Letter To Celestial Church Authority: Who Will Respond To This?

May 19, 2017 / Alonge Michael / On The Spot / 3 Comments »

Though this letter was sent to us, we am sure the person knows the appropriate place to send it. But since our medium is seen as a platform to air their views, We decided to accommodate it so the appropriate authority can react to it as soon as possible.

Dear publisher CNO,

There is this issue which has often bordered me about CCC for a long time and I feel your work as a journalist and publisher could be of help.

It’s the use of CCC parishes or CCC  dressings in Nollywood movies, especially in a negative forms which  passes wrong impressions about CCC  to the outside world.  I feel very bad.  I do not know if any of your stories or articles or news has addressed such before. (Yes sir, we have many articles regarding that)

Some questions  that come into mind are:

  1. What is CCC ‘s regulation on the use of her parishes or dressing codes in recorded movies, especially Nollywoods.
  2. What actions do those in authority take against parishes who allows their parishes to be used for such negative shows.
  3. I know some Nollywoos actors and actresses or directors could be responsible for this.

Though I know landlord shepherding could be responsible for such.  But I strongly feel those in authority (which ever) have the administrative responsible to regulate the use of CCC  parishes and dressings.

I await your reaction to this.


Jayeola T. Gbolahan


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3 responses to “Letter To Celestial Church Authority: Who Will Respond To This?”

  1. Oluwagbemiga says:

    wonderful! what a great observation. Honestly, the leaders must see to this because they always passed wrong information’s, attitudes, characteristics about celestial in almost all movies especially Hollywood’s. i always get pissed off whenever i come across this because they are not preaching any good gospel about us (c.c.c. entirely). please take note of this THE ELDERS. THANKS.

  2. Bro. BADEMOSI Adedipo says:

    Wisdom is of GOD,let them the ELDERS seek for GOD wisdom and guardians in this CHURCH…

  3. Shemilore Bukunmi says:

    It is my believe that no action has ever been taken since on this act. Am even happy this man brought this Topic out for proper attention. Every Responsible leader in CCC must act and a memo written against such babaric act. Because of lack or organisation and administrative structure put in place to checkmate this but focussing on income but not progress of this church led to all these stupidities.

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