If Only We Know This Fact…. We Would Not Act The Way We Do!

May 25, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Give & Take / 2 Comments »

That the human body after death is nothing but ordinary bones!

Now check this and tell me why you are acting the way you do. I am sure this should tell you that you are nothing and will remain that but a life in Christ will surely give you your life back. Yes, in Paradise, the 7th heaven where the saints are.

3rd Day after Death – Nails Start to fall off

4th Day after Death – Hair Start to detach from skull

5th Day after Death – Brain starts to melt as insects feed on

6th Day after Death – Skin starts to turn black and peel off

7th Day after Death – Stomach melts out from mouth and private parts exhuming very strong odours to attract scavengers

After 60 Days – Whole body will be reduced to nothing, but mere bones.

So much pride! So much greed! So much evil, and so much ego! For what purpose if I may ask? I want to build a mansion atop the sea, you are using Satanism to do God’s work, you are into ritual because of material acquisitions, and none of these will go into the grave with you, only your good deed to humanity.

Let’s humble ourselves. So always remember that “this life is vanity upon vanity”

It costs us nothing to be good! Ki ra kita.ile aye yi nikan lo mo o.

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2 responses to “If Only We Know This Fact…. We Would Not Act The Way We Do!”

  1. molejesu says:

    true talk let who ears hear a word is a enough for a Wise

  2. Olufunmi ibk says:

    I wish our leaders could understand this

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