It Is The Leading Horse That The Followers Emulate- Rev. Godwin B. Shonekan

June 11, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Saints & Sinners / Add Comment »

In a reaction to the article of the two women who adorned themselves with men’s regalia, Rev. Godwin Bolanle Shonekan has this to say:

“CelestialNewsOnline (CNO), you raised two or may be three questions and I am sure you and many others wanted to hear my view, which is the reason you probably shared the posting on my timeline. Please don’t be angry that I will be raising more questions and hopefully we can all find answer to this and many other problems that we are facing in this Great Church, Celestial Church of Christ.

You stated thus: “This act is really detestable to man let’s even leave God out of this. It’s high sense of insanity”. You are in my view hoping that there are men in the lives of these women for them to know what is detestable to man and not to think of how God is important in their lives. I will take that as question number one.

You also said this: “Do these people have a Shepherd in their Parish?” I will take that as question number two. And you said this too: “Where are the Elders in Celestial Church of Christ? Question number three”. You will notice that I made corrections in both questions numbers two and three. I capitalized the “s” in Shepherd and “e” in Elders because I have reasons.

My Questions: Do you want to blame these ladies if they are not under the control of man respectively? Who is to tell them that it is detestable to man and that it is sinful to God when you alter His ways (Doctrine)? Are the Shepherds really in-charge? When was the last time the Church Authority builds a Church and hands over the keys to the congregation? How many Shepherds were really posted by the Authority? Do we have bonafide Authority that can put his foot down and authoritatively take the bull by the horn? What if these women are the ones that put the Parish together and get an illegal shepherd to manage the Parish? Who then is in-charge?

You will see that I spell the Shepherd with lower case “s”, that is because he has no standing as Shepherd. I will also spell Elders with small “e” where they made themselves irrelevant. Has the Shepherds or shepherds had proper leadership trainings along with doctrinal trainings? Now, if I may shed some light in anticipation that we all can learn from our mistakes and correct them. Most of these issues we have taken up under our dispensation. You can see that I don’t use the word faction because we are not, for it is only a matter of time that the crisis that separated us all shall soon be over.

If you think the members of this Church are foolish, think again, they see the Elders, the Authorities and Shepherds that thumbed their nose on the rule of law and say whatever money can’t do violence would and you expect them to do better and ignore the proverb that says: “It is the leading horse that the followers emulate”. I want to assure all that once the good and God Chosen leadership is established for all to see, which I am hopeful will be soon. The fear of God and respect for His doctrine will be imbibed in the true followership. Those that choose to be indifference will then face the consequences as it was in the past history of the Church, if you know what I mean and if you don’t, then ask a Shepherd with capital “S” the good Shepherds.”

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