Late CCC Factional Leader Weeps In Chains

May 8, 2017 / Alonge Michael / C-Vibes / 3 Comments »

This is not the kind of news I would love to share on this platform anymore but the fact remains that, we need to take note of these events so those who are fighting over nothing can see what will become of us when the trumpet sounds.

Baba Adekanbi was known to be powerful shepherd, he was in charge of Army Barracks, Mokola in Ibadan for several years. Baba brought a lot of novelties to the Parish which the present congregation can attest to. But the story is not actually about a certain daughter of his who is a divinely-gifted good prophetess somewhere in Lagos.

This prophetess has seen, in a vision, a certain late Celestial Church factional leader who is dead but in the spiritual realm he’s seen to be in chains, always weeping and seeking for forgiveness. This prophetess has confessed to have seen him twice seeking for forgiveness. Nje aso si le ba Omoye mo? (Can anything still be done about his case?)

Well, I can only implore us to take note of this…Heaven is real, likewise HELL!

For those of us who are herbalists, Ogbonis, ‘Jujumaniacs’, embezzlers, fraudsters, adulterers, fornicators, ‘runz girls’ in the church, now is the time for us to have a change of heart. It’s never too late to retrace our steps where we know we are not in right standing with our creator..

Why I kept the name of the clergy is simply because of his family. He was well celebrated in death but nothing of such where he’s now. May God grant us the grace to meet Him! Amen!!!


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3 responses to “Late CCC Factional Leader Weeps In Chains”

  1. Pro.Gabriel Folorunsho says:

    We should be very careful about what we do when we are here because everyone will be accountable for whatever he or she does here.Rev 22:12. The time for total repentance is now.Jesus is coming soon.

  2. Sis Toyin Salvation parish says:

    Odumosun is one of the few born again I know in celestial Church he’s not a devil ‘ I don’t want to say much

  3. Tawakalitu OluwatoPraise OBATULA says:

    She Sees Perfectly well and of defined Spirit. More anointing Sis.

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