Ketu Disassociates Self From Shepherd Who Bathed Inside Basin To Cook Ipese For Members (Photo)

November 6, 2016 / Alonge Michael / Saints & Sinners / 13 Comments »

There is a saga presently going on between a certain shepherd and his church member in far-away Niger. The trending story concerning Shepherd at CCC Adeogo Parish, Niger State who was said to have been caught bathing inside white basin with the sole aim of using it cook beans (Ipese) for the members to eat; His reason, as we were informed, is to bring in more members and as well have controlling power over them, most especially the women, is something to look into as soon as possible before it degenerates into something nasty.

In a chat with Sunday Folorunsho Aiyedison Goluso-abiodun-olalere-arinola sunday-folorunshoabriel, former Chairman Parochial Committee of Adeogo Parish, Niger State, who is alleging the clergyman of series of nefarious acts said, “this illiterate failed taxi driver who claims he is “a man of God”, has four wives and many children, yet he has never paid any woman’s dowry since he was born. In his so called Parish, Celestial Doctrine has being turned upside down as members wear shoes and slippers freely in the church premises.”

He also said, “This is the Shepherd who bath in a white basin and use the water to cook beans( in the name of “ipese”) for church members to eat in other to woo members’ wife and increase his membership strength. This basket mouth olusho ” Ebi le mi gba ise oluwa” confesses to me that he uses charm to sleep with church members wife, yet downloaded my picture on Facebook to show people that he is more Celestial than me. This “agbero” ( garage boy) used cutlass to drive the archdiocese of Abuja, Niger & Nasarrawa (the shepherd of CCC Parish 1 Suleja), the shepherd of Alenibare Parish , Lambata & Sup/Evang. Ojo in Gauraka out of  his so called ” CCC parish ” when they visited his parish during one Sunday service. Abiodun Olalere Omo Arinola said they should leave his Church premises that Jesus doesn’t reign in his hell on earth called church (“ o’ni Jesu o’ojoba ni ayika ti oun” pe ki won ma jade loo”).  He has also caused many marriages to suffer divorce & irreconcilable issues through his devilish & ill-fated vision & prophecy.  There is no doubt we shall meet in court soon.”

This office contacted one of the authorities in Ketu concerning this image battering on the church and a response to us goes thus: “this church will no longer condone any form of insult or character assassination of the church. There is sanitation monitoring committee in place that will begin to look into cases like this and sanction characters who are found guilty of any act that will bring shame to the church. On this story of the shepherd and his former member, we shall look into it as soon as possible.”

-Olori Olanifemi Adeoye

13 responses to “Ketu Disassociates Self From Shepherd Who Bathed Inside Basin To Cook Ipese For Members (Photo)”

  1. Mk Kenny says:

    Please I think it is better to investigate this issue very well… I am sorry to say this, But to me I dont really believe the story.

  2. Bro.Adedipo BADEMOSI says:

    Hmmm…those at the top has a lot of works to do,this church and her spiritual workers needs to be checkmated with candidate laws before CCC can go out off all these kind of mess …God will surely help and protect the innocent ones in this fold IJMN..

  3. Sup. Ev. Femi Gabriel Obinyan. says:

    this is so sad and very unfortunate. I cry for my people.

  4. Evangelist Adegoke says:

    There will always the children of Satan among the children of God, but the word of God say those that doing evil let them continues because everybody will surely received his or her reward (Rev. 22). And CCC practice and observances needs to be review.

  5. felix says:

    Evil people in house God

  6. Chiboy says:

    All the happenings around shows the proclamation of the word of God.

  7. mike imole says:

    I no these shepherd I will try to contact him if its true I will get back to u pple

  8. Olu says:

    God shall expose more evil doers and cleanse the world of evil eventually.

  9. elitsjohnnyselome says:

    My contribution to this ungodly acts presently going on in the named parish under this deviated of constitution of CCC world wide man probably called by God . It is a case of leaving good and bad plants growing together until the appropriate time of God to do thoroughly selective. I also notice these days, It is also confirmed those get themselves involved in fetish practise an all sort of diabolic acts are those who are into the acts earlier . When they sought people troop in to CCC premises for salvation,protection and blessing these unscrupulous men that should be consider as wolves among the sheep in CCC look for ways to pinch their tenets in order to carryout their evil deeds. They turn themselves into prophets overnight. Holy spirit is not exchange with any valuable means rather it is given freely as will by God. I have heard people saying , I will give you holy spirit.
    Your devilish acts doing in your secret pavilion can not stop the work of God rather will it erase continuously glowing strength of CCC from spreading round the world. I know the God I am worshipping in this great church …….No evil act perpetuated by anybody will makes me to leave CCC. I know there is no hidden place for all those perpetuating evil acts in this church under jurisdiction of Pastor EMF oshoffa.

  10. Prophet (Dr) Solomon Ayoola says:

    The allegations against the Shepherd must be investigated without bias.. Both sides should be allowed to make their case and by then the truth shall b revealed.. Pls jumping to conclusions is more dangerous than the story itself… Thanks

  11. Prophet sola Adekunle Davies says:

    Hmmm, so disheartening and nasty to hear such unscrupulous act in God’s vineyard mostly so self acclaimed preachers. Is high time we sanitize the church otherwise devil will take advantage over the believers. May God uphold His church and gate of hell shall not prevail the church of God.

  12. ade says:

    Celestial should also look into shepherds marrying more than one wife what example are they giving their members even the world at large

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