Latest On Clapham Parish: It’s Sheer Hatred Against Adigun

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Reacting to the article on #CNO, ‘Clapham Parish And Their Shepherd’s Saga’, someone named Gabriel has sent a comment saying the is another side to the story. Here is what he submitted unedited.

“Your stories are just one sided, please your a blogger your just looking for any stories to write about so I won’t blame too tough because your doing it for yourself. But I will just advise you that been a good blogger you need to get the right information from both side those people that bought this information to you may have a hidden agenda, and when you says elders of the church please make it clear that’s is only four people name are Rotimi, Eretusi, Veresimo so called Baba Oke inlaw so the hate is there from Adigun from him already and the last person Niyi chairman of all chairman the mouth piece for the gang so every time the Shepherd want to dissolve the committee that’s when they always rage a war at him is so sad because I’m not Nigerian I’m from Ivory Coast and the way I’m seeing this four gang behaviour is so sad, when we ask them for evidences against the shepherd they don’t have it, they keep on talking about 1987 please tell me is that relevant in 2017 please bring out the voice note because I was there on that day and the four people I mention was made to look like a fool because they don’t have evidence to proof TBH but because I’m not Nigerian I can’t understand everything but is seem like hate towards the shepherd because when Veresimo was talking is pure hate towards the shepherd you can sense the jealousy him that’s he was the inlaw of Clapham parish founders and he wasn’t chosen to control the place. I’m always quite in church but this hate need to stop.”

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7 responses to “Latest On Clapham Parish: It’s Sheer Hatred Against Adigun”

  1. Adebare says:

    But my question is, is it that Ketu doesn’t have another person to lord over this people? If crisis are this much, the best thing to do is to get a neutral body to head them. Is there something behind this idea of Baba Nunayon posing Adigun on thsee people? Can’t these leaders think correctly for once? Why are you all myopic in your thinking Cele leaders? What kind of people do we have in this church self? O wa sure mi bayii o

  2. Elder O says:

    It’s obvious Gabriel doesn’t know AdigunAdigun or Nunayon, if he does, he wouldn’t be talking the way he’s. These people claim to be cabals in the decision making of the church in UK. We can not continue to act as if all is well. If you care to know, Clapham is number 4 in the whole of UK, so tell me why Ketu thinks they can imposed someone of questionable characters on us? This is a man who has children from different woman. Even the last woli of the church, his wife knows about it, Wolie Titi got pregnanted and got a baby for Adigun and we did the christening here not knowing it’s our shepherd’s baby christening we were doing. Not until his wife notified us before we started looking into the case. That actually driven Wolie Titi out of Clapham to another parish of the church. We don’t want Adigun, that’s all we are saying. Everybody is afraid to talk because of Nunayon, it’s a No and that’s what we want and if you drag this too much, the charity commission who has been notified will come here and shut the church down, our petition will take care of that, let now see who will he be doing shepherd over. Nonsense.

  3. Superior Evangelist Alphonsus Aihonsu says:

    Brother Gabriel, please I respect you. Do not enter a muddy water you know not the source. For every allegation, there are bundle of evidences which are ready to be given to the independent investigation body when requested and not the ‘all right sir Ketu faction’ that are already biased?
    Did Adigun not admit to embezzling the church fund at the Wednesday May 3rd 2017 meeting, before Pius Olanrewaju (that was driven out of PortHarcourt Parish 1 for embezzlement) asked him to shut up to avoid his speech of admittance being recorded and used against him?
    Was this not the basis to which prompted Baba Nunayan to start raining curses on whoever reveals the outcome of the meeting to the external public? Did Nunayan not even sent curses accross then to the innocent reporters in the CNO for unveiling the all time secrets you had all being hiding?

    • Gabriel says:

      Listen whoever you are please stop giving this blogger false information please, please the oshofa representatives asked questions about the insurance money and the shepherd made it clear that ” How can he claim a church money when there’s three signatories to the church account that’s including Ogunbayo who I believe they pushing to be a shepherd so saying that the elders stop him from talking about it is a lie please stop saying your bringing evidence send the uncut evidence to this blogger let them hear it and see even we have a video recording in the church please send them the video for them to see how the congregation are shouting at your four rebels, This four people that waging war at the shepherd you only see them on Sunday they don’t take part in any mid week service even on Sunday one of them only come to church 5 minutes before the service end to come and count money that’s is Veresimo the founder in law and niyi agenda is so clear to see to us that he’s had turn clampham parish to odumusu enterprise because you come to church late you never start service with us and when your making announcement your very arrogant and rude even some people from my country left the church because of how you address the congregation please for god sake please bring the evidence out let see for a while now you guys been saying this about evidence, before I stop Erin this eretusi only started coming back to church recently is just always quiet but always have something to mumble to the gangs and the sad part is ogunbayo this man is so quiet and I remember him preaching one day about the shepherd and everything he was saying was good stuffs so why now because I believe he’s been brainwashed and they pushing him to turn against the shepherd. This is my last time I will reply to any comments but has a good blogger and I believe your a celestial member when this people feed you information ask them for evidence because what they reporting to you is very one sided and I believe they have a hidden agenda trying to push the shepherd out. SHOW EVIDENCE OR SHUT UP BECAUSE WE STILL SUPPORT THE SHEPHERD OVER YOU FOUR GANG MEMBER I SEE YOU GUYS AS A BULLY.

  4. Gabriel says:

    I don’t have any loyalty to shepherd or any one in church so please no valid point there, I came to Clapham and the humility that the shepherd show me and family make us stayed, firstly at the meeting “Niyi said the shepherd embezzled Money since July last year you mention that the insurance company are doing their investigation so you telling us they haven’t reply back yet we live in U.K. Where insurance companies are not stupid enough to pay Church or company money to a personal account I’m only writing this because when you make allegations against anybody forget pastor or not you need to back it up with proofs, so we live in a country where we follow the law not jungle justice please let worship in peace and stop this hatred to the shepherd and until you have solid proof come out with it stop all this blackmailing please.

  5. Passing By says:

    So they have now gone to further cause problem in Clapham in spite of the present situation among the BOT, Adigun from Info and Pius Olanrewaju from Info, it’s not a surprise if Pius is fond doing such cover up. Only time shall tell.

  6. Cape Elder Brother Segun Michael says:

    My brother in the Lord, Brother Gabriel, I appreciate your contribution and your loyalty to the shepherd. Behind every smoke hide some fire, one way or the other. Being non-Nigerian and better still non-Yoruba, you may not be able to perceive the full episode. Sanmi is very good in humanitarian services (to man) but he always get carried away to the extent of allowing his humanity to overrule his spirituality. Be it known to you that those sent to investigate the case from Ketu are his ‘fathers’ and the Clapham elders are not stupid to just fall for the cheap cover up tricks of Ketu. I guarantee you that by the time the Independent body, UK CHARITY COMMISSION starts the investigation, bundles of evidences shall surface. Afterall Oluso admitted an alledged embezzlement. Was it not Pius Olarewaju (the opportunist) that asked him not to confess to it further and then Baba Nunayan started cursing. Season Film unloadinh

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