Ketu Faction And Jorotom’s Case For Hearing At High Court Ikoyi Today

April 26, 2017 / Alonge Michael / On The Spot / 10 Comments »

When Jorotom challenged Ketu authority to explain some financial misappropriations carried out under the leadership of Rev. Mobiyina Friday Oshoffa, a faction of Celestial Church of Christ went to court to get a restraining order to stop Sup. Evang. Rotimi Jorotomi, member Board of Trustees, from carrying out such task any further, little did they know that anyone who wants peace should work for justice.

The Ketu faction of the church, CCC, in a sworn affidavit by Secretary of the BOT, Akinteyinwa, Jorotom was bent on jailing them and has been harassing them with police. What really happened, according to the brief at our disposal, the Police at SFU, Milverton, Ikoyi where they were invited by the anti-fraud agents, it was discovered by Jorotom that the people who were to carried out a thorough checks compromised hence him transferring the case to highest authority in Abuja directly under the Inspector General of Police.

This led Ketu to have frowned at the moves, Lagos- Abuja, citing old age as one of the excuses to avert justice. What Celestial members home and abroad should know this morning is that every step towards the goal of justice requires sacrifice, suffering and struggle; the tireless exertions and passionate concern of dedication individuals. ‘Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice anywhere’- Martin Luther King.

It’s reasonable that everyone who wants justice should do justice. For Jorotom who was first sued by the people at the helm of affairs at ketu, he believes in justice and he as well believes in people being held responsible for their actions.

So, Celestial Church members should represent justice today, Wednesday, 26th of April, 2017, for the hearing of the case between Ketu faction and Baba Jorotom alongside the Inspector General of Police as respondents. Venue is Federal High Court, Court 3, at No 24, Oyinkan Abayomi Drive, Ikoyi, Lagos. Presiding Judge is Justice Faji.

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10 responses to “Ketu Faction And Jorotom’s Case For Hearing At High Court Ikoyi Today”

  1. comr.(bro) Allen says:

    it is well,if by this time Cele @70 we have not gotten our bearing,it means our leaders including our pastor,does not worth being a leader.they should leave the office.
    pls let work with our senses with the spirit of God.
    my prayer is that,the spirit of Baba Oshoffa and his anointing will deal with any one called a leader in this fold,that want the downfall of our church ,celestial.
    that is my own.

  2. Joshua Dansu says:

    The founder of the church didn’t put down like that, so we the followers should take time with whatever we are doing because we will account for whatever we are doing in this life

  3. ay says:

    Believers should not go to court. Why are our leaders going to court all the time. 1corinthians 6vs1-10

  4. Sup/Ldr Ogundijo ife says:

    70 years of age still in lion den

  5. Sup/Ldr Ogundijo ife says:

    70 years of age still in the lion den

  6. Oluwafemi says:

    Gosh am surprised to be hearing this bad news about my favorite church..

  7. evang.dada olakanmi samuel says:

    so sad to hear this,why in my church GOD?

  8. Denrele says:

    This matter should be settle out of court, what both parties don’t understand, their some elder praying misunderstand to happen, so the correction they wand to carry out, it wont work, because of corruption the practice. every ministry needs pray, when BOT lack of prayer, they misunderstand them self.

  9. sup.evang. h. oyeniyi ojo says:

    for the interest of the church; i think the matter should be settled out of court!

  10. Sup Evang (Pro) Jimmy Fafiolu says:

    Ask Baba J R O to dress properly whenever he wants to address or represent us

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