King Sammy Sammy K. Implores The Youth To Follow Their Destiny

November 13, 2016 / Alonge Michael / Spotlight / 1 Comment »

King Sammy Sammy with Mayor

King Sammy Sammy Receiving Award in dublin

King Sammy Sammy doing what he knows how to do best

King Sammy Sammy praising God

Celestial Church of Christ is a glorious church and the people of the world know this but they tend to hide the truth from themselves. In our youth, there are great talents that a lot of parents rarely see to nurture, but the talents deposited into our youths are unhidden ones, no matter how long it takes, it will surely come out.

For Ambassador of Gospel Music in Atlanta Georgia, Superior Evang. Prophet (Dr) Samuel K. Bakare popularly referred to as King Sammy Sammy K, a shepherd at CCC Miracle Parish, Houston Texas, USA, it’s his pleasure to have Celestial youth respond speedily to the call of God by following their destiny religiously and embrace it.

According to him, “Whatever is your calling follow it with passionately and do not let anyone discourage you. Many fall by the way side because lack help. But one doesn’t have to be discouraged by that, one need to motivate oneself to a certain stage before help will arrive. Surely we know all help comes from God….Psalm 121 vs 2.”

This man of many parts is a bonafide Celestial member whose passion for music is also legendary. He has been one of the active forces in Georgia who has been clamouring for granting of Visas to talented Celestial youth irrespective of race or background. High-flying man of God and source of help in a difficult situation to many has dedicated his life attending to the needs of humanity and he does it without fear or favour.

The first ever USA gospel music maestro to start a live gospel music band in 1989 just released an album titled “LET’S PRAISE GOD, as I am made to understand, that album, which happens to be his 11th one, is a dope and has a lot of motivational and inspirational messages loaded in it. He intends to celebrate his 16th year on the pulpit and we learnt he’s making grand plans to invite as many youths as he can to display their talents in a rare contest which will be remarkable in the annals of talent shows in America. With his classic gospel music, one cannot but continue to dance to the rhythm of his melodious tunes whenever he’s found on stage.

Click to listen to his songs:

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