi says:

      Yes the truth will prevail but let me say this, are you all really working towards the growth of this church? I doubt that. I know their are factions in the church and Sup. Evang Jeretom has just given you a platform to continue the splitting up of this church. Remember like I know many here are either born in the church or must have been here in the church for decades, you remember what Oshoffa said, “eni pin ijo mimo, ile won a pin, ise won a pin…” and so on.
      Think right as you continue your solidarity fight in the Celestial Church of Christ.

    • Johnson Oluwagbenga Adeniyi says:

      Very sorry never intended to personalise my post to you but to all. That was just an error. It is meant for all. Thanks

    • Superior Evangelist (Barrister) Olawole Famakinwa says:

      Thank you very much for giving a near verbatim and chronological account of what went on in Court on that day. Ketu applied to withdraw their application and the judge STRUCK the matter out. With costs. The bulletin from Ketu could have done the same report without any unnecessary combative embellishments. I suppose it was a bitter pill for the Church to have to pay Superior Evangelist Omotosho, his costs. How much was the costs?
      If it is agreed that we need lawyers to argue our disputes on our behalf, why are we reluctant to have professional accountants and auditors examine our books.I am baffled to no end about trying to run our accounting system on the basis of bringing Ipin to the Secretariat in Ketu and leaving it in the desks of the officers.On the grounds that cash may be required further up the administrative chain at short notice. That is what an Imprest Account is used for. Let us adopt modern account practices. I am afraid that it cannot be the same officers in Ketu who have no accounting training that would or should be in charge of book keeping in the new dispensation that is about to emerge. The status quo must have to change.

  9. Akinleye Emmanuel says:

    Please, you are you sure the BOT secretary is a professor and which school gave him his Phd.
    ; because this letter never address why EFCC wanted to arrest Pastor Emmanuel and the common language that judges use is “struck out” maybe your case lack merit or you decide not to go ahead with the case again, then the judge will struck out the matter.
    But we want to know why EFCC is after the Pastor in the first place and the secretary of BOT to also reply to the allegation rise by Sup.Evang omotosho.

    • Superior Evangelist (Barrister) Olawole Famakinwa says:

      Superior Evangelist S.O. Banjo in a speech at the unveiling of the 70th Anniversary Logo in Makoko recently stated that the EFCC had invited the members of the BOT, including himself, a banker of over 32 years of unblemished record to answer to allegations of ‘fraud, forgery, money laundering and theft’. He did not mention who made the allegations. It is safe to say that the allegations were contained in a petition made by Superior Evangelist Omotosho to EFCC in relation to the management or not of the funds of the Imeko Catherdral Building Project. All members of the BOT have attended the offices of the EFCC to respond to this query. I have it on good authority that His Eminence was excused from going to the EFCC offices in Lagos on account of his alleged health conditions.The EFCC officers visited the Pastor in his residence at Imeko to grill him.I appreciate the decency and dignity accorded the Pastor by the EFCC on this occasion. That discretion is rarely, if at all used. The EFCC have been known to use arrest warrants to bring an individual forcefully to its offices if the invited subject evades its summons or does not attend promptly.The newspapers are full of stories of people declared wanted and arrested at the earliest opportunity they are found. I remember a woman who pretended to be sick was removed from her hospital bed and brought to EFCC offices to answer her query. It was suspected that her illness was feigned. It may interest you to note that one of the aides to the Pastor tried to abuse this privilege of having the EFCC in Imeko, By constantly interfering and interrupting the interrogation of His Eminence the Pastor by the Investigation Officer of the EFCC. This gentleman was firmly and promptly put in his place.If the interview had been held in the EFCC offices in Lagos or Abuja this larckey and sidekick will not be allowed into the room. He is not the Pastors legal adviser. That is a story for another day.

  10. Babatunde Elijah says:

    We all know the misguided elements and their cohorts trying to feed CCC wrong information now. We Celestians demand a video speech from Ketu. Not cover up. Your Blogger will further push Jorotom media to reveal more facts till you are ready to succumb to the truth.

  11. Ago Olubajo says:

    It is a pity that these people kept feeding flock lies. When you withdraw an injunction or suit against defendant, what did you expect court to do? Keep it or strike it out? Bunch of illiterates occupies Keri media blog. We expected Ketu authorities to disown Jorotom Speech as broadcastd in the media against Ketu, nothing had been done so far. The statement posted on Ketu authority blog was neither signed by Pastor Emf Oshoffa nor Sec. To BOT. Hence a big deceit. CCC need a speech to denounce all that Jorotom said against them. Case of criminal fraud Instituted against Ketu, on bank signature forgery On jorotoms name. Every facts will be revealed soon. Nothing like media attack by Jorotom, a biggest error, sooner all documents relating riverside perpetrated by Ketu authorities will be revealed to all CCC.Let us see how far you can go with deceitful nature. 5th of May is almost here. Media attack by revealing documents. What a shame to Ketu bloggers. Show all CCC signed documents on your speech and then proceed to court of law.

  12. Boye says:

    Ha this is nothing close to the truth. The judge said he hereby struck out the case, nobody from Ketu was there except their lawyer. How come you are now putting all this nonsense up as reaction? Se oju ki I tiyin ni? Because CNO reported what happened and now you are afraid. Well, there is no going back, Jorotom will make you pay for damages. Nobody will make him say no to the fraud charges against you. You have been doing it for long, it’s time for everything to have an end. Your pastor and his cohorts, if I need to borrow your word, should start thinking of how to manage the rest of their lives in jail, because that’s where they are going even if it take 2 years to finish this case. There numerous cases against you that you can escape one. Just wait and see the drama as it unfolds soon.

  13. Olatunji Aromolaran says:

    That has been the number one objective of Ketu people, lie and lie and lie. Everything about Ketu is nothing but a basket of lies. Why will a church claiming to be the last boat of salvation be lying like pinochio. I am really sad about this nonsense reaction

  14. Celestial my Joy says:

    The Judge Hon. Justice Faaji ,(court 3)….passing his judgement on 26/04/2017. 9;15am, after both Lawyers had stated their case and the Lawyer representing The church made it known that his client had decided to withdraw the case on Fundamental Rights Application since the police did not go ahead with its threat to arrest the Ketu faction members………. The Hall was filled with Lawyers, I was on the 3rd row and heard clearly when Hon. Justice Faaji said he hereby struck out the case…..a very large no from Baba Jorotoms faction all on white Sutana were present, i was inside the court room and Press men reporting the various cases heard that day….The Judge was told no one came from Ketu faction only their Lawyer so why are you trying to confuse The Celestial Church of Christ members.. CELESTIAL NEWS ONLINE #CNO REPORTED THE TRUTH….
    The Judge was not happy that the pastor did not make peace on time he advised that all parties must be united to move the Celestial Church forward and he “Struck out the case” and hit his gavel #Gbam…you defending pls i humbly ask were you present there like me.

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