Lady Recounts Her Ugly Ordeal In The Hand Of Her Shepherd

September 20, 2022 / Oladunjoye Olakunle Olaiya / Give & Take / Add Comment »


A sister who attends one of the Celestial Church’s parishes described her traumatic experience, detailing how the parish’s shepherd defrauded her.

She explained how one of her big area sisters introduced her to the parish, leading to her involvement.

When questioned about how she had been duped, the victim explained that after the service on that particular Sunday, she had visited the shepherd to beg for prayers to bless the perfume she had purchased at the church.

The shepherd asked her if she intended to move abroad while they were in prayer. When the shepherd heard that she had answered yes, he explained that what he had seen in the spirit indicated that she should not be in Nigeria but rather outside. Later, the woman told the shepherd that she wanted to travel but was unsure of how to do so without falling victim to fraud.

She definitely felt God’s enormous blessing in all that she accomplished when the shepherd introduced her to someone he claimed was one of his daughters who came to him for prayers. Further, the shepherd allegedly emphasized that because he was her spiritual father, she would find it easy to assist.

Following extensive discussion with the visa agent, it was decided that the lady would pay five million naira for a Canada visa by paying 2.5 million in advance while she balances up when the visa is issued.

She paid the agreed-upon amount out of enthusiasm and confidence and waited for months. As soon as nothing like a visa occurred, the agency lady stopped returning her calls and blocked her. The shepherd was informed of their development by her.

She was instructed by the shepherd to leave the agent lady in God’s hands; God would take care of her. To get the money back from the agent, the shepherd pretended to be engaged in spiritual work.

Later, after spotting the shepherd and the agent lady in a hotel some distance from the site of the church’s premise,  our sister learned that the agent lady is one of the shepherd’s girlfriends.

Since then, she has since crossed her heart to trust any CCC Shepherd. You can see how some shepherds of doom are painting the good image of this church black. May God expose such shepherds publicly in Jesus’ name. Amen!!!

May God keep us safe from all of this yahoo crap.


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