Letter From Australia To Ketu

February 18, 2017 / Alonge Michael / On The Spot / 13 Comments »

We got this letter from one of our members in Australia, this will be the second letter in a month from different quarters we are receiving concerning church planting. We are not the authority, we are only a medium that disseminates information about Celestial Church of Christ. so, we are forwarding this to Ketu to look into it.

Hello sir,

Calvary greetings to you sir, we appreciate your works (Celestial news online) and pray the awesome God of Bilewu Oschoffa will enlarge your territory in Jesus name, amen, I am a proud member of the greatest church on earth, I just moved into  Sydney Australia for my master’s degree and it came as a huge shock to find not one parish of the last boat of salvation -the celestial church of Christ here in Australia, please sir I will like to know if there are plans in place in establishing a parish here, and also know about the plans in place as I know I’m not the only one in this situation, I look forward to hearing from you soon, remain blessed in the Lord sir

Best regards

Oluwagbenga Akinola

Over to you those in authority!

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13 responses to “Letter From Australia To Ketu”

  1. Tope says:

    Yes, there is one in Perth, their website address is celestialchurchofchrist{dot}panafricanssi{dot}org also reachable at ccc{dot}panafricanssi{dot}org.

  2. Mike says:

    There is now a parish in Kelmscott/Armadale, Western Australia. The Head of the International Diocese is aware of it.

  3. Adeyemi Odunaro says:

    I am in Adelaide too and it’s very unfortunate that there is no Celestial Church in the whole of Australia. Please we’ll be glad if this issue is address soon !! Long Live Celestial !!!!

    Kind regards

  4. Env Adesope says:

    That CCC exists in Australia is doubtful or if once existed is now dead.I will advise willing members presently in Australia join together to found a parish here

  5. Morenikeji says:

    Pls am relocating to Australia soon,where is the best place to stay for me and my kids

  6. Sup Evang Martins A. says:

    The said Sup. Evang Arthur Nzekwu is in Austria and not in Australia pls.
    l think there’s a CCC parish in Australia but l’m not sure of the exact location. will try to find out though.

  7. Kemi says:

    Calvary greetings, I am a celestian too and wish to be in Sydney very soon I was about to searching for a Parish which I can attend during my visit.

  8. Sup Ev Pro. Joshua Corliss.. Lagos Nig says:

    Halleluyah to the ones asking question and those concern about parishes in places far from home. It’s very sad,breaking your pride,about our church never leaving a church planting program articles in the constitution. And this is the main reason why churches or parishes are individual or communal project of concern celestials. Ketu keep tell us Shepherd, ‘We build no Parish’. So you should gather your resources together and start something for God in that place, where you find yourself. Raise an Altar unto the God of the universe, and invite a Priest/Shepherd to lead(PS 132:4-9).

  9. Rachel Akintunde says:

    I learnt there is no parish in Nashville, Tennesee USA.

  10. Esther says:

    I will also like to know where the parish is, I’ve not heard of any celestial church since I got to Australia. It will be nice to have one in Brisbane too. Thanks

  11. Sup. Ev. Femi Gabriel Obinyan. says:

    There is a Parish in Australia, and the Shepherd is Sup. Ev. Arthur Nzekwu

    • Sylvanus Aihonsu says:

      Nice to hear this. I think it will be quite good if you can give the contact address of the church premises here online. Asking for the ‘shepherd’s phone number may be termed as infringement of his privacy, however, i believe that as a shepherd (pastor as they are identified in western world), his official contact number should be available 24/7. Thanks

    • Miracle says:

      Please can you give the email address or Facebook of Sup. Ev. Arthur Nzekwu so we can get in touch with him quick.

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