Ketu/Jorotom Saga: Court Compels Parties To Maintain Status Quo…All The Gist

May 5, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Spotlight / 7 Comments »

An interlocutory injunction is a court order to compel or prevent a party from doing certain acts pending the final determination of the case. It is an order made at an interim stage during the trial, and is usually issued to maintain the status quo until judgment can be made.

The official information gathered from the court at yesterday’s sitting states that, “It is hereby ordered As Follows: That in the interim and by Concurrence of Counsel, the parties are hereby directed to maintain Status quo as at the 29th of March 2017. When this suit was filed pending the determination of the plaintiff’s Motion on Notice for Interlocutory Injunction dated and filed on the 29th of March 2017.”

So, who has this favoured; Ketu team or Jorotom team?

Bits and pieces of what transpired in the court as reported by #CNO’s Emem Isong:

I knelt to greet them Halleluyah and they said who are you? I replied I work with Celestial News Online. The one with evidence said ….Talo n sise fun…..Alonge abi….I said yes…..he said OK and hand.

A Celestial member within the people around received a call that Celestial students have mobilised and were on their way to the court in support of Baba Jorortom loaded in a bus.

The court room 7….was filled to capacity as the counsel to the defendants introduced themselves and their Clients.

After going through the various submissions he took note of the fact that the Counsel to the Ketu Faction wasn’t prepared legally for the case, he pointed out that on the 11th of April a Junior Lawyer from the Wahab Shitu Chambers made the same commissions which led to the case being adjourned

The Judge was quick to note that the Notices served the defendants were not before him, as Mrs. (Barr.) Falana brought to the notice of the court that her client neither served…… and just like the Ketu faction too all came to the court due to the information they heard that the case was coming up that day 7/7/2017

The Judge, Justice Obidozor faulted the Plaintiff, Baba Jorotom’s Lawyer for not having the needed tools to work with in court. No Case file, no evidence Act, and all the defendants, as at that time, were yet to be served Notice of Court

He went on to say it’s a motive of Interlocutory Injunction and as such all parties must be served proper Notice of court since he doesn’t do his trials in secrecy

The Judge said what should be priority in the minds of both the Counsel and The Defendants is a peaceful resolution to the case being brought before him……He wants the case resolved before the next sitting and charged Baba Banjo to see to that

But Baba Banjo said despite his peace moves for dialogue, Jorortom refused to heed and insists going to court, Baba Banjo introduced himself as the oldest member on the Board

He, the Judge sought from the Lawyers if the case could be settled out of court but Lawyer to Sup. Evang. Jorotom replied that he, as the Lawyer to the plaintiff has discussed but his Clients wants the late founder, SBJ Oshoffa’s children and family he left behind be adequately taken care of by the church. The defendants’ Lawyer objected that it was not contained in the case.

The Judge then asked if the Children were part of the case but the Lawyer said No, he said they should stick to the case at hand, he further adjourned the case till 5th of June since he would be away on a conference, he enjoined all parties to maintain the status quo so as not to tamper with evidence that would help the court resolve the issue at hand.

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7 responses to “Ketu/Jorotom Saga: Court Compels Parties To Maintain Status Quo…All The Gist”

  1. prophet. dare busuyi. says:

    U better go n think very well, I prophecy last year that court issue is not over, if u open your diary u will notice that it was exactly a year now that Bolanle Shonekan orchestrated his own case against this church , this year is JOROTOM only God know who will be used coming 2018,.. IJO mimo e ma sun lo o.

  2. prophet. dare busuyi. says:

    Igba ironu de yara si iye ainipekun……

  3. Superior Evangelist T Bisi Odukoya says:

    To understand the meaning of this saga, two terms need be explained or defined. They are (1) Status Quo and (2) Interlocutory Injunction.

    According to the Wikipedia

    INTERLOCUTORY INJUNCTION is a court order to compel or prevent a party from doing certain acts pending the final determination of the case. It is an order made at an interim stage during trial, and is usually issied to maintain STATUS QUO (remain as it is) until judgment can be made.

