Landlord Shepherd, Non-Clergy In Charge Of Transfer Of Missionary Shepherds Under EMF

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The new circular signed by Evang. Kayode Ajala as instructed by Rev EMF Oshoffa has a Landlord shepherd and non-clergy in charge of the transfer of missionary shepherd in our church now. This is a new development under his leadership.

In his letter to the church titled,

POSTINGS & TRANSFER OF SHEPHERDS: E.M.F. INJECTS NEW BLOOD. ….Issues Pastoral Order, states, “Rev EMF has made it clear that the postings and transfer of Shepherds in the C.C.C. is at the discretion of the Pastor and Head of the church, emphasising that no fees are charged for the discharge of this Pastoral duty and responsibility.

His Eminence also reiterated in very strong terms that it is sacrilegious to pay anyone or to receive from anyone, any amount of money, for the posting and transfer of Shepherds in the fold. Reverend E.M.F. Oshoffa, therefore, made a strong appeal to all and sundry, to refrain from such shadowy acts.

New blood was injected into the posting and transfer committee of the church with the appointment of AVSE Peter Olisa as the Secretary of the committee and AVSE Elijah Bello and MSE David Bello as members. Other members of the committee are AMSE Akindoyin, VSE Firmin Adjovi, SVMSE Paul Mayaki and MSE Solomon Oshoffa.”

Now, you all can read what our leader has sent out….nobody should pay any money to be transferred. This is a case of Police boss saying his men should not collect bribes, you know how it is with them. I rest my case.


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7 responses to “Landlord Shepherd, Non-Clergy In Charge Of Transfer Of Missionary Shepherds Under EMF”

  1. Ogo says:

    It’s very funny …how can a transfer shepherd (like baba Ajovi)be part of the committee? and we want to stop corruption.?mmm We will get there one day 😂😂😂

  2. Iron Monkey says:

    No one will pay or receive bribe. We will be hearing things like money for coke, money for biro and gifts.
    They can never stop.
    One day the issue of Ketu’s salary structure will be made public and people will understand.

  3. Titi says:

    Michael Alonge the best part I love so much is the part that says police man saying his men should not collect bribe it’s a serious matter than ,this people should just allow God to work through his church I beg but they all know is not possible for them not to collect bribe for transfer now.❓❓❓❓❓💯

  4. GoogleGbaMiLa says:

    Bullshit….should clergy be told not to get involved in bribery? Talkless of Christians or God-fearing people.

  5. Makokopoly says:

    What of shepherds that have no access to social media, how would they see all these ‘developments’

  6. Ketumania says:

    Will there ever be a segregation between laity and clergy? Until then, CCC will be struggling to maintain a standard administration.

    What is on paper in Ketu is very much different for what is happening in real-life.

    Our Pastor needs to be more spiritual about things like that. We need a process and criteria to this things. Anyway, we face our God and we move!

  7. VMSE Oludare temitope Osuntokun(Ph.D)) says:

    New development,but ?????

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