Has This Lady Sinned Or Won Soul For Christ? (Recharged Cards Up For Grabs)

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A guy proposed love affair to a lady after about three months of their meeting and the lady accepted but gave him some conditions that must be strictly adhered to. One of which is, ‘No S3x unless you become born again Christian.’

The guy also said if only the lady could allow him have s3x with her, he would personally give himself to Christ. After some hours of ‘check and balances’, the lady decided to give him a chance, and he had s3x with her. From that day, the guy became a true born again Christian and started attending church service regularly in another branch of the church where the lady attends.

As you are reading this, the guy is now one of the pastors who are seriously winning souls for Christ and doing wonderfully well. He’s still single, but since he became a full time pastor, he was transferred to another state and the connection between him and the lady was disconnected.

The questions now are:

1 Did the lady win the guy’s soul for Christ?

2 Did the lady sin?

3 Should we sin to win souls for Christ?

Let’s share ideas probably someone somewhere may learn something from this story!


Photo is for illustration only. The image herein has nothing to do with the story.


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22 responses to “Has This Lady Sinned Or Won Soul For Christ? (Recharged Cards Up For Grabs)”

  1. iyiola says:

    i dont believe this story.

  2. oluwaseyi micheal says:

    trully she is a sinner but at times God may not see it in that area cos d bible host of is happy when a sinner repent and look at d case of prophet hosea in bible who marry an harlot and is not count as a sin for him so leave the jugdement for God

  3. Enikanosaye I.M.O says:

    With such she has made the gospel of Christ of no power, of no effect. The only accepted way to win a convert is through the sharing of the gospel or prayer intercede. To have indulged in sexual acts with someone she’s not married to is a Sin. As Adam violated God’s commandment in Eve, she has violated likewise God’s commandment in such a guy. It is ours to preach the gospel and of God to change the heart. No one should violate God’s principles in the claim of carrying out God’s work: It is a sin against God.

    Their success in ministry and life are not justification for their salvation in as much the sin remains not confessed. They are illusive gains from the Devil. But I believe God would have forgiven them if they have confessed such sin and repeat it not further.

    We are all human, it takes the supernatural influence to have a change of mind not of mundane pleasure. Had it been the guy changed not his mind what would have been the lady’s pride or glory?

    Let’s exchange ideas here to stop the Devil from taking advantage of us: 2nd Corinthians 2:11, 2Timothy 3:16

  4. Joki-Lasisi says:

    She committed a sin. It is immaterial that the sinful act resulted in winning a soul for Christ. As the saying goes, a good thing done wrongly is bad. A bad thing done rightly is also bad. The only good thing is that which is done rightly. Judas did not escape punishment for his perfidous act of betrayal, irrespective of the fact that he had acted in fulfillment of of divine ordination for Christ. In the same way, the lady will also not escape punishment for her sinful act unless she repents and seek forgiveness. It is not impossible for her to be forgiven, since “all sins shall be forgiven….”. Besides, our God is a merciful God. I so hold !

  5. Balogun says:

    Though the judgement belong to God.Meanwhile from my own view the two of them have sinned and if the guy have not become Christian because of not having sex with the lady,God can still used some other person better than him to win soul.

  6. Tomiwa says:

    she won a soul for Jesus Christ
    D lady is a sinner cos dat is not the way to win a soul
    we should not sin in d process of winning a soul cos d Bible is against committing adultery and both av committed adultery

  7. fisayo imoletoba says:

    I will say d lady is a sinner because if he want d guy to accept Jesus she should rather go into fasting nd prayer for God to touches his heart not to use her body, assuming in d process d guy die will she say her mission for him to b born again was accomplished?

  8. yomi Newton says:

    He would have still given his life to Christ without sleeping to have the salvation. Jesus Christ paid the ultimate price with His blood , no other condition is relevant.
    Hers was to lead him to Christ by her ways not using sin to beget sin. Who knows if the power to minister in the church was actually her own glory !
    Not because of the recharge card ,but the truth must be told , they both sinned and need to seek forgiveness.
    You can’t help God

  9. Lola Aderonke Sparkles says:

    Though shall not judge

  10. Mrs. Ade Obiyan says:

    May God assist us, the lady indulged in a great sin and I think that is stupidity, what if the guy slept with her and refused to fulfill his promise? She will now continue to have sex with her till he accepts Christ?

  11. Tosin Adeoye says:

    Biblical she sinned. They both did. You can’t help God to do His work.

  12. Evang. Ade Banjo Sevilla says:

    can we really help God? No! in that case she sinned because JESUS doesn’t need our help in that way.

  13. Tomiwa says:

    The two of them need prayer of deliverance…….. What’s the probability that even if she didn’t allow the guy, she won’t go out to have sex with other men. Let’s reason as matured Christians, Sin is Sin. May God have mercy

  14. Banke Spain says:

    They will continue in sin of formication even as Christians, she gave in, he tasted, it was sweet, the devil will remind them of how sweet once in a while and they will definitely fall, meanwhile the lady does not understand the gravity of what she did

  15. Olori Oluwadamilare says:

    This is a very topical issue. Who are we to judge the things that are beyond the natural? Where do we place those who died to spread the Gospel of Christ? A prostitute risked her life to safe some spies from Israel. Did she make heaven? Was her sin forgiven or not? My dear friends in the Lord God understands. When a man becomes born again, of course old things are…. what? Complete the above yourself

  16. Joke Olaoye Mrs. says:

    Leave condemnation and judgement for God but for me, i would just say nothing

  17. Avoseh Mariam says:

    Charity, they say, begins at home. They both sinned, they must both face the wrath of God.

  18. Olori Abike says:

    Judgment is for God. Who are we to decide that?

  19. Ambassador ijaola says:

    Sin is Sin…If both of them died at that time …. Heaven’s gate will not open for them…No amount of pleading for forgiveness and mercy will change that…God doesn’t and will not bend His rules for anyone.

  20. H.M.S.E Morakinyo says:

    This is God’s judgement. Who can take His place? speech less

  21. pauline says:

    Christ did not messaged her to have sex just to win souls. This is kind of story is not supposed to come up here Mr. Editor

  22. Kemi Akinbami says:

    U can never use evil methods to transform into holiness. Not possible. The two can never mix or blend. Whatever is borne out of sin shall remain defiled and impure…no matter what. Nobody can help God more than Himself. Human beings are only but dust in His hands. We just choose to deceive ourselves in this world. we all know right from wrong but choose to follow popular (unholy & unrighteous) opinion instead to do wrong always.

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