    From the above submission of the judge and the findings of the meaning of those 2 legal terms, it is clear to translate the judge’s submission as RESTRAINING EITHER PARTY, FROM DOING ANYTHING ON THE ACCOUNT and should be as presented on March 29th 2017 when the suit was filed.

    Involving Papa’s children and family, is the ideal thing to do, and this does not mean they should control the church affairs. As a sign of respect and loyalty, the church should have a package for the “Pastor Founder’s Family Upkeep”. Although Papa had relinquished this “enterpreneural royalties” indirectly by saying that ascension to pastoral seat is not by heredity (blood relationship) or seniority (length of time in church). By this pronuncement, he was telling the whole world that the church belongs to God, who had found reason to use him (SBJO) as the messenger at that time then. As a result, the utmost control of the church is with the owner who will at the appropriate time choose a replacement after his (SBJO) demise, but we erred and refused to wait.

  4. mission says:

    For the the first time you try to say some truth in ur post, but for the record it shd be noted that this under stated is wrong (
    After going through the various submissions he took note of the fact that the Counsel to the Ketu Faction wasn’t prepared legally for the case,) it was actually the lawyer to the plaintiff that was not ready for the case, and also there where no student in court that stage any form or type of protest. Falana Chambers where defending the 4&6 defendant.bringing the Oshoffa family into this is deceitful for going through the case file it wasent part of the asking who is the winner here shd be answer by u for God will take change of is church some day ‘gbogbo ota ijo yi yio so LA erupe ile’

  5. ijo Mimo says:

    Shame!!! What’s this mess all about,
    Shonekan today,jorotom tomorrow?don’t you people think? Who are you fighting for and why must the name of the church be rubbish all the time cos you people can’t take care of your family talk less of the church?.please!!! This madness has to stop.papa children or not they are all grown up and should at the same time be looking for the well-being and growth of the church. And all the elders should put their pride and personal interest aside to make sure the name of the church is not rubbish like this anymore.

  6. Prophet Bumie Adesina says:

    To err is human, but if someone comes with restitution, it generates witch hunting. Admittance of guilt help a long way to modification and correction, and make plans perfect.Our leaders don’t want to listen to nobody, so people has to do what it take to shout for change, if court will help, let it be.
    The saga of Celestial Cathedral is a shameful incident to all leaders of the Church. Imagine if Papa Oshoffa wake up today and find out that Imeko is not yet completed. What will be his reaction? The foundation was laid before Temitope Joshua ever started his church, so also Winners, and Redeem. Its very unfortunate, and shameful, may God forgive us all.

  7. Akinleye Emmanuel says:

    A competent court has giving an order which both parties must respect and abide with, but it was wrong for sup.evang omotosho lawyer for not giving ketu faction a copy of Notice, it showed that the lawyer is not prepare for the case, please is sup. Evang omotosho using Falana and Falana Chamber.
    And for the student parish’s to have mobilised themselves to court should send a strong signal to ketu cabal that there days are numbered.
    Baba Banjo was in court to represent ketu but for this report, it showed that he (baba banjo) has lost the control to maintain peace and judge Obidozor is giving an advice that can’t work, because the cabal in ketu will never allow a change that will upturn the church to the real being for global standard, baba banjo know what to do, but his not ready to do it, by accepting that BOT had make a lot of mistakes in the running for the church, and agree to dissolution the current BOT for an independent committee to take over for like 1 year, why a new constitution will be introduce, but baba banjo will not want such thing to happen because of personal interest that has override spiritual interest.
    Lastly, Sup Evang omotosho had make a strong statement by bringing the children’s of Papa Oshoffa into this issue and since this dispute started, majority of Papa children’s had try not to say a word but unfortunately the family will have to release a statement to celestial world-wide, by taking a stand on the issue, obviously if baba omotosho say that Papa family should take over the affair of the church tactically Omotosho is endorsing the pastoral of Emmanuel Oshoffa. The family will need to take a stand and the reaction of the family will go a very long way in determining how long the cases will be in court and the future of the church generally.

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