Kunle Hamilton Plants Parish In Berlin…Hit Vienna, Frankfurt For Evangelism

March 28, 2016 / Celestial News Online / Spotlight / 4 Comments »

Kunle Hamilton Berlin Kunle HamiltonThere are two distinct categories of church ministers, those who are divinely called to pick up the cross and work in the vineyard and those who called themselves into the church; that is the building, and not the body of Christ, which is the Vineyard.

Dr. Kunle Hamilton, to those who have been opportune to have at one-time or the other be at any of his ministrations will, without batting an eyelid, attest to the simple and glaring fact that he is a worker in the vineyard. He has been an active force in Celestial Church of Christ. Many people who have had a touch of his evangelistic ministration confessed that he’s a man full of God’s anointing. The former editor of ThisDay Newspapers and multiple award-winning writer, has officially, been vigorously engaged in impacting lives through evangelism with his Shaddaiville ministry, a complete ultra-modern place to groom men for the service of God and humanity.

For those who might not know, Dr. Kunle Hamilton, an astute motivational speaker, prophet and evangelist, has been the brain behind the success story of Ephrata, the annual celestial gathering that normally holds at TBS. As you are reading this, Dr. Hamilton is on his way to Berlin…..where he’s planting a Parish.

According to his schedules posted on Facebook, “Next missionary stops: (1) Celestial Conference in Vienna (2) Shaddaiville Leadership Summit in Berlin (3) House of Prayer Revival in Frankfurt (4) Planting a CCC Parish in Berlin. Praise & Pray along with me Friends & Family for ‪#‎RoyalGrace2016 .

Now tell me if the Celestial fold is not lucky to have a man who has the sincere interest of God and an overwhelming passion towards the continuous pruning and growth of the vineyard and the body of Christ, and feels the glory of Celestial should be in Celestial despite his education, social status, exposure and numerous accolades. May God be with you my boss and brother for the good work you are doing in the vineyard. Shalom!

4 responses to “Kunle Hamilton Plants Parish In Berlin…Hit Vienna, Frankfurt For Evangelism”

  1. Anonymous says:

    He needs to repent from his adulterous ways and stop deceiving people. This man is smart and plays his cards well….no one would believe he’s crafty! But the Lord sees and knows……oju Oluwa mi wo is owo re. Iba se rere tabi ibi!

    One good thing though….he’s a good preacher


    I am Not Surprised Because This Is The Year of Our Spreading. Daddy KH Is A Man Of Valour And Excellence and That Was Why I And My Family Chose To Follow Him And His Ministry. BRAVO DAD !!!

  3. Paul Olanrewaju Osho says:

    God bless Celestial Church of Christ, God bless Dr. Kunle Hamilton.

    • Indeed Celestial Church of Christ is blessed to have a distinguished personality as Dr Prophet Senior Evangelist Kunle Hamilton ( aka ) Daddy KH in the fold
      He is a great & an excellent preacher and an outstanding motivator
      More anointing Daddy KH God bless you God bless CCC

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